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Hi All WA Internet Warriors,Today is the third day of the new year 2019.Thanks a lot to members who have posted their new year's best wishes, aspiration and motivation. Most of them are really eye-opener with high sense of motivation and aspiration to move forward in building our presence in online businesses.I hope it is not too late for me to wish everyone Happy New Year 2019. I was called to share some new year's wisdom shared by some of my friends as I find some of them are really good re
December 18, 2018
WA Warriors,I just noticed that we have a new Ambassador!I don't think he needs much introduction.If you have been here for at least a few months, you know the person I am talking about.Smartketeer a.k.a Zed - Congratulation! You deserve to be recognized for the assistance you have rendered to all members of WA. You are active in chat, a place I don't fancy to be :). Helping new members, answering questions and motivating people in there.Your posts are top notch. Love it when you shared variou
Hi Awesome Wealthy Affiliate community,As you know, logo plays an important role in any business, offline as well as online business. People always relates a business brand with logo.If you are going to hire someone to create a logo for your online business, it's going to cost you $20-$30 even in Fivers (which I initially thought everything will cost me $5). The good news is that you don't have to spend a dime to have a nice professional-looking logo. You can create your own logo for free and
Hi Awesome Wealthy Affiliate members,I am a subscriber of AccessPress newsletter and today I received an email from them on a free theme called VMagazine Lite.It looks so cool that I can't resist to share with you all. The theme was last updated on Nov,20 2018 and has so far only got 200+ active installation. //// Disclaimer: There is no affiliate links in the post. ////////This theme is quite versatile with many powerful features.Some of the theme great features:Fully responsive - if you are
One of the most painful experience you can have when you are promoting Amazon affiliate program is when your account being banned by Amazon due to breaching one of their terms of services (TOS). While there are so many grey areas in Amazon TOS, it's good to know the main reasons people get kicked out from Amazon affiliate program so that we could avoid them at our best level.So here are the most common reasons why you account can get banned/suspended which you want to avoid and not risking your
Hi Awesome WA Community,Today I am going to share with you a simple tip how you could go through the training here in WA faster than you normally do. Before that, let me caution you that you should not use this tip if you go through the training for the first time.If you are like me, chances for you to go back to the training of specific topic / modules are high. I always bookmark all the training in specific categories so that I can easily go back to it whenever I need to reconfirm a learning
Wealthy Affiliate Community,This is just a quick shout out to all Wealthy Community - we have the newest Ambassador.Please don't comment here. But rather go to Glen b's profile and congratulate him there. Click the link below.>>>>> Congratulation Glen B <<<<<<<<<<<For those who are already connected to Glen, you should have known by now that Glen is always helpful and never hold back his knowledge and expertise. Congratulation Glen B!You deserve t
On 7Oct2018, I shared a blog post about Vicki Crawford, our Wealthy Affiliate Country Singer and two of her great songs, Bitter Sweet Memories and Misty Mountain.Frankly, I was so glad that many of our members here have enjoyed the songs. For those who missed the post, you can still read it here.Today I want to share a happy moment with all of Wealthy Affiliate community. Vicki has successfully got her album uploaded and now it is available on Spotify.>>>> Rockin' With Vicki <&l
If you get caught with the title of the post, I do aplologize, it's just the practice I need to be perfecting from the training here in WA. :)And I am so sorry that what I am going to share with you today has nothing to do with online business. But I feel I need to loosen up a bit over this weekend. And I hope it will also help you do the same.I just want to share a story...This morning I read @vickic3's post, When will I Make Money?.And it happened I read a line within the post which was sayin
As you know, Amazon has its own TOS. As an Amazon affiliates, you need to strictly adhere to these rules. Breaching one of them will cause you a pain as it only takes one mistake, you will be banned forever.While most of us agree there are so many grey areas with Amazon TOS, there are straight forward operating guidelines that you should not compromise.I am sharing with you the answers to two (2) questions which may be seldom discussed but you might have the idea to attempt on your Amazon nich