How Much MONEY Can ONE Article Earn in ONE Month WITHOUT Selling Anything?

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Okay, I’m going to try to be quick today (I lied, LOL)

Plus, I have something VERY SPECIAL for you all coming up over the next 4-6 weeks.

However, it involves a LOT of my time and preparation, but basically I’m going to lay out absolutely everything I do and how I do it, from start to finish (plus, I will be manipulating a few of YOU to create videos for my content, but at least you get a coaching session with me I guess)..

But, for now, let’s get back to the subject of this article:

“How Much MONEY Can ONE Article Earn in ONE Month WITHOUT Selling Anything?”

So, I’ve previously mentioned that I seem to go through stages of getting picked up in Google Discover.

Google Discover is basically the Google smartphone app, which provides personalized content for you to read and watch.

If you go to your smartphone now and simply open the Google search app, you’ll find the search bar, and underneath will be a rolling and ongoing list of articles.

Remember, Google is also watching YOU and knows what you search for, and therefore Google knows what you’re interested in.

These topics of interest will be provided for you in your Google Discover feed.

Here’s what Google says about Google Discover:

“Discover is a feed that appears on the home page of Google's iOS and Android app, as well as the mobile homepage. Users are able to personalize their feeds so they see content that pertains to them. Unlike Google Search Ads, people don't need to enter a search query to have these ads appear.”

Anyway, as I say, I’ve found that many of my articles are getting picked up by Google Discover.

But, I’m still not entirely sure how I’m getting picked up by Google Discover.

Plus, Senior Search Analyst at Google, John Mueller, has always stated that you should never rely on Google Discover traffic as it’s not a permanent thing, as it can come and go.

I have experienced this, so I know I won’t always have Google Discover traffic every month.

But, Diane and I are also receiving Google Discover traffic on the first website we created together.

So, I’m guessing my methods of keyword research and writing an article is what they’re looking for:

  • Use Google Autosuggest to Find REAL Questions By REAL People
  • Check Page One of Google For User Generated Content (Easy Rankings)
  • Write an Article That Answers the Question POSED IN THE TITLE

But, as I say, I don’t actually know how or why I’m getting featured in Google Discover.

For now though, I graciously accept.

Okay, so I noticed that the main articles that were getting picked up from my website were related to the exercise, “Bench Press”.

So, I did what any normal crazy person would do:

Yes, I spent an evening getting as many keywords (using my methods) around bench press that I could.

And being that slightly crazy person, I found 133 keywords in that one evening.

Now, let’s look at how I found the article I am referring to in this blog post.

So, I went to Google - opened in an incognito tab/private browser.

Remember what I just told you?

Google remembers what YOU SEARCH FOR and will therefore personalizes searches based ON YOUR INTERESTS.

This is also why you should NEVER check your rankings in “normal Google”, but rather a private browser (just click the 3 buttons at the top of the page on the right-hand side, and then click “Open a new Incognito tab”, Voila!!)

If you’re checking your rankings using a “normal” browser, it’s likely that your website will show up at the top of the page in position number one.


Because you check that website every single day, you look at it with love or disdain, but you are definitely looking at this website every single day.

Google KNOWS THIS, assumes that this is one of your “FAVOURITES” and therefore sticks it at the top of the search results.

So, if you’re checking your rankings in a NORMAL browser, and then start celebrating your “number one ranking”, there is a huge possibility that this is NOT actually where you’re ranking, and you could indeed be ranking in position 100.

Plus remember, your aim is to rank on page one, and as high up that page as possible.

Don’t forget that ranking at number one, two, or three gives you approximately:

1 - 31%

2 - 25%

3 - 15%

Of the potential traffic for a keyword.

This goes down to 2.5% for position 10 (which funnily enough produces more traffic than position 9. Therefore, you would actually receive more traffic ranking in position 10 than position 9 - spooky!!!)

This is also why Jaaxy has a TRAFFIC and an AVERAGE figure.

If a keyword shows 1,000 TRAFFIC, it is hugely unlikely that you will receive 1,000 visitors for that ONE KEYWORD.

