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Last Update: Oct 12, 2018

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Ladies and Gents, SiteComments 2.0 is epic and we all know it! The comments are super quick, you get more comments than you ask for and you can even earn revenue from it. It's a plus plus all around. But I want to go through some of the etiquettes - yes, there are etiquettes here too - that you should always consider.

PLEASE make sure to leave valid comments

I know that we get more comments than we ask for. So you might say that why does it even matter? You can just ignore the invalid comment anyways.

When I receive a comment, I always make sure I go through every single one of them. If you are writing something that isn't valid, I don't question the commenter at first. I question myself and ask myself whether maybe I'm not getting the comment properly. I try to re-read the article that I wrote to see if those comments actually make sense.

And I want to be respectful to you as well. I know you spent time writing a comment and putting thought towards it - at least I think you do. And I know many of you do this already.

But I always get some comments that just purely don't make sense!

And I can clearly see that the commenter hasn't really put any effort to read the content. There are some times where I edit the comment a little bit so that it makes sense and it is valid to my article - because I want to help you as well and give you credit for putting in effort.

You're putting effort anyways writing that comment - why not spend a little more energy making that comment better and logical.

Make sure comments make sense across different articles

Since we have so many people active in SiteComments, it is quite common to get the same person commenting on different articles in your website.

This is great. I am not saying you not do this at all.

But make sure that what you write in one article makes sense in the other article if it is from the same website.

If you write this in one of the articles:

I had never heard about Product X before. Thanks for sharing it.

Don't write that you haven't heard about Product X when there is another article about it in the same webpage.

Perhaps you can write:

I read about Product X in another of your article. I like how...

It is quite likely that you will come across different articles of the same website if you're sitting down for 15-20 minutes to comment. So, please be mindful.

Don't comment if you've already commented on that article

So I would like to point out that there is a slight glitch in the system. Most of the time, if you've commented on a certain article, that article never pops up again in your SiteComments.

However, there is a glitch sometimes.

The article that you've commented already shows up again in your SiteComment list. It usually isn't the case but yeah this happens at times.

If it does, don't comment on it again just for the sake of getting credits. I've faced that issue a couple of times, and I always wait until I don't see that again - You can also skip if you want to, but I just don't like to skip.

Carson, maybe you can look into this?

Reply back to comments that you've given

It's great that we get a lot of comments and have such a wonderful community to support us build credibility in our articles.

But, this happens too.

We leave a comment, perhaps ask a question. The author of the article replies back maybe answering the question or maybe asking a follow up question.

How often do we go back to the article that we've commented?

I would guess not very often if at all. I know that this is not required. You give your comment, get your credit and you're done with the comment that you've given.

But ask yourself this question. Does it not look awkward to receive a lot of comments but no replies when an author replies back?

Again, it is not required and certain understand that it is not required for all the comments. But, it is a nice etiquette to go back and reply back to some of the comments that you've left on the articles.

You have all the articles that you gave comments on the SiteComments listed below.

So go back once in a while to reply back.

Comment according to what the author is asking for

SiteComment 2.0 has so many new features and it is quite easy to overlook some of them. Here is one I feel that people tend to overlook.

You will notice that beside every article there is a list of the things that the author wants the commenter to write about. So write things that the author wants you to write.

The author wants the article to have a certain flow of engagement in their comments and you want to adhere to it. It is just a good etiquette. They clicked to want to get those types of feedback for a reason.

Final Thoughts

We at Wealthy Affiliate are here to help each other. The platform is designed to lift each other up and help one another to reach our respective goals.

So at SiteComments, just be mindful of that as well!

Of course, not every comment you write will be perfect but at least be respectful to others articles. I think this question is a good one to remember when writing a comment.

If this was an article that I wrote, would I be happy with this comment?

That's about it. This should significantly help to make sure what you write is always meeting the right etiquettes.

What are your thoughts on these? Do you have any other etiquettes that I've missed here?

If you've made it all the way here, thank you for reading it! Share with others as well so that we can make sure SiteComments 2.0 continues to become a great place!

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It’s too bad that replies to comments don’t send notifications. I wish that was available because I’m guilty of not going back to check, I lose track of who I’ve commented on.

That's a good point! Yeah it is quite easy to forget, but I think the section below SiteComment which lists out the comments that you've given is good place to look through after you've commented. Thanks for your comment!

I’ll have a look. I’ll confess I use the “Give and Take” thread more often though, I got a bit frustrated with the Site Comments.

Yeah, that's also a good tool! Perhaps we can even work towards creating notifications after we are replied back to in our comments. Thing to note for updates to SiteComment for sure.

That’s exactly what I would love to see!!

Great points! I'm really glad you shared this and hope it'll help other people think about the wider picture when they leave their comments.


Thanks for your comment Stephanie! Agreed if you actually think about others when giving comments, it will always be good. Best to you!

You make a valid point , thanks for sharing I haven't started the site comment yet but being aware of the rules is a plus

I would encourage you to check out SiteComment for sure. It is a great tool and I'm glad you are reading this before trying it out already! It will help you for sure! Best to you!

I go by: "What do I want written on my articles' comment section?"
So that's exactly what I focus on when writing a comment, given my best view on the topic.
Remember to always be constructive and helpful!

I agree with that Victor! Do as you would want others to do to you! Thanks for sharing!

Very good points you have here, 9 out of 10 comments I get are pretty good, the 1 less quality I take for granted, feedback I disapprove

I agree Loes. A lot of the comments are good and the platform is great! But we can certainly make it even better by following some etiquettes I think. Thanks for the comment Loes!

I'd like to add- please refrain from using any profanity in the comments you leave. I've had to disapprove a few already because of curse words. I know it doesn't bother most people, but you never know. I want my site to be clean and family friendly!

Thanks for sharing! Yup, I've faced a couple of those as well and I think a clean site is definitely important. It doesn't make anyone not come to your site.

I agree with you about the question asked in the comments and I am taking the time to answer and if I would not get a follow up with that I would be disappointed. Luckily it didn't happen, but I did get two exactly the same comments from different members

Thanks for sharing Tommy! We can all work together to resolve these issues!

Definitely agree- although with this platform I have been getting better comments for my sites than the old platforms. Some people that comment on WA promo websites are just talking about their experience rather than what is written. There is nothing wrong with this, but I noticed that there was a site where the keyword was about Wordpress only, and two comments were about people's experiences with Jaaxy - it made no sense.

Absolutely, SiteComment is a great platform and you do get a a lot of great comments from it for sure! But yeah like you said you do get those comments as well which are completely out of place. Thanks!


Really Good Points, people are chasing the opportunity of earning money rather than thinking about it (not everyone, but definitely some)

Yes, exactly right. While it is okay to write to earn money, it is also important to be mindful of what you write. Thanks John!

Totally agree!

Glad to hear Dallas! Thanks!

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