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Have you heard about SiteHealth? If not, make sure to take a look. It's important. Here is how you can find it:Once you're there, click on 'View Details' of the website that you want to check the health for. After you click on it, you're see 8 different elements about your website and how your health is doing on it. Something like below. Eventhough all of them are important, I would highlight that these are the most important ones: - Publishing Frequency- Content Quality & Variety- Visitor
Ladies and Gents, SiteComments 2.0 is epic and we all know it! The comments are super quick, you get more comments than you ask for and you can even earn revenue from it. It's a plus plus all around. But I want to go through some of the etiquettes - yes, there are etiquettes here too - that you should always consider. PLEASE make sure to leave valid commentsI know that we get more comments than we ask for. So you might say that why does it even matter? You can just ignore the invalid comment an
October 04, 2018
I GOT MY FIRST WA PREMIUM SALE YOU GUYS!!You will see from my profile that I've joined WA last October and wasn't a Premium member until 1st of November. I've had lots of ups and downs throughout my journey with WA already and most of it had to do with personal life. Initially when I started out, I was super adamant on building a website around running, since I was super passionate about it. I didn't even think about doing an affiliate bootcamp or even promoting WA. Because that's not what I wa
I just created a new site less than a month ago, and it's still in the works. I've just been working hard to produce a lot of content. So, I'm not expecting a lot of traffic at this point because my new website hasn't quite even taken shape yet. I hadn't really taken much notice of my traffic analytics because I didn't expect much to be there. Surprisingly, when I looked into my analytics today, I saw a huge spike in the last couple of days. At first, I was super thrilled. I was like, YES, it's
September 24, 2018
Although I joined WA last year, I was focusing on creating a niche of my interest - which was running. As I was doing that, I never put too much focus on WA and the great articles that were being posted here. I just recently started promoting WA and I regret a lot that I didn't start earlier. I only began a month ago and I already feel so much improvement in the website. As I was going through the great wealth of knowledge that we have at WA community, I came across something called the Super A
So, I just read an article posted by Kyle and Carson and I thought we could take a few lessons out of their 13 years of experience with WA. Here is the article, if you haven't read it yet., it is so incredible to know that this platform has been around for that long. It just shows that the guys who make it all possible know inside and out of this industry. Not only is it a great support for us, but also an incredible selling
Hey you guys!Hope you're all having a great day! I was wondering if I could get a quick comment about what you like about Wealthy Affiliate the most? I know we all have different things that we like about WA, so if you could just think about one thing and note it down, it would be so great! This is for my readers in the website to let them know what people think about WA. The more the merrier! I'll start off: What I like the most about Wealthy Affiliate is that it gives real expectations. The p
The reason I write this today is because I feel that so many people out there still don't know what it means to live on their terms. A lot of people that I walk into and meet everyday don't live on their terms. A lot of them don't even understand what this means. Living on your own terms does not mean making tons and tons of money. Look, I know we are all here in WA to make some sort of income that gives you freedom to please what you do. The reason this is a step forward in living on your own
Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform. It has all the knowledge required to make you a successful affiliate. It has created such a large community and the support from here is tremendous. I would say second to none. That said, you need to know what to focus for in wealthy affiliate. Especially if you just recently joined or haven't explored Wealthy Affiliate much, you need to make sure that you are looking at the right things. Not the things that don't matter. Here are the things that you shoul
When you first heard about affiliate marketing, you might have seen/heard from people about making a lot of money and how much freedom you will have. This is true. But, it is not that easy. It's never that easy. In fact, affiliate marketing is hardest thing to do well in. It is not for the ones that don't have grit. It's not for those that don't have a burning desire to succeed. Because, it is a field that is so easy to give up in. With our world advancing so quickly and things getting easier e