In fact, based on the figures above you can expect to receive 310 visitors a month for ranking in position one for a search term that receives 1,000 visitors a month according to Jaaxy, and 150 visitors a month if you’re ranking in position 3..

So, the AVERAGE figure on Jaaxy is around 12% of the TRAFFIC figure (I can’t remember the exact figure, I’m doing this from memory), so in effect, the AVERAGE figure is probably what you can expect if you’re ranking in say position 4 (although let’s not forget that most of my keywords come up as >10 in Jaaxy, and yet I have HUGE traffic).

Now, I’m really sorry to do this to you all, and I know it’s not something you want to hear as someone new - there’s a saying that’s being down the rounds in Internet Marketing for years:

“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is on Page 2 of Google”


Basically, ain’t no-one EVER gonna visit page 2.

Go on, admit it, before you got into Internet Marketing, when you used to search for things on Google, e.g. “Do I have to pay to upgrade my iphone?”

You have NEVER visited page two of Google to find an answer!!!

Don’t Lie to Me!!!

You know you haven’t.

We as humans are lazy and “instant gratification” has taken hold of the entire world over the past two decades:


So, we check the first few results on Google to hopefully find an answer.

Your potential customers ARE THE SAME AS YOU, so they aren’t gonna go searching on page two to find the answer.

It’s not until you become “one of us” (internet marketers), that you now probably go onto page 2, page 3, and perhaps even page 10 of Google, all in the name of research.


I’ve gone off on a tangent again, haven’t I?


Anyway lesson over, get back to the point Partha.

How Much MONEY Can ONE Article Earn in ONE Month WITHOUT Selling Anything?

So, I knew Google Discover was enjoying “Bench Press” articles, so I went and found 133 keywords.

Here’s what I did.

So, in my incognito browser, I type Bench Press into the Google Search bar

Here is what I am greeted with.

As you can see, Google automatically populates results, this is Google “suggesting” the MOST POPULAR results to you.

As an example, if you typed in the letter A into Google, what do you think would be the top result that Google “SUGGESTS”?

I don’t know, but I’m gonna guess that it’s going to be one of the (or the) largest companies in the world, which no doubt many of you are an affiliate for.

Anyway, back to my bench press.

I already know that these first few results are going to be extremely competitive, so I’m not even going to think about researching them.

So, I type a question word before “bench press”, I choose “HOW”, and then press the SPACEBAR 3 TIMES.

I then place the cursor in-between “HOW” and “BENCH PRESS” and click.

Here’s the results:

I’m still thinking that these are too competitive (you’ll learn this with experience, the more-and-more you do this).

So, in-between “HOW” and “BENCH PRESS” I place a letter of the alphabet (basically using Alphabet Soup on Google, but with the addition of a “question word”, i.e. HOW”.

It wasn’t until I got to R that I found something I like.

Here it is:

“How Rare is a 405 Bench Press”

I like it!!!

You’ll also notice the arrow to the

How Much Does the Rock Bench Press?


How Much Can Ronaldo Bench Press?

Following a recent conversation with Zarina, I mentioned that if you can find Google Autosuggest keywords for famous people in your niche, this can be HUGE.



So, here’s page one for the search term

“How Rare is a 405 Bench Press”

Okay, there I am ranking at number one (I didn’t get the Featured Snippet at the top of the page though, how sad!!!)

Obviously, when I initially did my keyword research I wasn’t there (as I hadn’t actually written the article yet).

You’ll also notice that there is a QUORA result ranking at number 3 (User Generated Content).

There is not actually any other user generated content on page one.


Remember I’ve provided an opinion about why it’s so easy to rank an article on page one when there’s user generated content there.

Basically, Quora, Reddit, and Forums ALL have high authority, but they DON’T OPTIMIZE their content for specific keywords.

This is why when you write an SEO OPTIMIZED article you can literally push these sites off page one.

And look on page 2 (among all the dead bodies, LOL)

There’s a forum and a Reddit ranking ath top of page two.

