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So formerly friendly site USFreeads (as of January 1st 2015) is no longer accepting affiliate ads of any kind on their site. A few years back they banned straight re-direct ads to clickbank, so one would suppose an all-out ban would be possible... but yeesh! They are after all a subscription (pay) advertising site... and affiliate marketers are some of the best customers of that business model... I guess that won't be the case anymore. Adios USFreeads, wonder how long the new business model wil
So wow- Just saw a couple emails come through to a pair of my "catch all" email addresses. Someone or some group is specifically targeting webmasters / internet marketers with an office document virus / probably a Trojan (I didn't dare open it). The Subject of the email was along the lines of: Your ACH Payment has been blocked. Within the email is a little table describing some sort of payment transaction to my account which has been "blocked" or "cancelled" with instructions to click on and op
September 28, 2014
Not much to say about my business building efforts this week... Saturday provided a ride in the bus to the emergency room for me. Thursday my wife gets a ride in the same bus to the same place... And now here we come into the next weekend and now daddy, momma, and baby all sick with the season's first virus. Yippeee!!! Hope all my friends in WA land are having a better week than team Livingstone.
September 16, 2014
I wrote this little ebook several years ago which I used to give away as bonus material with my main ebook (The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham), but the more I interact with new Wealthy Affiliate members on here the more I realize how many people really need to read this little ebook and get those basic skills. It costs all of $0.99 on Amazon Kindle (in fact all of my works are now available on Kindle for $0.99), and it is called Ten Simple Skills for New Internet Marketers. G
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I had written several months ago about the challenges many of us have faced on dealing with the ever-changing policy issues at Squidoo. It has now come to a head and they have finally pushed all content offsite / pawning most of it off onto Hubpages. That's the good news. The bad news is Hubpages is even more tight on profitable content material than Squidoo! Again, I've dealt with this problem more than many people, and have a few thoughts on potential replacements for Squidoo content. Of cour
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So I just had a ton of lenses warned / scheduled for locking and unpublishing at Squidoo. It just so happens I may have stumbled upon what this round of updates is about. I happened to check my lens bio's (the little bio box where your picture appears to the right of your lens). If you have questionable links in your bio, apparently today Squidoo is targeting them. I was able to simply re-write or delete the links in the lens bio page and salvage almost all of my lenses without further action (
Just happened to be scanning over at Google Webmaster Tools (as I am apt to do on some of my problem children websites).... and look what I discovered: a new tool at Google Webmaster Tools!For some time Google has been talking about giving Webmasters better tools and feedback to help webmasters get more insight as to why their sites may not be ranking. One of the most common errors non-professional websites have is trouble with Search Engines like googlebot being unable to index the content of s
Earlier in the day good-sumaritan Potpiegirl posted content specifically made to address the problem of the current policy changes at squidoo. She mentioned there was no way to necessarily peel back the veil and look behind the curtain to see what changes were taking place that were causing the problem.I may be able to shed a little light based on what I observed in an effort to preserve one of my squidoo pages. I followed Potpiegirl's sage advice and attempted to salvage my page but lo and
December 19, 2012
Well another amazing year is just about gone on Wealthy Affiliate and Internet Marketing, and I am humbled to have had a very good year with a good number of ups and downs. Through it all I can honestly say that somehow no matter how bizarre the world of internet marketing turns, somehow you're just never out of it completely. What to Do When Internet Marketing Stops WorkingSearch engines hate you? Then if you're smart you've already still got your lists to market to.New product wipe