How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate? A $150,000 Way!

Last Update: May 15, 2018

Hello everyone. Many of you have been wondering what happen to TQ? Thank you for a few Private Messages inquiring if I am doing OK. I am glad to say that I am doing very well, beyond my expectation.

I am unable to blog on Wealthy Affiliate lately due to my increasingly busy schedule. Business has taken a positive turn upon my retirement. It is a big surprise for me.

Today, I am taking a small break to say hello and to share with you some positive news that happen with my life after joining Wealthy Affiliate.

As some of you have known, I joined Wealthy Affiliate by a recommendation of my intern with the intention to build a website sharing my online business experiences and help small business owners. (You can read about this in my earlier post Why a Lawyer Joins Wealthy Affiliate?

However, life has another plan. Right after my retirement, a big event happened, Google update its core algorithm in March. Some businesses got hit hard, one of those businesses belongs to a client and a very good friend of mine. His corporate website went from first and second position to nowhere to be found. Web traffic drop to zero overnight. I received a called from him asking for help. I agreed to meet with him and his partners to look at the problem.

A few days later, I came with the intern, Josh. I discovered the drop in ranking had nothing to do with Google Update. It had to do with the SEO methods implemented by the firm that they are working with. I explained to them my theory, but I need a place to test it out.

I use my Wealthy Affiliate account to land this $150,000 contract for the next eight months, two quarters. If everything goes well, we will sign a permanent contract for a longer term.

How long does it take to make money with the Wealthy Affiliate Account?

I am only here for a little over three months. During the time with Wealthy Affiliate, I have run lots of tests on the system. I will briefly share with you this one and how I use my account to land this big project.

I discovered Google punished this website because the SEO firm employed a scheme where they manipulate the bounce rate, user session, and number of users to trick Google to get a better ranking. They did not realize that Google can track and identify this scheme. The resulted, Google dropped the site from ranking.

I had to replicate the scheme to demonstrate to the client how the scheme worked. I used my Wealthy Affiliate Account to carry out this test.

This test is very complicated. I will only show you a brief overview of the scheme. I just want to show you there are ways you can use your Wealthy Affiliate account to make money, not necessarily have to do with affiliate marketing.

Here’s how this works:

In my account I have Josh posted a few articles and they are ranked very well.

I want you to look at the post title: /wealthy-affiliate-review/is-wealthy-affiliate-a-scam-or-legit. On March 28, 2018, the average position ranking for this post was 3.

(I got some premium referrals from this post starting in my second month with Wealthy Affiliate.)

Then I implemented an App, which I created, to improve the bounce rate, session, and user. I let this run for a week. Here’s the APP data captured by Google Search Console which I connected with Analytic.

Here’s what happens a week later April 03, 2018.

The same post went from average position 3 to average position 270.

I gathered this information and presented to the client with my estimated proposal on how much it costs to fix the problem.

They were happy to sign the contract, and that’s how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. This has kept me from blogging.

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Bald Eagle Premium Plus
You're obviously a smart dude to figure out the app.
Well done
OnlineBzDog Premium
Thank you
NicoAlpaca Premium
Cool things to know. Kudo to you and to Google who are doing their jobs. Thanks for sharing. Nicole
OnlineBzDog Premium
Thank you
Tirolith Premium
Well done. Now that I am retired I do not sit around the house waiting to die. Keeping busy is an activity that improves well-being.
GinaU1 Premium
Wow! What a turn of events. Congratulations on your contract and for sharing.
OnlineBzDog Premium
Thank you
Elijah1916 Premium
It's a case of being on time at the right time, a rare opportunity, congratulations, more success your way, I pray.
OnlineBzDog Premium
Yes, thank you