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Hello All.
I've disabled all my email notifications.
Therefore I will not receive notifications about new followers, new posts, etc.
If anyone follows me now, please don't be offended when I don't follow you back.
I need to cut out as many distractions as possible in order to try to set up a business in order to get myself out of debt.
Once I have an income coming in I will enable my email notifications again and start communicating again. I may even start writing posts again.
All I need is time.
All the best with your goals everyone.
Cheers, Ian
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tommydillard Premium
Fernan Premium
Hi Ian thanks for the follow. All the best
MikeyB Premium
Hi Ian, thanks for the follow, welcome to WA and I am here to help ok...Hopefully better luck this time
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Ian, just wanted to pop back and see how you are doing? I noticed that you haven't quite set-up your account yet, just wanted to let you know there is a video on how to do this if there is any confusion.


Setting up your account will lead to much better help here within the community as people feel like they can connect with you better (with an image and a description)

Just wanted to make sure that all was good and if you do need a hand with anything, just let me know! :)
okydoky Premium
Thanks Carson.
I'm slowly absorbing the site and the "Get Started Here" lessons.
I was with WA a few years ago but didn't think I had the time to stick with it.
Instead, I wasted my money on other areas where I lost a lot of money.
Since May 2013, now that I have a lot more time, I've been studying IM through both paid and unpaid sources, including an expensive course with one of those gurus. Now that I'm back with WA I wish I'd never left. I have a lot of knowledge from those other sources but I believe that WA is the key I need to get everything working. I look forward to going through the courses and to interacting with the WA community. That was one of my mistakes I made last time, not interacting with the WA community. If I had interacted then I may have been encouraged to stay. I am certain that this time I will stay in the WA community.
Carson, I thank you and Kyle for starting this community in the first place and for being so reachable.
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Ian,

Great to hear that the absorption of information is going well :) There are a lot of places out there that will claim to make you rich and provide you with the essentials to building an online business. This is simply not true. No other program has everything that you need like we do here at WA.

Great to hear that you're back and motivated to engage in the system. You'll do very well this time around!

I'll be here to help along the way.

Carson Premium Plus
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Ian!

I hope that you are enjoying your first day here within the community and have had a chance to poke around and see what we have to offer. As you get started I'd like to suggest working through the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course as it will give you a very solid understanding of how Internet marketing works and how you can leverage the Internet to earn revenue.

This training is on your Dashboard and can be found in the main menu:

I am here to help at each step of the way so please do not hesitate to ask for anything :)