E-Commerce Affiliate.

Last Update: September 21, 2017

Hi again,

I recently recieved an email from the above company E-Commerce Affiliate asking me to join their company.

They wrote that they are a great new company and would offer some great commissions for their affiliates...anywhere from 4% and up to 50% in some cases

I checked their online presence and found that they have some good reviews and also some not so good reviews......

The other point that had me thinking about their credibility was - they sent me this email on Sunday evening at 4.45pm............hmmm

That issue and also their online reviews have raised a redish flag with me, so if you have been contacted by this company, I suggest that we pay due diligence. I may be wrong and as always stand corrected.

Has anyone else been contacted or do you have any business relationships with this company.

Cheers PB.

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Kyle Premium Plus
I would be careful about any company that solicits you through email without you first reaching out to them. That is certainly a form of spam and the emails are likely automated from their end, in particular if they are offering a paid service.
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
That is exactly what had me thinking ...there is something wrong here
I did not approach them, so I thought it was unusual for this to happen
PatsyC Premium
Hi Phil, thanks for sharing this.

I haven't seen anything, but will know what may be going on now with you post.

Thanks :)
Phil-58 Premium
Thanks for stopping by
Yes we need to be on our guard for sure
I forgot to mention that there were several links in the email...which I did not click on.
One never knows what would happen if we were to click on these
Cheers PB
feigner Premium
not been contacted by them
looking at their site they are a spinoff from leaddyno, i think they are trying to set themselves up as an intermediary between traders and affiiates - poss for physical products rather than digital.
They are there 6 days a week including sunday so no surprise to your email.
Is it worth signing up - well there i no indication as to how many products they have or in which markets - so i would be asking questions before giving away personal info.
They are, as i said backed by lead dyno and based in california
Be interesting to see what they do or have to offer.
Good luck if you decide to continue with them
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
Many thanks for the info
I am glad that you have some information on this company...
they may be genuine as you suggested
however I did not go any further with them
I just thought I would throw this warning to all here at WA...just to be on our guard.
Thanks again for stopping by
Cheers PB
RandyL1 Premium
Not yet being new and a email on Sunday hmm interesting indeed.

Phil-58 Premium
Hi there Randy
An email on a Sun.eve is something that don't look business like , for sure
cheers PB
MichaelGB Premium
Not yet anyway!
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
we need to be diligent