Don't Call Them Gurus

Last Update: October 23, 2014

For all of us who are here at Wealthy Affiliate we see the evidence of the incredible skill set and personal attributes possessed by the Founders (Kyle and Carson) every day. For those still considering Wealthy Affiliate you can sense it, but are anxious to know if they are the real deal, especially if you have had bad experiences following self-proclaimed internet gurus and their over hyped under delivered programs.

It's hard to imagine a better skill set than those of our Founders, who are on a mission to create the best internet business training platform on the web. They met while finishing their degrees in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. This is where they gained a very creditable background in computer software design which is the technical training allowing them to create and improve this incredible training platform.

It was Carson who first started working the internet with great success while he and Kyle were still students at UBC back in 2002. Kyle followed Cason's suggestion to give it a try, limiting his PPC budget to $5 per day using his girlfriend's CC. Within 6 months he was making more money from his part time efforts on line than his professors were making at UBC. By month 12 he was ready to focus his full time efforts on his rapidly growing internet business.

In September 2005 both Kyle and Carson's internet businesses were running on cruise control so they decided to focus their energies on a start-up internet company called Wealthy Affiliate. was initially a keyword listing service with a modest membership fee. Membership got access to a monthly list of hot keywords and training on how to create a successful internet business from these keywords.

They became dedicated to providing the training and services that would allow others to do what they were doing using exactly the same skills and techniques. Their vision of creating the best internet marketing training platform is not unlike the vision of perfection Steve Jobs had as a young entrepreneur in the mid 70s. Their passion for executing this vision is visible every day to Wealthy Affiliate members.

Kyle and Carson are legitimate Internet Gurus ... but don't call them that. It is not who they aspire to be. They are just normal guys in their early 30s who just happen to be very bright visionaries applying the skills acquired in college to create Wealthy Affiliate and to constantly improve the best internet business training platform on the web.

Both became Daddy's for the first time in the last year, and two more genuine, honest, caring, and generous young entrepreneurs you will never meet. They are dedicated to providing the training and services that will allow each member at Wealthy Affiliate to become a successful internet marketer.

Current members here at WA know what I am talking about. Prospective members are hopeful and excited to learn this reality as they consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson are everything they appear to be ... and then some. For prospective WA members this becomes immediately clear once you get inside.

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kholmes Premium
What a wonderful post for these two awesome guys. I could tell just by their mannerism of how they speak to you through video or how they write there messages that this is who they are and that they work extremely hard to create the best experience possible. The enormous amount of information and creating that has gone into WA is just mind boggling if you ask me.

That is why I like participating in the Ambassadorship program, to help people out and give others a break. I learn things quite fast and I have some other background for operating systems that comes in handy from time to time. I think the program gives Kyle and Carson a great deal of help as well, less emails to them.

I still have a lot to learn myself and I am putting my best efforts in because I know there is nothing out there that can even touch this training platform.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and as I have said before, hats off to Kyle and Carson for a job well done! :))
Christabelle Premium
This is a wonderfully presented portrait of Kyle and Carson! :)
Sui_generis Premium
Great story and nice peek into their lives. Thanks for sharing.
VickiB58 Premium
I just think of them as teachers and friends. :) Who is it in the larger close-up photo? Is that Carson?
NWTDennis Premium
Steve Jobs ... the eccentric visionary who founded Apple Computer with computer club buddy Steve Wosniak in the mid 70's. Yeah ... lol he looked a little different when he was in his early 20's didn't he?
CarlaIves Premium
Love this, both for the history and for the personal look. Thanks for sharing, Dennis!