So, I have literally “pushed” one of these off page one (both the forum and Reddit were on page one 7 weeks ago), and I’m guessing another “optimized” result has taken over from the other one in the last 7 weeks.

So, I set about ANSWERING THE QUESTION and writing the article (don’t worry, in my “special” stuff coming up over the next few weeks, I’m also going to show you how to research, how to come up with your subheadings, how to write the article IN UNDER 90 MINUTES, I’m going to give you EVERYTHING).


Alright, patience my dear Wacky Affiliates!!!

Here it is.

I wrote the article on 14th June 2022.

At the time of writing, this 51 days ago (just over 7 weeks).

I’m obviously ranking on page one, position one, and this has produced around 25-40 visitors a day.


The article also got picked up by Google Discover.

Unfortunately, I changed ad network on July 5th 2022, so I can only give you traffic and earnings from then.

So, from July 5th 2022 to August 2nd 2022, so 29 days, not even a month yet, the article has received:

ONE article (Just ONE article remember)

24,475 Visitors


It has earned in ad income (so I have sold NOTHING)


In 29 DAYS.

ONE ARTICLE - 75 Minutes Work

Because this wasn’t a product review, which even takes me hours to write, due to all the additional research and fact-checking, I managed to research, write, and publish this article in about 75 minutes.

So, you could say that 75 minutes work is earning me over $1,700 PER MONTH

And Once Again


Here’s something else to surprise you, when we take a look at Google Analytics.

BOUNCE RATE for this ONE article = 93.99% (Horrific)

Time Spent on Page for this ONE article = 22 seconds (Awful)

The Internet: You must improve your Bounce rate and Time Spent on Page, otherwise you’ll never earn any money.

Partha: eeeermm, IN YOUR FACE Internet.

The Internet: But Partha, you could dramatically improve your earnings by working on your bounce rate and time spent on page

Partha: Yeah, I think I’m pretty happy with earning over $1,700 PER MONTH for 75 minutes work. You know, that ONE article for 75 minutes could potentially earn over $10,000 BY ITSELF (plus, I have over 600 other articles on this site) by the end of year.

The Internet: But, you’re leaving money on the table, you just need to work to improve these two factors.

Partha: Sorry Internet, I only do THREE THINGS - Google Autosuggest, Find User Generated Content, Answer the Question.

The Internet: But, But, But….

Partha: THREE THINGS I TELL YOU - Autosuggest/UGC/Answer Question. While you’re spending hours and hours trying to work out your bounce rate and time spent on site, I’m sitting on my inflatable pink elephant in my paddling pool, drinking a margherita.

The Internet: But

Partha NO!!!!!! 3 Things. Now in the nicest possible way, dear internet, JOG ON, you do your thing and I’ll do mine.


Bounce rate and time on site is only recorded ONCE A VISITOR GOES TO A SECOND PAGE ON YOUR SITE.

In other words, if a visitor




This takes them to ANOTHER WEBSITE, therefore away from YOUR WEBSITE

This counts as 100% Bounce Rate and 0.00 seconds spent on site


You’ve just earned money.

Always, Always, Always,


THREE THINGS - that’s ALL you need.

I’ll see you all in about a month, once I've produced what you ALL keep asking me for - The Ultimate Guide.

And a quick thank you to Old Fluff, who will be helping write and produce the “Ultimate Guide”.

(Oh BTW, Old Fluff has recently realised that I have spent the last year buttering her up and then manipulating her to get what I want… Hahahahahahahahaha!!! - yes, I am the master of making YOU feel good about yourself, and then getting YOU to do all the work, LOL)

Thank You For Reading


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Featured Comment

Old Fluff sadly admits she has fallen for the Prince's manipulative methods...

But she cannot be persuaded to do something she doesn't genuinely enjoy!

And as Partha has realised, it's all about the "big challenge" for me!

So, whenever he suspects I am getting temporarily bored with one of our many projects, he introduces something new to motivate me!

A bit like a marriage, really, when, after time, certain aspects sometimes need a little "extra spice," lol.



