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I just took some step to upgrade to Yearly Premium this morning. I know, this was possible by God Almighty, who gave me the grace. The way I got the money was a miracle which energize my appetite to go premium.There were no hope anywhere for such money but God make a way miraculously and the money came in at the right time. It was another signed God showed me, that I never had any mistake in joining Wealthy Affiliation. Meaning WA is the right place to be, I don't want to go into detail about w
Milestone (I)I am so happy this morning because I had made another milestone.I woke-up this morning recieving an emil sent to me - Awesome, your content has been indexed in Google.Your content published through SiteContent at Wealthy Affiliate has been found in Google! This means that Google has your page within their index to display within the search results. This is amazing!Although these is not my first content written that has been index, some of my content has been indexed like Developi
This is a comment I am throwing open to everybody, Passive Income and Real Income, because I'm very much concerned about that word and I see people using it, passive income rather than using real income.In WA I had read people blog how they had resign from their prospective job and become fully Wealthy Affiliate Marketers. I want to know the different between Passive Income and Real IncomeThe word Passive: tending not to participate actively, and usually letting others make decisions.The word R
For a why, I had been trying how to insert link on either comments or welcoming of new member's, but I do see some member's or Kyle comment's with some link to encourage new member e.g Getting Started Level 1 or any link.I do wondering how it's been done when you are commenting other people post or answering question or welcoming new started and newly premium members. I never knew is very simple as A, B,C. But something just thought me how to doing it, by double click any Wealthy Affiliate pr
August 27, 2018
Story of passionOnce upon a time, there was a couple, James and Vienna, who lives in a city of West Coast. Both of them are living happily married and comfortable in life. They have a better secure job, own a house in a well situate environment, with beautiful children to behold. Life was so awesome with them. They never lack any basic amenities. Basically, this couple does not need to worry much about their financial or others needs. Life goes on as usual. In the morning they will have their
August 20, 2018
Business EntrepreneurshipThe first person to coin the word ‘entrepreneurship’ in the 18th century was Richard Cantillon (Stevenson and Sahlman, 1990), and he defines entrepreneurship as a business activity concerned with bearing the risk of purchasing at a certain price and selling at an uncertain price. An entrepreneur, among other things, is that person who creates a business enterprise, establishes it, and nurses it to survival and success (Siropolis, 1977). Therefore, men and
Best quote to keep you going in your day to day daily activities mostly here in Wealthy Affiliate platform. Stop at nothing until you have what you seek, which evolves and changes as you grow each and every day, that's for sure.Keep in mind life is only as good as your mind set. You achieve what you believe. What you believe open more doors of opportunity, when doors of opportunity open, just as its opens here in WA, its come to your attitude and planning to get that set goal achieve.You become
#Cervical Cancer AwarenessThis morning I‘d Cervical Cancer test, it was awesome there was no problem.Stop and think for a minute Every minute, one woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer somewhere in the world.1.2It can be a threat to all women. 3But many do not know enough about the disease. 4 See what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones. What is cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix (the ‘neck’ of the womb). And unlike some other cancers, it
August 06, 2018
If you associate with someone who has name and impact, you have dominion ------- By Pastor E.A. AdeboyIn short this quote struck me to derive a topic: #Success by Association” WHAT IS SUCCESS? An event that accomplishes its purpose or goal, with success, you have authority in certain things, you can control. WHAT IS ASSOCIATION? An association has to do with a formal organization of group of people. An association has a serious impact in everyone life. It can determine your