Success by Association

Last Update: August 06, 2018

If you associate with someone who has name and impact, you have dominion

------- By Pastor E.A. Adeboy

In short this quote struck me to derive a topic: #Success by Association”


An event that accomplishes its purpose or goal, with success, you have authority in certain things, you can control.


An association has to do with a formal organization of group of people. An association has a serious impact in everyone life. It can determine your success endeavor.

What is Success by Association?

Success by Association can be described as partner’s who have the same belief, spirit and mindset. Success and Association are not group of people who are mediocre around. They are group of people who have exceptional quality and ability to do things and succeed.

This is where I draw the attention of all Wealthy Affiliate members’ to be real success by associate. I had joined or registered in so many on-line businesses in other for me to make extra-income, nothing comes out, I had lost a lot of dollars thru, Empower etc. The worst of it was Bforex trading, today the FPA Investigations Committee has confirmed a scam complaint against Bforex. This broker is now blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

I never halt out and received email for encouragement from any of them. But when I joined Wealthy Affiliate February as a premium member, although I pulse for some month’s due to financial problem. Whoa! Kyle and Carson made it possible for me to come back as a premium member, not just that my website, domain, ranking everything still intact, I didn’t lose anything.

Furthermore, I did a key search in Google concerning WA ------ my key word search “Wealthy Affiliate it's a scam” the result I got was so fantastic and positive, behold my spirit comes alive when Kyle emailed that I had been giving bonus to upgrade my premium membership.

Of Course, I never hesitate to upgrade to premium immediately I had that little dollar within the time period.

Therefore, I called Kyle and Carson “#Success by Partner” We member of WA are #Success by Associate” I can see that if you associate with group like WA, you will succeed; by developing the right attitude toward your goal, writing quality content, helping the community of any ideas you can render to someone out there in WA, don’t be too timid to ask question. One good thing I discovered in this community is the quick response to questions, no matter how those questions are difficult.

Again if you are just register or you just upgrade to premium membership, you are thinking how to write contents. Asking yourselves can I write, yes, you can, don’t be scared in writing. Content writing broad you and refined you, it enables you to learn and develop in writing.

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is another institution you can learn. All the videos, the package of different programmed, the different training are there to work you-out.

How do I get quality content?

Within your environment there event happens, stories, ideals, which you can develop content ideas from and come up with good content.

Role of Success by Association

  • It brings the potential purpose in you to succeed by associate with the right group
  • It enables you to be more functioning in our endeavor
  • It causes you to be valued internal and external
  • It upgrades you in business wise thru social circle
  • It made you become role model to others. E.g. I can vividly say Kyle and Carson is role model in WA because this is an association that has the right mindset toward people. There are some books when you read either business books and Religion book and Social book a name of somebody must be measured as an inspiration to this or that.
  • It broad your creativity.

Result of Success by Association in Wealthy Affiliate

  • It’s enables you to build your website having it running
  • Different training available to educate you about online business.
  • Get your niche to explore
  • Then you begin see the success flow in your door step.

If you are a newbie reading this article remain put, you will succeed, there are a lot of testimony of people that are already succeeded here in WA. Some of these people are being on this platform for 10-12 year. In fact, if a man is not gaining anything in what he or she is doing, what would make that man remain on that platform?

Cheers all my fellow communities

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ThimGraFort Premium
You got it right beloved sister!
Thank you for sharing such eye opening truths.
Many many bleesings to you.


Pastor Boaz
Omosomi Premium
And you likewise, Associate with right mind people, you will succeed.

Bye and remain blessed

Nancy29 Premium
I enjoyed your post. Nicely done!
Omosomi Premium
Thank you very much Ma.

JerryMcCoy Premium
Good post. It certainly tells us some of the people we need to associate with and the type of mindset.
Omosomi Premium
Yesoooooooo. Associate with exceptional quality people like Kyle & Carson.

CandP Premium
We agree with you one hundred percent!
Associating with kindred spirits here at WA benefits all of us. The human quality to be found in this community is what makes it stand apart from the others.
Thank you for your post, Blessing.
Omosomi Premium
Thank you Sir & Ma.

TommyVTE Premium
Thanks for sharing this I enjoy reading it. And agree that you better hangout with people that have the same goals
Omosomi Premium
Thanks very much for like my article, God bless you.