I hope your Husband doesn't get wind of this, Diane! 🤣🤣🤣

This is so incredible to learn what you’re doing, Partha. Congrats to you! I look forward to reading your upcoming posts as I’m still unsure of the best ways to research/find answers to those “questions” people are asking to write a post that gets views. Also would love to know what ad network you recommend.


Hey Susan,

My main wesbites are now all on either Mediavine or Adthrive.

In all honesty, they're both very similar, but I have a slight leaning towards Medivine. The customer service is just fantastic, they're really supportive, and they wil actually do things on your website for you, if you don't want to.

Mediavine has a minimum requirement of 50,000 SESSIONS Per Month

Adthrive has a minimum requirement of 100,000 PAGE VIEWS Per Month.

Now, when most people check Analytics they typically look at UNIQUE VISITORS.

So, as an example, for my exercise website to hit the above parameters,:

I had 42,000 UNIQUE visitors a month to hit 50,000 sessions


I had 78,000 UNIQUE visitors a month to hit 100,000 page views.

If you go to your Google Analytics, the first graph your greeted with at the top of the page shows your last 7 days of users, sessions, bounce rate, session duration.

You'll notice on the bottom right-hand corner of the graph it says AUDIENCE OVERVIEW.

Click on that.

Then in the top right-hand corner you'll want to change the date range for the last 30 days.

So, as an example, if you do it today, change the date range to

7th July 2022 - 5th Auguest 2022.

Then if you scroll down the page you will see the stats for


For the last 30 days.

Your aim is to get the SESSIONS to 50,000 over the course of a 30-day period.

There's no exact science, but I have achieved this for my 3 main websites after 15 months, 19 months, and 26 months.

All 3 websites are regularly updated with at least 20 articles a month.

So, as I say, there's no "exact science" to it, plus you can see just how hard you have to work to get there.

However, you can also see just how HUGE the rewards are once you do get there.


Thanks so much for your detailed response, Partha. I do appreciate all that…and have much more work ahead of me, but great to know for the future. Cheers.

WOW, again, this is VERY VERY VERY impressive Prince🤴 P!

I am waiting on bended knee for your "ultimate guide", featuring Old Fluff.

I hope it includes a section on when writing an article how not to be a perfectionist and anal-retentive... lol

As always, LOOKING FORWARD to the next installment!!!

Your Loyal Royal👑 Supporter :)

Zach "The Prosperous View" aka Zach "The Xylophone"

I'm so excited to see what I'm assuming is a training course that you're creating! I really hope I become your guinea pig. Thank you for all of the information that you share through your blog, I love reading your posts they help me to figure out how to find better keywords!

I get SO excited now seeing your posts, Partha hahaha.

Also, I blame you for my lack of sleep!! I've been on a writing spree, 3 articles in 2 days (shared in PMs), today the 4th one around the same person... Can't wait for massive traffic to roll in!!

Thanks for the mention in the post ;)

And $1700 from one post alone, seriously, you need 6 articles like that and you already have a $10K/mo income. It's mind-blowing to realize that now. And $70 RPM!? That's wild.

I love how you keep it simple. We tend to overcomplicate our lives so much, when the genius is in the simple!

I found that we seem to have a similar personality (although I do get affected by the shiny object syndrome my deep desire is to keep it as simple as possible). I wonder what your horoscope sign is LOL.

Question I had today:

If I were to create a video in my niche (I already have one VO type of video on my channel and it's ranking on Google too), but this time with my face answering a few FAQs about a person...

Do you think this might affect if in the future when I play with the said person? Eventually when I'm pretty well known in this industry, it'll probably be kinda weird, no? lol.

The upside is that I could refer the viewers of the channel to my personal vlogs (hand analysis, play, travel etc) in the niche as well.

Sometimes I think I should stick to VO (I hired a girl whose actual job is to work on a radio lol), to keep it simple and outsourced, but was just curious.

Sometimes maybe it would be easier to just do my face in the corner, and have a question written in the center and not having have to worry about copyrighted images or come up with stock footage etc.

