Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam or Affiliate Marketing Is A Scam

Last Update: June 29, 2018

I have never heard of this phrase, Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam or Affiliate Marketing is a Scam, so much until people found out that I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate. You probably experience the same.

But when I asked those people: Why are you saying that?

These are the three top answers that I got:

  1. You know, is like MLM.
  2. Nobody makes any money doing that.
  3. I heard someone loss all his/her money joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I have a very simple respond to each answer.

First, I would say, “you know, what you just told me is a legal business activity under the laws, Right?”

  • You know, is like MLM

Have you ever heard of Avon and Mary Kay? A billion dollars MLM businesses, and last time I checked, they are still in business and doing well. There must be something wrong here. What am I missing? Do you have any first-hand knowledge of their Scam activity?

  • Nobody makes money doing that

Whose are you kidding? Do you see my Mercedes Benz? You know, here is a picture of my beach condo. Do you know how I make my money?

Representing online businesses, and many of my clients involve in some types of affiliate marketing.

Ever heard of a Guy name Jeff Bezos? He is now the richest man in the world, and guess what, his company is involved with affiliate marketing too.

The people that did not make money in affiliate marketing are mostly losers. I hope you’re not one of them. Lol.

  • I heard someone loss all his/her money joining Wealthy Affiliate

How much money did he lose?

Answer: A few hundred.

A few hundred, lol, what in the world is a person with only a few hundred dollars going into business?

Answer: No, he has a lot of money. He only lost a few hundred dollars.

Well, then he must be a dumb business owner. Most successful business owners that I know and represent, they are working very hard, and most of them put everything they have into their business. As a matter of facts, I know several of them right now moving back with their parents because they just sold their house or car to invest into the business. None of them run around crying, I got scammed. Do you know why? Because they are the true entrepreneur. They understand that there is a big chance that they will lose everything, and I mean everything, by going into business. My friend, that is the nature of starting your own business. If you are not ready to lose your investment, then stay out of the business world. It is not for you.

I just want to share with you my fascinating experience for the last two months. It is also a way to show you how I respond to these negative criticisms. People that are saying these things to you are not the true business owner. They do not see a business as an opportunity, but a scam or a failure.

You will be successful in life, because you are the true spirit of an entrepreneur.



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Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks for your uplifting and encouraging words!
gjshawk Premium
Good post, OBDog. I haven’t had anyone tell me that WA is a bad business idea yet but I’ll bet there are a lot of competitors wanting to grab some market share by running down WA.
OnlineBzDog Premium
You are a lucky man.
gjshawk Premium
No, just still pretty new at this.
Steven-A Premium
nice. well said
OnlineBzDog Premium
Thank you.
Cath88 Premium
Thanks for sharing that!
StevenRinker Premium
Great read! Thanks!