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March 08, 2021
This guy had 4 years of fiber on. It was wild. One farmer was feeding it but could never catch it. They finally got it into a mobile enclosure and I sheared its fiber with my team. He was thankful, did not run when we let it go, he just walked away. I have been part of the WA community for the same number of years. I have not built a business but have enjoyed the wonderful training. I have 2 functional websites and one wishful site to be developped in the near future. Like the alpaca, I will ma
July 02, 2018
Something unusual happened on Wednesday but let me start this story about 3 weeks ago. A lady (Jane) calls me on the phone. She had been speaking to a friend of mine who breeds alpacas. Jane tells me that an alpaca has been roaming on her land for the past 5 years. It was part of a small herd but since it was fighting with the others all the time, the original owner just abandoned it and let it go free. As many of you know, I shear alpacas and Jane wanted me to see if we could shear this animal
March 02, 2018
Oh how time flies. I have been a member with Wealthy Affiliate for one year already. I created a site on alpaca shearing last summer and stopped activities. I restarted in January and got an invitation to participate in the Super Affiliate program. I have been super active since then. Getting a bit out of breath.Super affiliate is like getting a new job. We need to adjust our daily planning. I experience many changes since January and it is hard to adapt. Weight loss. I lost 33 lbs since Novemb
February 23, 2018
Gee time goes fast. Another week done. I have been busy chatting and helping members here in WA. I am pretty much on schedule for the Super Affiliate program. Still one blog late but it will be done today.I have learn so much in the last week. I get so many new emails every day from people I am following. Great posts you guys. Jaaxy is becoming a really incredible tool thanks to Carson and the team working with him. WordPress is changing for the best. And lots of other wonderfull new things.Thi
February 16, 2018
Last week I was working hard on planning how I would successfully complete Month 1 of the Super Affiliate program. I learn tricks from reading several blogs and comments on my post. Thank you for the many suggestions.The suggestion I retained the most was to do small steps every day and complete the scheduled tasks. I have been doing this and I am slowly getting there. I wrote all the different tasks in my agenda for every day until March 4. I completed most of the tasks and I must confess that
I have been a member for almost a year now and have not written many articles on my first web site. The niche I chose is a bit tough. I am having trouble finding things to talk about. Alpacas is an interesting subject but I am involved in shearing only 3 months in the year. I focus on other things the rest of the year.I decided to start the Affiliate Bootcamp and then was invited to the Super Affiliate program by Kyle. I created a new site with a very different niche: help small business owners
September 06, 2017
Well it has been six months now since I decided to become premium with Wealthy Affiliates. I love it. I am too busy. I am working hard on simplifying my activities to work harder and smarter on WA. Shearing season took a toll on my energy. I live in BC which we feel stands for Bring Cash. It is the most expensive Canadian province to live in. It is also the most beautiful place in Canada. Lots of people say here that you cannot live in Paradise and not pay for it.I work a couple of different jo
April 18, 2017
I joined WA because I was looking for a source of passive income. I found it while reading about another program and I am really happy with my progress since Mar 2017. I became a premium member within the first 30 days because WA is much more than what I was looking for.I learned how to build my website using WordPress instead of using the limited tools provided by the different website hosts. I find WordPress interesting and it offers much more possibilities than the tools I have been using. I
March 13, 2017
Cool, my site has been indexed. Slowly getting somewhere. I am very excited.
I am really excited. I completed the first certification 10 lessons and my site contains 2 pages, well really 3 pages but the third one is not populated yet. Getting on board for a lot of fun work. I will be blogging about alpacas.