Affiliate Marketing Works - But Not Instantly

Last Update: Jul 18, 2022

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Affiliate Marketing Works - But Not Instantly

When I was around 9 (I think) I saw a football in the window of a sports store on my way home from school.

I immediately wanted it more than anything in the world.

I'd just started at a new school that was big on sport and my class had several football teams. They were graded on skill level, so I knew I had to have a decent football at home to practice and get my skill levels up.

I was bitterly disappointed that my mother wasn't prepared to drop everything, take me to the store and get it for me there and then. Like right now, immediately if not sooner.

My entreaties were in vain.

My accusations that she was missing the entire concept of motherhood and would live to regret this appalling decision fell on deaf ears. Not even tears worked!

Why am I telling you this (slightly embarrassing) story?

Because as budding internet marketers, we are often guilty of expecting it all to happen right now. After all, we've gone to the trouble of registering a domain name and building a website. Heck, we've even written a couple of articles. Surely, people should be flocking to our business and buying our promoted products.

It's this desire for everything to happen immediately that causes us to buy into the tempting "bright pebbles" that come along.

You know the ones. Secret revealed. How one newbie made $14,947 in a week by simply pushing one button. Just $27 for lifetime access.

Deep down, you know it's all BS. But the ad copy is convincing (it uses a technique called Hypnotic Marketing) and after you pay the $27, you find yourself in a sales funnel offering more and more "essential" add-ons that cost 10 times the original product.

You end up not just out of pocket but wasting hours, days, even weeks of time that you could've been using on something productive. And after all that, IT JUST DOESN'T WORK!

Affiliate marketing works.

But not instantly.

Never forget that Wealthy Affiliate is teaching you not just affiliate marketing, but how to build a long-term business.

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I have been at this for a pretty long time. Whenever I see those ads, I wonder how someone would fall for it. While at the same time there is a little temptation. Therefore that hypnotic technique does work.

However, it works best on the newbie beginner. Because they do not know any better. I’m slightly upset that there are people on this planet that actually target that market and “take advantage” of the newbies.

The MLM industry is always doing this. The big money hype. And the power of compounding. 2-4-8-16-31-64 etc etc.

It does not work that way.

In marketing, alignment is key. Perfect alignment of the product and the prospect is what makes this stuff happen.

Minneapolis MN

Well said, Brad. I know what you mean about hypnotic marketing.

Yes they are Phil, and that's exactly what I love about It! It has taken me so long to get here in this place (WA) to get the knowledge, help and instructions I need, and I relish every bit of it. I take my time so as to take it all in, and I am absolutely, positively, enjoying my journey! I'm in it for the long haul, building my long term business!

Thanks Phil

Exactly the right attitude, Deborah.

We must have been the last “wait “ generation. It makes me cringe when I see kids trying, and being successful, to get their parents to open that wallet or purse and buy the latest “gizmo”. And yep it happens in Vietnam too. Maybe not as much though.
And my remembered wait was a I eventually got it and scraped off half my

Sorry to hear about the stomach scrape, Stephen, but perhaps it was just one of life's lessons lol.

And I’d do it again. The street cred I got for that 40 degree incline was worth a bit of skin. I still remember the face of my poor mum.. oh god another one…I think we’re her word’

I did get the football a couple of days later. Practiced assiduously and made the top team (eventually).

Hi Phil, I have fallen for a few of these schemes in the past. They know exactly how to get inside our heads and make us believe anything. That’s one of the things I liked about Wealthy Affiliate, they were honest and stressed that it would take a lot of hard work to be successful. I admire that transparency.

When I was a child I wanted a pony. I couldn’t understand why my dad couldn’t just go out and buy one for me. I thought we could use our garden shed as a stable! I used to beg, plead, scream, burst into tears. None of these histrionics were effective. Parents can be very stubborn.

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it :)

Thanks, Karen. Funny how many of us have similar memories.

You are so right Phil. Your childhood story reminds me of mine. I also wanted a Barbie doll. My parents were teachers and here, teachers were never well off. Thus, I never despaired but always looked for a way to earn some money. Thus I started working (over holidays) very early. That's how I learnt to be a hard worker, and also a patient one.

Thank you so much for such a nice story.

Thank you, Nevena. I do hope you got your Barbie doll eventually (as I got my football).

Yea, I got it from other sources 😁 My aunt came from Switzerland and brought me one which I still treasure (for over 30 years). So I used my earned money for something else. But I learned a life lesson, work hard and be patient. Although, sometimes I think I am too patient.

A wonderful result!

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