It Was the Week That Was

Last Update: September 28, 2014

Not much to say about my business building efforts this week... Saturday provided a ride in the bus to the emergency room for me. Thursday my wife gets a ride in the same bus to the same place... And now here we come into the next weekend and now daddy, momma, and baby all sick with the season's first virus. Yippeee!!!

Hope all my friends in WA land are having a better week than team Livingstone.

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zora2 Premium
Health and healing to your and your family Barry. Blessings
Quasar_wpg Premium
You all get well soon!
kholmes Premium
Ughh, what a drag. Sorry to hear about this. Hope your family gets to feeling better. :)
onefineham Premium
Welcome to the world of the brat diet. Thanks for the kind words and let's move on to October lol.
CarlaIves Premium
Sorry to hear this, Barry. Hope you are all three on the mend by the time you get this! Get your rest. We'll be here when you are better.