Wealth File 5 - Millionaires Mindset

Last Update: October 17, 2017

I’m back with another Wealth File! Here is a short introduction for those who’ve just joined my series.

I’m reading the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. He has found out 17 ways of thinking and of taking action, which are essential if we want to get really successful and wealthy. He calls these ways of thinking “Wealth Files”. Throughout my journey to a Millionaires Mindset I’m sharing these Wealth Files with you.

Wealth File #5:

“Rich people focus on opportunities.”

“Poor people focus on obstacles.”

More Millionaire Wisdom:

  • Rich people see potential growth, while poor people see potential loss.
  • Rich people believe that, if worse comes to worst, they can always make their money back. Poor people expect to fail; they lack confidence in themselves and in their abilities.
  • Rich people focus on the rewards, while poor people focus on the risks.
  • People who only see the obstacles, they are mostly unwilling to take risks, but if no risk, there is hardly a chance for a reward. We must not just take decisions by guessing – that’s indeed a big risk. Before taking decisions it’s important to inform ourselves, do researches and find out certain facts. But we can’t do researches for weeks and months, we have to act faster than that and take that calculated risk, if we want to get successful.

In the end it’s always about getting started. Successful people trust that once they get in the game, they can make intelligent decisions in the present moment, make corrections and adjustments along the way.

Stop preparing, it’s time to get started now!

Actions which leads you to become a Millionaire:

  1. Get started! Whatever you have been waiting for,forget it! Begin now from wherever you are with whatever you’ve got. Go for it!
  2. Practice optimism: Think positive – reframe problems into an opportunity.
  3. Focus on what you have – and not on what you don’t have.
    “Your field of focus determines what you find in life.”
    Make a list of 10 things you are most grateful for in your life and read the list aloud. Then read it each morning for the next thirty days. That will make you appreciate what you have got even more.

Speak out following Declaration loud and clear to yourself, to underline your intention:

“I focus on opportunities over obstacles.”

My own experiences:

WA is a wonderful opportunity – it’s such a great help for us who wants to start an online business from scratch. I’m extremely grateful to have found this platform which provides us with such valuable knowledge, tools and a helpful community. I’ve been procrastinating for too long now. It’s really time to getting started for real, to take the big step and reach out to my target audience out there in the internet space.

In general I’ve got a positive attitude, but I’ve been too hesitant. I think things over too long and prepare and prepare and prepare. After having read this Wealth File I’ve decided to stop preparing and finally move on to another height within my business intentions. “Begin with whatever I’ve got”, that’s it!



If you would like to start this journey from the beginning then click the following link:


Learn to think like a Millionaire
and your business will prosper!

😊 Pernilla

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Nicky33 Premium
Another great post, Pernilla :)
I look forward to reading your Wealth Files and I'm always excited to see a new one.

I specifically like the declaration in this, I am also deciding to focus on opportunities over obstacles.

You know I'm like you, getting stuck in analysis-paralysis often and keep doing research research research... But too much overthinking at the end of the day is just another form of procrastination! The only thing able to move us forward is taking action, with whatever we have at the time.

We will never be "absolutely ready" for anything in life! So we'd better start, because time is going to pass anyways.

Keep them coming, always a pleasure to read your posts :)
Pernilla Premium
Hello Nicky!

I'm so happy to see you again! Your comments are precious!

You are absolutely right - it'll never be perfectly perfect, we'll never be totally ready - it always seems to be something to do better. But now there's an end to it! Go forwards, and do corrections along the way, if necessary. I hope that a glorious idea, a divine inspiration, will emerge along the way as well.

I haven't been very consistent in writing the Wealth Files. Now I'm going to work more consistently and plan to publish the next post at the next Tuesday. No more procrastination!!

Let's go for it, let's fuel the engines with prosperous thoughts and visions of success!
PatrickM1 Premium
Hi Pernilla - If you want to be a millionaire you have to have the right mindset. Great message! Thanks for sharing.
Pernilla Premium
Appreciate your comment Patrick!

Yes, having a positive mindset and looking for the possibilities will make the difference for achieving any goal in life.
Carol46 Premium
Hi, Pernilla
Enjoying the message. I'm really trying to practice optimism and be positive, to focus on the rewards and not the risks!
Pernilla Premium
So good to see you Carol!

That's the way to go, chose the positive path of life and the reward will come automatically.
McWord Premium
Nice message, Pernilla! Focus on the possibilities, not the obstacles!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Pernilla Premium
Thanks for your comment Mitch!

That's it, focus on the possibilities, be positive and you'll get your reward!!

Kickbacked Premium
Hi Pernilla

Sounds like a great book! I may get a copy. I always like to read it first before buying!

Have a great day and a great week!

~ Sir Timothy
Pernilla Premium
Hello Tim!
Happy to get your comment!

Yes, I highly recommend this book. You'll understand it much better when reading the whole extent. I do recommend to do the exercises as suggested along with reading the book, then the knowledge will get manifested.

Good luck on the way to a millionaires mind!
Kickbacked Premium
Thanks, Pernilla!

From one reader to another!