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Last Update: Oct 15, 2018

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Have you heard about SiteHealth? If not, make sure to take a look. It's important.

Here is how you can find it:

Once you're there, click on 'View Details' of the website that you want to check the health for.

After you click on it, you're see 8 different elements about your website and how your health is doing on it. Something like below.

Eventhough all of them are important, I would highlight that these are the most important ones:

- Publishing Frequency

- Content Quality & Variety

- Visitor Engagements (Comments)

- Your Engagement

- Site Trust

- Google Ranked

I don't want to go through every single one of them because they are all explained in the short summary below each title. I don't want you to read the whole thing in my writing again.

But I do want to go through why some of my elements are quite bad while some are good.

Site Trust

Honestly, this is super important. And I'm waiting for my site trust to rank higher. But here is how the SiteHealth is represented here in WA. Since this is the second website I'm building here, I have some insight.

WA calculates 'Site Trust' by how long you've been working on the website and how consistent you've been with publishing content.

Given that I only created this website late August, it makes perfect sense that it is only a 10% trust. There hasn't been enough time for the search enginges to trust my content yet.

Remember, even if you write a 100 posts in a month, the trust won't go up. It's amount long term consistency.

I noticed from my other website that your Site Rank increases by 10% every month. The other website that I hardly post much on is at 100% site trust just because it has been over 10 months since I first launched that website.

Website Feedback

Now this is one that I'm not quite sure about. Personally, I don't think this is that important.

Higher percentage on website feedback just means that you have been asking for feedback in our WA site feedback platform.

I used to get feedbacks quite a bit on my previous website. While some of them were helpful, a lot of them I realized were given by people that are just getting started with WA. Those that are just creating their own websites too.

I'm not saying that their comments and feedbacks weren't important. They were! But they weren't the kind of feedbacks that I was looking for.

I wanted to know how to have higher conversions and whether it seemed like a website that people could trust. I got a lot of feedback on the things they liked about my websites and it didn't help me much.

Instead I asked some of the folks that have been in WA for a while to give me feedback on the things that I was looking for personally. I think this helped me a great deal and also helped me better understand how to design a website.

Again, don't think Site Feedbacks is not important! It really depends on what you're looking for. I might even put my site up in the platform soon once I give it a couple of more months.

I just don't think it's one of the most important elements of your website.

If you use site feedbacks, comment below on how you use it. Do you feel like you get good feedback from it and are you making improvements from it?


Now this is a big one! And I'll probably get a lot of different opinions on it.

Before I talk about it, I want to ask you guys. How many plugins do you have in your website? Comment below!


Havings plugins is super important. I mean without plugins your website looks bland. It won't be creative nor appealing. So it's very important that we have solid plugins.

WA recommends to have less than 5 or else the website gets slow. Hmm, I think I have to disagree with this one.

For the longest time, I had less than 5 plugins for my old website. Even for this new one, I had less than 5 for a few weeks.

Soon I realized, it just isn't ENOUGH!

I mean it already comes with 2 plugins when you start WordPress. And as you build your website and have more content, you just can't sustain it with 5. I actually have 7 so far in my current website. But I know I'll have more soon.

So is having low plugins important for rankings?

I don't think so.

Look, I only started this website late August, so maybe I don't have much authority to say it. But I feel that it can't make much difference.

We got SiteSpeed all the way to Extremeee... you can't go wrong with your website slowing down with this great feature in WA.

What are your thoughts on this? I want to hear how many you have.

What should YOU focus on?

I listed out the bullet points earlier. I think those are the most important.

Just make sure you're publishing content regularly. Without it the search engines just won't trust you. They want to know that you create good content (Content Quality & Variety) that helps the audience.

Once you have that, the engagement should be automatic because you'll have more traffic coming into your website. To boost it, you can use our awesome Site Comments platform. Now it's even better with 2.0, but make sure to use it with the right etiquttes.

Always, ALWAYS make sure you reply to your comments. EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Not only does it help with rankings, it shows that you are engaging in the community. It shows that you care. It shows that you're real.

If you do that, your rankings should automatically climb up.

Remember, SiteHealth is just an estimate from WA. It doesn't mean this is how you rank in the search engines. So, don't focus too much on the elements that don't matter.

Just focus on those that do.

If you made it all the way down here, thank you thank you for reading through! Hope this really helps clear the SiteHealth aspects!

Make sure to leave comments with any questions or any thoughts you want to add to the topic.

Best to you all!!

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Thanks for this
Very helpful information, how did you get your plugin to 70%, mine is down to 10%!

Ha, it shouldn't matter much - I just don't have that many plugins yet in my website yet!

Thank you my site health needs some extra work.
Being tied up with a lot of things happening around me that needs my attention

Good luck! And thanks for your fcomment here!

Good information, thank you.

Glad it helped! Best to you!

A very helpful post. Thanks Parmi.


You bet Derek! Best to you!

That was very helpful. Thanks.

Glad it helped!

Thanks Parmi!
Great take on the information we have and how to interpret it.

Glad it helped KyleAnn! Best to you!

Helpful, thoughtful post! ... thanks kindly for sharing, cheerio.. 😊

You bet! Glad it helped!

I wonder if the data given by WA are accurate. My website has more than 50 posts and most of them are indexed. Site engagement 100%, Content 100%, plugins 50%, Site Health Better etc... but it still shows that it is No Google Index!

Can someone help me to understand this?

Have you tried submitting your site and/or posts to Google to Fetch, crawl and index? That might help.

Yes I did it.

Hmm, that's quite strange that it doesn't show it's ranked in WA. Usually it should pop up quite quickly and with how much content you have, there should be no issue. Perhaps try contacting support at WA? Let me know how it goes.

Thank you. I am going to contact them.

Great keep us posted!

Ok. Sometimes it takes a while. Get comments going on the give and take thread.

Hello Parmi I agree with you in that a domain that I bought when I started almost 3 monthes ago had a 20% trust factor without any content.The website that a spend all of my time on with content 100%,Google ranked,80%engagement, 5 plug-ins 100%,feedback 70%,Publishing 100%,visitor engagement 100%
Site Trust!!! 10%!!! This site was formed after my initial website which I have done nothing to it!

The health of my website is described as awesome!

Yeah, but don't worry about that too much. As long as you keep working on creating content in your new website, that trust will eventually reach 100%.

Thank you for this blog, I review my site health and I have to publish more frequently, and increase the site trust.
Ask for feedback, you will have several instantly.
Good luck :)

You're right Nina! It's easy to overlook the site health sometimes, but revisiting it once in a while gets you back on track! Much success to you!

Thank you :)

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