Content Creation with AI

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Content Creation with AI

The AI world is advancing quickly, introducing numerous tools aimed at streamlining content creation.

As these technologies develop, many familiar platforms are adding AI functionalities, some of which you might be using without realizing.

To guide you through this evolving field without feeling swamped, I've compiled a selection of current popular tools for you to try out. Stay alert for fresh updates, but also be conscious of how much time you spend on them.

Remember, this field is always changing, so continuous research is key.

It's equally important to check the correctness of any results, including web links, produced by these tools.

AI Chatbot Landscape

Bard: Google's conversational AI chat service, gathering data from the web.
Claude: Anthropic's advanced AI assistant, Claude, excels in various conversational and text-processing tasks with enhanced reliability and predictability.
Bing: The revamped Bing serves as an AI co-pilot, blending search, chat, and creative functionalities.
ChatGPT: This generative AI chatbot, equipped with natural language processing, answers questions and crafts diverse texts. It offers free and premium versions, with the latest features available at approximately $20/month.

Idea Generation Tools

Perplexity AI: A NLP and machine learning-based AI search engine delivering precise answers.
ChatGPT: Powered by GPT-3 or GPT-4 in its premium version, this AI chatbot is adept at generating human-like text, ideal for text creation and dialogue systems.
Narrato AI Topic Generator: A comprehensive AI content workspace with various generative tools for content creation.
HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator: Generates blog topic ideas based on user-entered nouns.

Content Writing Aids

Rytr: Assists in crafting quality, original content for diverse purposes. Specialized in creating various marketing copies, it includes an Art feature and an expanding toolset.
Writesonic: An AI tool focused on high-quality content creation.
Notion AI: Integrates AI functionalities within the Notion app to enhance productivity and writing quality. Helps in generating original, high-quality content.

Visual Content Creation

Canva: Offers AI-powered design tools to streamline content creation for teams. Assists in creating professional content designs.
Uizard: Transforms sketches or photos into landing pages.
MidJourney: Converts text prompts into images using generative AI.
Bing Image Creator: Powered by DALL-E, it generates images from descriptions.
Microsoft Designer: Utilizes DALL-E 2.5 for bespoke design creation.
DALL-E 2: From OpenAI, this tool creates realistic images from text prompts, featuring outpainting capabilities.

Video and Audio Production

Synthesia: Converts text into videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in multiple languages.
Descript: Offers a comprehensive suite for video and podcast production, including editing and collaboration tools.
Lumen5: An AI-driven platform for quick and easy video creation.
Murf: Creates high-quality voiceovers for videos with AI. Automates meeting notes with real-time transcription and meeting summaries.
Krisp: Enhances voice clarity in online calls and provides transcription and accent localization services.
Adobe Podcast: Web-based podcast creation tool with features like transcription and audio editing.
Beatoven: Composes unique AI-generated music for videos and podcasts.

Slideshow Tools AI-assisted software for professional presentations with smart slide designs.
Canva: Known for its presentation templates, it also generates content-based designs.
Dektopus: An AI presentation generator offering a range of design tools. Creates PPT presentations using ChatGPT, streamlining the design process.
SlidesAI: Transforms text into visually appealing slides with various presentation styles.
Tome: Generates videos and presentations from prompts, with options for image uploads.
Slidesgo: Quickly creates presentations based on user input and preferred styles.

Leveraging AI for Effective Content Creation

Keep in mind that AI tools are aids for enhancing your content quality.

When utilized effectively, they fulfill this purpose.

However, it's crucial to prioritize your responsibility towards your audience, which is to deliver valuable information.

AI tools merely assist in presenting this content in a compelling way.

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Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog post about content creation with AI. You have provided a great overview of the current tools and platforms that are available for different types of content creation. I appreciate the links to the websites where I can try out these tools myself.

I think AI is a powerful tool that can enhance our creativity and productivity, but I also agree that we need to be careful and responsible when using it. I think it’s important to respect the ethical and legal aspects of content creation, as well as the artistic and educational ones.

I’m curious to know what your favorite tools are for content creation with AI and how you use them in your workflow. Do you have any tips or best practices that you can share with me? I would love to learn more from your experience and expertise.

Thank you for sharing your insights and resources on content creation with AI. I think this is a fascinating and exciting topic that has a lot of potential for the future. I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing your content.


Thanks for your message, Nyahbinghi.

To be clear, I haven't used most of the tools listed. I just thought it useful for others if I curated a list of what's currently available. I'll try them out in due course.

I have, however, used ChatGPT4 extensively and have posted articles and training on it here. Here's a couple you might like:

To add here, you can use ChatGPT for brainstorming and outlining, but use it as a tool, not copy and paste.

Also, you need to cross reference your findings for factual content because ChatGPT does get it wrong.

If interested, the new Bing

Google Bard


Thanks for this oversight Phil!
The slide tool seems interesting to me, I have always wondered if I could make easy videos, just by including all the pictures I have on a blog post, putting some explanation on each picture and just create another video tutorial for Youtube or pinterest.
Is something like that doable with Canva for example? As it says 'content-based design'? Would it require lots of extra time to do this you think?
I am always looking for more videos to create for my Youtube channel and Pinterest, as video is very popular in both of my niches. But have hardly time left or the money to buy videos for my Africa niche, so this might be a nice solution. thanks!

I just curated this list and haven't used most of the tools listed. I have, however created videos from PowerPoint slides with a narration so I would imagine what you are suggesting is quite doable. Best to give it a go.

thanks Phil!

Nice post as usual Phil,
Lots of options in each area and would be good to hear which ones you prefer, i have to be careful that i don't get too engrossed in a topic and lose hours investigating :-). Would be handy to have a starting option

Thanks for the info

I just curated the list, Pete. I've only tried a couple of them, mainly ChatGPT4.

Thanks for all this information, Phil.
At this stage, I find AI extremely overwhelming. The only one I have tried is Chat-GPT. No doubt it's time to take some action or I'll be left severely behind!

A few months ago I asked a Bing AI programme to create a photo of a Miniature Schnauzer. It did a fabulous job but I didn't keep the photo due to not being aware of the legalities surrounding photos. In saying that, AI photos can be seen throughout WA and almost everwhere else online. It's up to me to do some research, which I will do hopefully starting tomorrow!

There's a lot of it, but that's just because everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Just take it easy and explore a couple of things that look interesting. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by tackling too much at once.

Thanks, Lp

Thanks for your advice, Phil. Much appreciated.

And apologies for the error message. That's me and my mobile, not a good mix!!

I couldn't do this on a mobile.

Are you aware you can edit or delete one of these messages after posting it? Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner.

I don't use mobile for online work. I only use at the end of the day when I shouldn't be. Like now. 22.56 pm!

Thanks Phil, I do know that but got a little flustered. I thought you wouldn't mind!

It's only 8pm here. Wednesday, of course. And I'm sitting in front of my 24" monitor. I'd have given up by now if I had to use my phone, so you have my admiration.

Of course not.

Thanks Phil. That's very kind of you :)

Thanks for your kindness, Phil.

I'm well known for my kindness.

Of course you are, Phil. Kindness and generosity are the order of each of your days :)

Are you taking sarcasm lessons from me, Val?

No, not at all, Phil.
I am too kind for scarcasm.
All genuine stuff from me to date, but who knows what the future may bring!!



I really didn't know that there was that plethora of AIs!!!
At the end we still have the same goal of creating quality and informative posts to our visitors.
Thanks for sharing!

That's exactly the attitude you need.

Thanks Phil

You are most welcome, Nadia (or Nana, not sure which).

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