One year already

Last Update: March 02, 2018

Oh how time flies. I have been a member with Wealthy Affiliate for one year already. I created a site on alpaca shearing last summer and stopped activities. I restarted in January and got an invitation to participate in the Super Affiliate program. I have been super active since then. Getting a bit out of breath.

Super affiliate is like getting a new job. We need to adjust our daily planning. I experience many changes since January and it is hard to adapt.

Weight loss. I lost 33 lbs since November. Lost was planned and I am really happy with this achievement. It does take lots of dedication and planning but it works. I could continue loosing weight but I need energy for the next season: shearing alpacas. I am phasing out of the Ideal Protein program. I will get back on it later this year.

Work schedule change. I was working 2 days a week and now I am doing 4 days and 4 days off since Feb 1. I love that job but this is in another schedule adaptation.

Real estate. I am a more or less active real estate agent and my license renewal is due in April. I am working with one buyer presently so I need to get all those trainings in before mid-April. Lots to do.

Income tax time. Canadians must submit their income tax report before the end of April. I have been writing my reports since I starting earning money (many many years ago) and I am running a couple of businesses. Lots of receipts and deductions to compile.

Alpaca shearing. And I am preparing for the shearing season. I need to fix my table and make sure all my equipment is ready for mid-April. I have 2 medium size farms on my schedule. All the other farms are small (2 to 8 alpacas) and I need to schedule about 30 of them. Lots of fun coming my way (sic).

Super Affiliate. The Super Affiliate program is suffering a bit because of all my other activities. I will make it work because that program is the only one I want to tackle when we turn into year 2019.

With the above list, I am clearly running thin on every activity. I am pretty good at prioritizing but I need to relax. I will adapt and choose what works best for me.

I want to thank all of you posting blogs and giving comments on my replies and posts. I feel I am part of something much bigger than I am and I feel good.



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jared247 Premium
You've definitely got a lot going on. Good luck on slowing down soon and getting more time to focus on WA.
JeannineC Premium
You are definitely burning the candle at both ends! Hopefully once a few of those projects get done you'll have a moment to catch your breath!
billy947 Premium
Best of luck Nicole.
RobertLeier2 Premium
1 yr success awesome
Melissa901 Premium
You need a break