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My Name is Niki and I am a premium member since April 2015.

I been working as general manager infamous restaurant chains for past 10 years and is hard to keep the full time demanding job, being mum and wife.
So this November I had enough stress from my day job and I decided to leave and relax a little bit and get back to learn WA even more.
I always go with the credo: "Don't fear change... Every good thing in your life happened because something changed"

updates for 2018. With help of WA, I was able to build my own online business, I am selling a physical product but WA Helped me with networking, social media marketing. logos, basic and many more. My next step is to build great affiliate business and follow my dream.

Thank you...

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500 a month, 3000 K a month, 30hrs a week
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Dec 19, 2016
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Nikiska Premium
500 a month, 3000 K a month, 30hrs a week
vikesys Premium
Those are some great realistic goals. You can do it.
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stevechic Premium
Do not worry you will learn all you need to know here. The training is awesome and the support great, Focus on the training, stay motivated and achieve your goals.
fairlady Premium
Hello Nikishka.Thanks for following me .I'm from Poland living in Canada for about 28 years, have a beatifull daughter and wife and i'm in the same situation as you, want the better future for our little princesse having much more time for family without only working and sleeping and again and again....
I think all of us will realize our goals.
Thanks again for following and let's keeping our determination .All the best Bohdan
rportnoy Premium
Thanks for following me Daria. You must be a successfull woman and look so nice
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Daria
How are you today? I trust that all is well. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliates (WA). Congrats on going premium.Thank you for welcoming me into your network. I wish you every success. All the best. Paul
Chabelita Premium
Dropping by to say hello and thank you for the follow.