#ParthaShorts | Google’s “HIDDEN GEMS” & Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

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Firstly, for those of you expecting to see my bare legs, you MISREAD the title of this post.

Just keeping this short and sweet (it hurts my feelings when 267,028 members moan about the length of my blog posts, Hahahaha!!)

So, Google has recently rolled out what is known as a “Hidden Gems” ranking improvement.

>>>Here’s Barry Schwartz’s Article About Hidden Gems

This was first spoken about in May 2023 and it was said that it form PART OF a future Helpful Content Update.

However, it appears that the "roll out" was done at the same time as the November CORE Update.

But, this is NOT an actual Core Update or Helpful Content Update, it’s merely an improvement to Google’s overall ranking system.

So, what are Google “Hidden Gems”?

These are basically when people share their FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL INSIGHTS on the internet.

It is more focused on people providing AUTHENTIC content about something they know about or have actually done themselves.

Therefore, when people share their personal experiences on forums, blog posts, social media, and “other” web pages, e.g. Medium .com, article directories, etc. Google wishes to “highlight” these in the search results.

So, it appears that the September 2023 Helpful Content Update PERHAPS already had this in mind.

Is this why Forums, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. started ranking so well?

And this is especially true of Quora and Reddit, which seem to have “taken over” the rankings for many, many, many keywords.

Quora & Reddit are mainly people asking questions and then receiving answers from other members.

In other words, people sharing their PERSONAL INSIGHTS and FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCES.

I will focus in the future on niche-related sites, but for now, let’s look at how you can take advantage of this if you are in the Make Money Online niche, specifically promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Create Content on Everyday Aspects of Wealthy Affiliate

I would hazard a guess that most people in the Make Money Online niche have an All-Singing-All-Dancing Wealthy Affiliate Review (often 5-15K words), various other product reviews, and then informational content focusing on things like blogging, SEO, affiliate networks, hosting, WordPress, etc.

Essentially, there may not be much more Wealthy Affiliate focused content on your website.

However, “Hidden Gems” gives you the perfect opportunity to share your FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL INSIGHTS about WEALTHY AFFILIATE in many, many, many newly published articles (It doesn't have to be a "review" whenever you talk about WA on your website).

You can do this on your website, or any of the platforms mentioned above.

I’ve not done any keyword research, but here’s some EXAMPLE topics that you could write about on your websites that would fall into this category.

“10 Things I Learned From Jay Neill’s Rank Recovery Series”

“How SiteSupport Fixed My Broken Website”

“15 Wealthy Affiliate Responses to My Amazon SiteStripe Issues”

“My First Impressions of Wealthy Affiliate’s New SiteContent”

“How I Used WA’s Niche Finder to Add Categories to My Website”

“Kyle’s PPC Class Got Me 32 Wealthy Affiliate Referrals in 30 Days”

“5 Lessons From Eric Cantu About Marketing Persuasion & Ethics”

“How Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat Saved My Website”

“Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup Gave Me 57 Low Competition Keywords in Under 10 Minutes”

“What I Learned From Old Fluff About Rambling Nonsense”

“Blunt Brenda Reported Me For Spam”

(I might have made the last 2 up, LOL).


Can you see the potential here to use your EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES on the Wealthy Affiliate platform to produce “Hidden Gems” content?

Personally, I think what Google is aiming for is more GENUINE & SINCERE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE content in their search results.

If you think about it, much of the content currently produced online simply regurgitates what’s already out there:

  • Top 10 Tips To Lose Your Muffin Top
  • 5 Best Android Smartphones 2024
  • Barbell Workout Routine to Build Muscle & Strength
  • How to Journal For Productivity
  • 7 Dogs That Are Great With Kids

Sure, you could actually use FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL INSIGHTS in ALL of the above articles.

But, in reality, most bloggers DON’T.

They simply “rewrite in their own words” what is ALREADY on the internet.

I'm even guilty of this sometimes.

