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October 24, 2019
MY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARYI felt like sharing my personal experience after one year of being a premium member with WA. Many drop out for various reasons while others stick around and keep trying until they get it to work.How Did I Realize It Was My First Year AniversaryWell, to be honest, I was no longer sure I did sign up for the premium membership; I knew it was close but I did not know exactly when. The reason being that down the road, life happened and I got distracted. Distracted to the poi
August 21, 2018
Hey everyone, Not many of us pay attention to disclaimers until it's too late. Usually when we get shut down right as we are finally taking off. This was a great advice given to me the other day by Loes, a top 100 member that I follow exactly for these type of learning experience. My niche is related to health. I am neither a doctor nor a health practitioner, yet I share my opinion on health issues and my website did not have a medical disclaimer. We all jump into this online marketing so
Hello fellow WA friends and colleagues,the second monthly payment for my WA premium membership left my account a few days ago. I guess I am officially in my second month and many more to go. This post isn't to celebrate anything, but to share where I am with my learning so far. I have not sold a single thing (except getting my sister to get into affiliate marketing).How did I get hereIt would make sense to say a few words about why I got into affiliate marketing. I came to realize that some med