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May 18, 2016
Today I've been attacked on Facebook by Phoenix Power Risins system followers - I just wanted to let them know why I think is a scam and dishonest program.For someone who doesn't know yet about Phoenix - good for you :)I will not post any links in here, but if you want to know yourself, type in google Phoenix Rise system to learn more.I just in shock, how in this time, people can believe in things like that? Their website is so cheap and unprofessional, and I can see 1000's people are posting t
April 15, 2016
Hi guys,I just want to share my progress with WA at one year Mark.Well, I started last April and was so much into it and that time I had a full-time job and looked after two stores as General Manager. It was a time consuming, and I came home without any power + having a child is not easy :)Well in November I had enough of life like that as literally I worked 68-70 hours a week.I quit.Same time I started to do courses on Wa again and I had few sales. I wrote posts for my website and opened anot
April 10, 2016
Hi guys,Just want to share with you something that happened with me on Ebay.I have been selling and buying things on Ebay since 2005. But it actually the first time I came across a fraud.I have been trying to sell an iPhone 6s new one. Of course is not a cheap item. So I put on auction as usual when auction finish I send an invoice to the buyer.I received a message that he will send money in a minute, but he need to attend a dinner party.I send him back a reply that is ok. Thank got another rep
February 21, 2016
I have been here a year in Wealthy Affiliate. I always have a question in mind why do some newbies want to become top 200 without bringing help to others?My Always thing was here to know that ambassadors and top 200 are the ones here to help other people to succeed, and they do bring the mission is you here for business and if you have full-time job why you want to waste your time for chat?instead of building your business? you are paying money for it. :) even Jay mentioned it on his w
February 01, 2016
Almost a month ago I started to use Social media to active promote my website for WA.So far I got:1) 200 likes on Facebook with 56 click on the website and 20 private messages and around ten shares from other people.2) 450 - followers on Twitter - with some shares and likes. 3) Google+ - 20 followers4) Reddit is great for promoting your business as well, and I have some traffic from them. The main point is to choose right category.5) Now I started to work on Pinterest - will update next month h
my passion
January 27, 2016
Great news today for my family. my cousin daughter went through to Olympic Russian team in Rio. we are all so excited and waiting for the games.Marija Titova :)
January 27, 2016
Do you have a person who have everything and you looking for present? Present them NOTHING :)someone is genius!!!