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Last Update: February 21, 2016

I have been here a year in Wealthy Affiliate. I always have a question in mind why do some newbies want to become top 200 without bringing help to others?

My Always thing was here to know that ambassadors and top 200 are the ones here to help other people to succeed, and they do bring the value.

my mission is you here for business and if you have full-time job why you want to waste your time for chat?instead of building your business? you are paying money for it. :) even Jay mentioned it on his webinar :)

there are many ambassadors and top 200 who are truly there for people to help them, and I adore them. even Paul number 5 he is a newbie, but he helped so many people already. thumbs up for him.

Many people on top 200 are inspiration for me and some other who are in top 1000 :)

But the point is that half of this people done to be on top 200 just to be on top?

I have an ambassador who promotes his affiliate links through private message few times. And is not one person caused they get more followers, and they can succeed more? wrong....

My point is... guys especially new one don't try to climb the ladder just because you are active on live chat or helping with comments. is not a competition is a learning curve for business.

Let people who have succeed on online business be top to guide you ...

you will learn lots from them to be successful too.

Just a little something to explained:

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BenORourke Premium
Nikki you should report that ambassador for spamming! It will benefit everyone, especially newcomers who are being preyed on by 'savvy' marketers.
Nikiska Premium
i don't want to put the name.. i want some people to realise this... they will not go far with that
mackiejw Premium
Hi Nikki, this link goes to ?????????

Nikiska Premium
To related ones who doesn't bring value and bring to get more followers for they good sake :) lets leave it without names for now ;)
Wayne66 Premium
Thank you Niki. I really appreciate your candor. I like to think that even though I haven't offered up any education or training, I do try to leave positive comments and encouragement hoping that it will HELP. I like where my "RANK" is but it's not the driving factor behind what I do. Just want to help others feel better so they can move forward, knowing that there efforts will pay off in time
jmaurice Premium
Very well put, I'm tired of getting those I agree, or I see so in so has already answered,or any response no value
rosieM Premium
Good point.....I saw this definition for ambassador: 'a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity'. Although some get high in ranking because of their activities, others strive for the ranking to be able to help others....some just want 'the rank'. To me, if you are somehow high in rank without that being your goal (like my own meager progression), you still hold a responsibility to help others and 'pay it forward'. A good networker realizes that you need others to succeed and others need you to succeed as well.