034: How to reduce information overload, overload, overload ....!



Simplify how to keep track and break free of the info that is overloading you!


Yes - Keep It Simple Stupid!


As we are eager to learn we get caught up in the thinking that we need to grab evrything in sight to be able to grow into the business. Not entirely a waste of time, energy and computer or notebook space - but!

Let us look at a few things here.

- Copy and paste is quick and easy on a pc - rather than making written notes.

- Filing on the pc is quick and easy - when done properly.

- Being organised is not everyones cup of tea, (or coffee I guess?).


A simple swipe file and folder system - on the computer!

[A swipe file is where we "swipe" info / links / tit-bits / etc and paste or store them in an organised manner in a "file" for later reference].


Begin by creating a simple word doc, (wordpad or similar), save it to the desktop and named as SWIPE-FILE .

Next, make a "new folder" in "my documents" on your computer - name it ALL SWIPES as then it will appear at the top in the "my documents" folders list.

Open the ALL SWIPES folder and create a new folder named FILING - right click on that folder and make a short cut to the desktop.

We now have:

- A new empty SWIPE-FILE.doc [or other, depending on software programme used].

- A new ALL SWIPES folder in my documents.

- A new FILING folder in the ALL SWIPES folder.

- A short cut to the FILING folder on the Desktop.

- A short cut to the SWIPE-FILE.doc


When you start your day - open the "SWIPE-FILE.doc" first by double clicking the desktop short cut, you can leave it like that or "minimise it" to the bottom bar. [It is now ready for being used at any time].

Now carry on doing whatever you want on the computer. Assume you now have something that you think is worth keeping - simple copy and paste it into the "SWIPE-FILE" add any notes you may want to add, minimise the swipe file and carry on.

If you download anything - simply select the correct or filing folder and download.

This information can be transferred at another time, thus saving you time - and you know where the info will be. This also means you can read things later instead of now, keeping your focus on the actual task on hand!


This is an example of a typical internet marketers folders filing system on the computer - (or even a manual system though time and dust consuming!). Simple version.

|--- Competition
|--- Email
|--- Filing
|--- Marketing
|--- MyWebsite
|--- Niche
|--- Seo
|--- Social
|--- Pictures of my friends girlfriend
|--- How to rob a bank - and not get caught

This can naturally be altered and or extended per the user requirements.


Learn what you NEED to know - leave the rest - you can learn that later if you so desire - stay focused on the task in hand!



It's Prttey fnuny how we can raed tihs einrte snetnece wtih all tehse ltters all out of palce, and we can cnotniue to keep raednig and sitll mekas snece of waht we are raeding. No mttar how mnay tmies you raed tihs oevr and oevr you can sitll mkae snece of it.
How is taht pssoible?


As long as the first and last letter of the word is in its correct position, you can position the middle letters in any order and still make sence of it. Our eyes just glance at the first and last letters of a word.

Thank you for reading - hope it may be of use to someone! Please do the usual - like/hate/comment - as always it is appreciated.

Make it a magic day!


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Gerat psot Odl Mlue. I lawyas orts fo od hwat yuo gsutegs, tlgoauhh I asve ym dolfres ot an texealrn rived . I tocine htat ni ruoy stil oyu gseusgt a dolfre "Pictures of my friends girlfriend". Itretsginen.

Diif to add humour to such a doll sujbect! Lol!

thank you am so glad to be here and looking forward to sept when Kyle launches new training a whole new level exciting stuff

Excellent stuff!

Well done....great info. Thnaks! Lol

Really appreciate the heads up - thnaks you too!

gosh only been here coming up to 7mths that is not time and I even had 2mths away due to family emergency it is such a worthwhile quest

Glad to see you are still here none the less!


Cheers Pete - apprecite, thank you.

Just what i needed. How did you know i was looking for just that?

Ha! Thanks for the heads up my friend - appreciated!

Hi OldMule, Yet another sound tip. It's so true that we can and do get bogged down trying to grab and understand and use everything that comes up before our eyes.
Your swipe file system looks like a really good piece of advice. But, as it's not on my short-list of tasks to do today I am going to file it and revisit it again at the weekend.
As you may infer from this I have found that I have become more productive by creating a daily task and TO DO list. - not only productive but also extremely satisfying when I get to put a tick against an achieved task.
As ever looking forward to your next piece of sage advice.

Hi Gerry, cheers for the usual great comments and also the great share too. A great addition to being more organised in your work. Be a professional, act as if you are in the corporate office = better business building!
Great to see you are progressing so well - look forward to sharing in your success stories!

lol thank you I am one for sticking at things even if I have still got a lot to learn,

Way to go! I am very proud of you for sticking it out, many have come and gone while you have been here!

Great Advice again Andy!

Thank you kindly lady awesome!

lol very good advice and yes the mind is amazing even reads without needing to see every letter.. that is why I just stuck to my lessons and tasks and bookmarked and stored further info... once I am back from my annual family break next week it is bootcamp for me

Great going there Katie - I told you a while back you are going to be one who does this!
Thanks for the comments too.
Be blessed!

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