Plus, this doesn’t mean you should stop writing this type of foundational content, it simply means that you should also take advantage of writing about OTHER things that you have first-hand experience with,

And if you’re promoting Wealthy Affiliate you have FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL INSIGHTS of using the platform, learning stuff, getting involved in conversations EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Take advantage of it.

Thank You For Reading


p.s. I will do a more “niche-focused” blog about “Hidden Gems” soon, I’m thinking of “How to Up Your Quora Game”, including how to set your profile up for clickthrough rate, how to use Quora’s Paid Ad Campaign System for FREE to find high ranking and popular questions,how to structure your answers in Quora, when to add links, when not to, etc.

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Recent Comments


Without knowing the reason behind this, this blind squirrel found the acorn! Partha thanks for telling me why I got lucky!

I have noticed that many of my Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn "answers" rank right along with my website posts. Of course, I have been nailing my Post Titles within my answers, and these answers have made it to the top of the Google SERP as well.

To take it one step further, if there is a constant theme among the questions on the various platforms that I have not covered, I will create a post and then go answer the question!

The information within these walls is invaluable as always.

Thank you.

My Dearest Prince Partha,

Allow me to get the elephant off my back.
I HATE doing reviews!
I said it.

I find them boring and unimaginative.
That is why I struggled in the first couple of years trying to get my WA MMO website off the ground.
That first effort did not go well because I was all over the place - and I mean ALL OVER!

Fast forward to today and I am a lot wiser having tried and failed many times.
I have also done A LOT of research on websites and what visitors want.

As it turns out, I am not alone. 😁

People want REAL opinions and feedback.
They want to feel involved and they want us to be personable.

AI seems to have more personality than us human writers at times. 🤦‍♀️

I love this!
It makes sense to me and this, I can do.
This I WILL do.

Thank you!


I totally "get it", this is especially true when you are an "authentic" and "genuine" writer.

Nothing against many of the VERY successful WA members, but many have become successful from the "old way" of constant product reviews and using "marketing talk" (low level copywriting) in everything they say or do.

No worries, it works for them.

However, when your business is far more focused around simply providing helpful content and advice, Product Reviews can feel like "pulling teeth".

It's almost as though you have to become a completely different persona just to write a product review.

Original Cassi goes out the window and makes way for "Salesy and Clickbaity Cassi".


As I say, when it comes to using personal experience and personal insight while "promoting" WA, it doesn't have to a "Review".

Any of my above examples, you can clearly have an affiliate link leading to the training, blog post, or question.

Plus, you can also have a quick 70-100 word call to action within that article.

"Want to Discover More About Wealthy Affiliate. Here's what you need to know..."

That was my "struggle" during my first 4 years in WA when my confidence was low and I was finding my feet and my voice.

Today, I am A LOT more confident and I KNOW where I want to go and how I want to incorporate my WA MMO promotions.

As you have clearly validated, it is much more authentic to be me. No pretence is necessary.

Thank you, Prince Partha, always. 🤗


I have definitely noticed this especially when doing my own personal research while learning in my niche. The forums usually come up first and while they offer personal experience, they can often be overwhelming. I’ve started to create content that I personally want to see and would use, which is helpful and personal. I’m excited to see more of your posts on this topic and to tie it to affiliate marketing.

Hello Partha,

As usual, excellent insights from the man who knows! I really think personal experience goes a long way. Hence why people's genuine experience on Wealthy Affiliate helps other members. And I'm not talking about AI Wealthy Affiliate blog posts!

Maybe I could add to your blog topics;

Why it took me all day to read one blog post from a Wealthy Affiliate member?😂😂

All the best.



This makes sense and is in line with what Google seems to say. The main question is for me: if Google wants to let Reddit, Quora, etc be as strong in some sense as Wikipedia, how can we manage it?

This, too, falls in an article about Sullivan. Give the link here, where he seems to be talking in this note. Too, I see that he says the same as Muller (Google youtube guy) said on Twitter about the authority part; don´t think about it. Not because it was wrong but because it was common sense.


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