Never Work A Day In Your Life and Saying NO (2 Powerful Phrases That Helped Me)

Last Update: May 19, 2019

Just like everyone else here, I have been so busy with life, with my side gigs, my niche website and SAC that I couldn't find the time to do other chores here inside WA ( yes, I felt guilty at times). But despite endless blogging, designing and tweaking my sites, researching, tending for my family, etc. I wake up each day with a smile in my face and gratefulness in my heart because I absolutely love what I do!

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”Mark Twain

This quote may sound cliche to some and redundant to a lot but to me it is not.

As a breadwinner for my family at home ( FYI: I am a Filipino nurse so it's given that we send money back home and send nephews to school too 😩) I never knew that I would have a choice on what career to choose. I really thought that I will be stuck working 12 hour shifts and more as I always felt the need to give and send my hard-earned $ to my love ones back home.

Enough...I Said

Until I woke up one day and told myself "enough". I love blogging and I love my side gig..I told myself " self you don't have to work grueling hours anymore as a nurse only to sacrifice the times that you should be spending with your kids just so people back home would not need to stretch their muscles".

Don't get me wrong, I love being a nurse, it's just that for 26 years it took a toll in my body and my relationship too, the hours and those stress placed so many tensions in my life.

I also love my family (back home) but I ended up loving them in the wrong way. I gave them money instead of teaching them how to make their own money (so wrong)!

Saying "NO" and doing what I love to do where I could stay home with my kids and perform the duties of a mother with more focus and free of stress are so powerful. It has given me freedom that I thought was not possible before.

It has given me more reason to be grateful. Up to now I still feel very blessed to get a hold of Grace's (aka, little mama) Instagram page because if not for that I wouldn't be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Without Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn't have any idea how to start blogging from scratch and how to do all these things that I know now. Sure there are still a lot for me to learn and I still need to make those commissions but I know I am in the right path because The awesome team here in WA keeps on giving and improving what we have here in this platform. Every day there are multitudes of tips and techniques offered by our successful and wiser friends and co members here.

Isn't the ability to say No and the freedom to choose what you want to do for a living is so freeing? I hope you all have those choices too!

Thank you and Take care ya'll.

Nida ❤️

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BruceStephen Premium
Hi Nida you had a hard choice but charity begins at home.
You are working hard and well done for your first month at SAC.
I am looking forward to your success at WA.
Regards Bruce
NidaV Premium
So true. Charity begins at home! Teaching my kids that now.
Thank you. I wish you all the best too!
ShihTzuSteve Premium
A very heart-warming post, thank you for sharing.
NidaV Premium
Thank you for reading. Appreciate you.
RAFStuart Premium
Lovely post.
NidaV Premium
Thank you!
Labman Premium Plus
It sounds like you need to pass your link on to your family back home.
NidaV Premium
Hmmm. I have to think about that. I think one step at a time will be better. Thank you for stopping by.
Hollshope Premium
I wholeheartedly agree. Learning to say "No" is a form of self-care and nothing beats doing what you love for a living.
NidaV Premium
It really is wonderful. Thank you for stopping by.