Wealthy Affiliate Is Rocking With New Album Release

Last Update: October 15, 2018

On 7Oct2018, I shared a blog post about Vicki Crawford, our Wealthy Affiliate Country Singer and two of her great songs, Bitter Sweet Memories and Misty Mountain.

Frankly, I was so glad that many of our members here have enjoyed the songs.

For those who missed the post, you can still read it here.

Today I want to share a happy moment with all of Wealthy Affiliate community.

Vicki has successfully got her album uploaded and now it is available on Spotify.

>>>> Rockin' With Vicki <<<<<<

You need to register to the site before you can listen to the songs.

It took me less than 2 minutes. No verification required.

There are the 8 songs in her album.

1. Be on My Train Tonight

2. Freeland

3. Misty Mountain

4. Aint Living long like this

5. Whole lotta things

6. Shy Boy

7. Spoilin it with love

8. No More looking back

After listening to all the songs, personally I like the song "Ain't Living Long Like This' because it has the rhythm of 'rock n roll' that makes your body move with the song. LOL

I am not sure why Bitter Sweet Memories is not in the album. I have not asked her yet. Just curious. I love that song a lot too.

All I can say, Vicki has a gifted talent. The songs are light and easy. Hopefully, listening to the songs will get your mind and body relaxed after a hectic training here in WA or after writing your 'killer post'.

I wished she should have sent me the link on weekend so that I could chill out with it, listening to the whole album with a cup of black coffee and fried tapioca.

All the best to Vicki Crawford, our Wealthy Affiliate Country Song-Writer and Singer.a

I really hope you enjoy the songs.

After listening to the songs, which are your favorite 2?

Let us know...

<:) Joe

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kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Joe! I’m so happy for her success!
newmarketpro Premium
You're most welcome KyleAnn.
Thanks for the support.

WelcomeMM Premium
I will surely follow her and thanks for the information.
newmarketpro Premium
Thanks Welcome.
Here her profile link >> https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/vickic3

sdawson Premium
I'm listening now and they are beautiful. Love her voice. - Shirley
newmarketpro Premium
Thanks Shirley.
I am sure Vicki would appreciate the support.

Joe :)
marmar463 Premium
Vicki is an awesome singer and I like all the songs that she sang. She has a beautiful voice and I enjoy listening to her songs. They are very relaxing and calming and that is great.

newmarketpro Premium
You're right Mary.
She is definitely a great singer and song-writer.
Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

marmar463 Premium
You are so very welcome Joe I enjoy listening to Vicki's music is it so calming and relaxing.

:):) Mary
dragonfly10 Premium
Joe, who do we listen to her album?
newmarketpro Premium
Hi Sandra,
Thanks for stopping by.
I should say 'Which of her 2 songs you liked most?'.

dragonfly10 Premium
I understand now, But is there a way we can listen to the two songs
newmarketpro Premium
Try this links.

and this


Hopefully the links are still working. You can also click the link on the post to go the album.