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Letter From the Numerous

So I'm failing miserably in my writing responsibilities. I think I've missed like 5 or 6 days in the last couple of weeks. I'm only about half done with the E-Myth series, but I think the best stuff is still to come there, so I'm looking forward to moving forward on that. Being with the family has kind of thrown my schedule off more than it normally is and it's thrown me off here and there.

On the awesome side, I got a Wordpress site up today. I know. Big deal right. But it actually kind is for me. The project I'm working on right now involved building a web server completely from scratch optimizing it every step of the way. There's a lot of research and development that goes into figuring all that out. So getting to the point where a Wordpress site would launch was a big milestone. Still have a ways to go yet, but making progress.

The posts today are all about writing. It seems to be a popular topic today. When I checked the Top 10 there were two posts in there on the topic, so I decided to run with it. I typed “writing” into that search bar up above and came up with some pretty good results. The first two posts below are the ones that were in the Top 10. The rest were from the search results. I highly recommend you run that search yourself though. There's a huge selection there and you can find which ideas work for you.

Books on Writing

Three essential books on writing

This is a post by Gautam recommending three books on writing. I haven't read any of them myself, but Gautam knows his stuff when it comes to books on writing, so I highly recommend checking them out.

Freelance Writing

How To Become An Accomplished Writer!

This post by Steve actually recommends something Casey and I have talked about. Trying to find some freelance article writing work may be good place to start for some people while they're building their website. It's not going to make you rich, but there are benefits to it beyond money. First, you are basically getting paid to get feedback on your writing skills, because who ever you submit the article to will tell you what they don't like. Second, it's a confidence booster for those that aren't that confident about their ability to write great content yet.

So Just Write Something

Writing is a habit not an art

With that in mind, Gaylene brings up a great point. People aren't born writers. It takes practice. Now, don't get me wrong, maybe writing isn't your thing. I get that. Maybe it's creating videos, or podcasts, or funny pictures. So maybe we could extend this one step farther, and say, “Creating content is a habit not an art.”

And Schedule to Write More

A Writing Schedule - Wow! What a Difference!

So how do you make writing a habit? Create a writing schedule. This is Grace's experience once she finally created a writing schedule for herself.

The Webinars

Content Writing + Editorial Calendar = Winning

Writing Awesome Reviews for Conversions

And finally these are two of Jay's webinars. The first one takes scheduling one step farther. Instead of just scheduling to write on a regular basis you actually set up a calendar of topics to take advantage of events throughout the year.

Have a Great Week

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and all the best in the upcoming week.

About This Week in WA

This Week in WA is a collection of the interesting things I came across in the last week not that were necessarily posted in the last week. Some of them were posted months ago. Some of them I’ve only briefly looked at, so inclusion isn’t necessarily an endorsement. And this isn’t necessarily every cool thing I’ve seen or was posted in the last week, so exclusion isn’t a non-endorsement.
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KeithMaki Premium
Thanks for sharing Cory! Just get your stuff done and, if you vary from your schedule, we all know life happens!
Numerous Premium
Thanks Keith. :)
Ivine Premium
Hi Cory, thanks for the news. Always enjoyable. Irv.
Numerous Premium
Thanks Irv.
MartyHubon Premium
Hey Cory, thanks again for your WA weekly news, you always mange to pepper these posts with tidbits of valuable information that I personally find very helpful. And it's much appreciated.

Congratulations on your R and D milestone; Is this for a pet project or something for a client? Either way I get the sense it's something you enjoy doing .

Again ~Thanks Cory,

Numerous Premium
It's for the business venture I'm working on getting setup. I'm going a little overboard as I have a tendency to do, but I think when I get done it will definitely be worth it.
TexPat Premium
I love the distinction....."writing" versus "creating content"......creating is so much more fun to me. thanks Numerous.
Numerous Premium
Yeah, I've actually talked to several people on here that freak out about writing. So I've taken to making the distinction because there are other options online.
SondraM Premium
These weekly summaries of what I missed save me so much time! Thank you.

P.S. Congrats on getting the Wordpress site up and running.
Numerous Premium
Happy to help Sondra and thanks.