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Last Update: August 21, 2018

Hey everyone,
Not many of us pay attention to disclaimers until it's too late. Usually when we get shut down right as we are finally taking off. This was a great advice given to me the other day by Loes, a top 100 member that I follow exactly for these type of learning experience.
My niche is related to health. I am neither a doctor nor a health practitioner, yet I share my opinion on health issues and my website did not have a medical disclaimer. We all jump into this online marketing sometime for fun, sometime for some extra cash and sometimes because we try to change the world. One thing we should always remember is that we're sometimes going against very strong lobbies. Lobbies with power and reach we can't even think of. And this is not just in the health field. The ultimate lesson here at WA is to help people as Kyle likes to say, money comes as a by product. And how do we do this best? By generating traffic. Lots of traffic. And someone's in the process, we might Make a few people unhappy. A disclaimer is one thing that could help you protect yourself.
I don't want this blog to be too long.
A disclaimer according to the Cambridge dictionary is: An official statement in which you say you are not legally responsible for something. For instance a medical disclaimer will say that information found on your website should not be considered as medical advice and that people should always consult their doctors.
People use disclaimers for various reasons such as:

  • Confidentially
  • Security
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Employee liability
  • Medical
  • Etc.
The internet is full of sample disclaimers you can copy and add to your website. So find out what kind of disclaimer your website may need and add it in as a page. Better safe than sorry they say right?
After learning this yesterday, I thought it would be a good subject for my second blog.
Hope you enjoyed reading it.
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RAFStuart Premium
Have got some which are ready for my site, give me a day and I will post them as a lesson.
pascalN Premium
Great Stuart,
I think it is a good thing to do. And if you don't mind, post some link here or on your blog (if possible with links here) so others can benefit from those disclaimers of yours.
firstlearn Premium
We should all have disclaimers in place if we are offering any advice.

pascalN Premium
That is so right Derek,
I did not and thanks to Loes, I now do and know how important they are. Many newbies still don't even know about them, hence the reason to raise awareness.
Philoh Premium
Hey Pascal, i was thinking to say it but i didn't know that there was a sample of it. Good to mention. Thank you to have share
pascalN Premium
You are welcome Vick, Above is the medical disclaimer shared by Loes. You can customize it and use it as well.
You will also find lots of info from Loes here: Pascal
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Pascal, as you said better to be safe than sorry.
pascalN Premium
No problem Harvey
marycmiller Premium
This is a great idea, not one I would have thought about, so thanks for sharing.
pascalN Premium
You are very welcome Mary.
Glad I could help