And as I was writing thise I thought... if I outsource, why don't I to that radio girl as well. She has a couple of videos she's done for me in a totally diff niche with her face (though she prefers VO).

Ahhhhh. That's a long question lol.


I was avoiding the PM until tomorrow, as I knew there'd be questions!!!


Yep, it is quite mad when you think about.

Obviously, I've almost gone into "marketer mode" here in this blog post, you know what I mean,

"here's the income, I did no work, and I'm sitting in my ferrari" (or pink elephant in my case) except I'm not selling anything, LOL.

But, you know the vast majority of articles aren't earning that much. I have a few between 3K-5K visitors per month, a lot more at around 1,000 visitors a month, and loads between 500-1000 visitors.

So, you know a lot of them are earning like $10, $20, etc. per month.

Funnily enough, I have one article that only got 8 visits last month (yes, even I fail & pick a s**t keyword sometimes, LOL), BUT it earned $3.20. That's like $350 RPM (I must write more articles on THAT subject, LOL).

Right, your question.

Now, you know if most people had asked me that, I would said, "Is that JUST THREE THINGS or are you complicating this?"

However, as I know your background, and what you're aiming for, it's all good. Go with it.

Here's two ways to look at it:

1) This happens In pretty much every walk of lfe, but just looking at it from this business's perspective:

We are horrified when we look back at out "first attempt" at doing something or doing something "outside our comfort zone"

Do you remember that very first article you EVER wrote?

I bet you cringe when you think about it now.

It's exactly the same with this video.

You look back on that very first article and laugh about it now, and you also laugh at how you felt at the time when you wrote that first article, scared, worried, thinking "this isn't going to be good enough".

But, as I say, you look back on those things now and laugh about them.

It's exactly the same with the video.

2) Be so honest, so, so honest, almost in a humorous way, that it MAY even get his attention.

"Okay, I'm gonna you some facts about XXXXX. Do you know what, I'm so embarrassed doing this. Do you want to know what's going through my mind? Honestly? I'll tell ya. I'm sitting here on my little old YouTube channel telling you all about XXXX... But, do you know what? If you've seen my previous videos or you're a subscriber (cheers guys, love you) then you know how serious and passionate I am about this sh**. So, I would give my right-arm to be sat at a table opposite XXXX this time next year. and you know what, I'm gonna make it. In fact, here's a personal message for you XXXXX, I'm still really embarrassed, I'M OBVIOSULY a HUGE fan, but I don't mean this lightly, it would be my honour to be sat opposite you, going toe-to-toe. And this is why I'm sooooo embarrassed about making this video today? Imagine if you actually see it, and then I'm sat opposite you next year, OMG!!! The shame!!! I'll never live it down, LOL. Please forgive me, Hahaha. but here's a few things that maybe you don't even know about yourself... Question 1...."

I just made that up, it's crap!!! Hahahahaha!!!

But, do you get my meaning?

Just be completely natural and HONEST, so if those negative thoughts are going through your head SAY THEM.

People LOVE honesty, sincerity, and a chink in the armour, a little weakness/the underdog.

Something like that, a few shares here, a few shares there.... Daaaayyyyaaaamm, you never know.


Hi Partha,

Now, you know if most people had asked me that, I would said, "Is that JUST THREE THINGS or are you complicating this?"

I was worried you'd say that to me too hahahaha.

Ooooh, thanks for the tip! I actually think that FAQ type of videos about people I could actually do on my vlog channel and be humorous like you suggested.

Good way to test things out and have more traffic, maybe they'd be interested in entertaining vlogs as well!

Thank you!! :)

Partha, thanks for another great tutorial. I'm not always successful at the three things, but I keep trying to implement your ideas.
Maybe someday soon I'll get some decent traffic!

As long as you promise yourself you'll keep at, look at this as an educational journey, so you want to be enhancing your knowledge regularly, be consistent in your work ethic, then you'll DEFINITELY see that spike in traffic, and all the other "good stuff".


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