Need an advice from friends!

Last Update: January 11, 2017

Here is the thing:

I lost my job few days ago. So no monthly income any more, but still there are bills, rent, food, etc...

I have to provide to my family, like all of us have!

I collected some funds to invest in online business (not much $1.000).

What would you do?

I have one website with almost no traffic (my bad, i did not have time for content writing due to my responsibilities at work which I have lost).

So, what are my best options?

Should I invest in content writing, or in some paid themes (as I'm using ordinary free theme)?

Or should I search for some SEO services in order to rank my site better.

I would be more than grateful for any advice or help from more experienced friends here!

Please take few minutes to give me an advice!

Thanks to all!

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WilliamBH Premium
Hi Nenad, I am sorry you lost your job. From the summary you have given so far, and you have been here since 2013 .. I think it is unrealistic to achieve a good income quickly. Therefore my thinking would be not to invest money. Invest your time in implementing all of the trainings here in WA and in the ideas others have given you here and get another job, full time or part-time but bring a full-time focus to WA to protect yourself in future.

Cheers, William.
Nenad Premium
Hi William,

I know that I cannot expect good income quickly. All I want for the beginning is just some rankings.

Unfortunately I live in the country where is very, very hard to find any job, also considering my age.

I know I have to invest my time as much as possible to try to boost my sites rankings and possibly some earnings.

Thanks for an advice and all the best!
GautamWorld Premium
Can I send you a quick PM?
Nenad Premium
Sure you can my friend!
MPollock Premium
The only other thing I would recommend if you have not done this,
Get going on the getting started and get an amazon affiliate website so you can start selling products and start making money with them, it starts at 4% commission but after you get selling a lot of merchandise and a lot more affiliate accounts you can make great money.
Nenad Premium
I do have amazon on my site, but somehow not any ranking for the time being!

Thanks for an advice.

All the best!
MPollock Premium
Keep writing product reviews on what you sell etc.
JacquelineS1 Premium
I think you're absolutely already in the right place, here at Wealthy Affiliate. Did you build your site through the training here? Or did you build it elsewhere.

You are already at Premium status so you could go through the free keyword tool on this platform, find some keywords and write the articles yourself.

Here's a link from here in WA - someone who is showing you how to use the free keyword tool: Just from reading the above, you have a clear and concise writing style so you can actually write really well. I wouldn't spend funds elsewhere if you can do the work yourself and at least the content of your website will be from your point of view.

Now also that you are a Premium member, if you're not happy with the look of your website, you now have access to hundreds of other themes.

I hope you start your own writing and I hope it all goes well for you. Keep your chin up, you CAN Do It!


Nenad Premium
Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for your kind words.
I'm aware of the free keyword tool and using it a lot.
But just for the time being it seems like I cannot rank for any keyword, although they are all good long tail keywords.
I know it will take time to rank, but I guess I'm a little inpatient!

Thanks for your help, it is good to know that someone cares!
JacquelineS1 Premium
I'm not sure how to but just know that right now.... I'm sending you a virtual hug.... :-) Yay!

Please refrain from being discouraged and keep up what you're doing, it sounds like you're on the right track.

Nenad Premium
You are very nice and kind person!
Thank you ever so much!
greenvee Premium
if you are already signed up for yearly at WA i would focus on making the site you already have the best you possibly can. Produce as much good quality content as you can, make sure that they are SEO friendly, go over the courses again and make sure you are doing everything you can and need to to make the site a success.

and please remember to let me know when you have:)
Nenad Premium
Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm trying to produce as much content as I can for the last few days since I'm off from my job.
I did go over the courses and will do it again.
I know it takes time, and I'm sure I will get to the point that I can see some success!

Thanks again for your help!