Desperately need an advice

Last Update: June 17, 2017

Hello, my friends. I came to the phase in which I think to give up on my site.

I'm doing everything by the book. Following Jay's training, implementing everything that needs to be implemented. Have a premium theme, doing posts almost daily.

Targeting low competition keywords, having good images with the right alt texts.

After 45 posts and a few pages, there no ranking for one single keyword!

I am definitely doing something wrong! But I cannot figure out what it is!

The niche is natural and organic skin care and hair care.

If someone of experienced friends here at WA wants to help and give me some advice,

I would be more than happy to share any information about the website.

Thanks a lot

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jvranjes Premium
I had a look in several posts and I am truly puzzled. There are things to improve but I do not see anything drastically wrong. In fact I like many things here.

Here are things to improve.

I notice that you add pictures without captions, this is so all the time. I have read that many people leave the site when they see something like that.

After inspecting images, I see that you use the targeted keyword in AltText, this is not the best practice. AltText should tell the search engines (and to people who use tools to read) what the image is about. So use the keyword in the image file name instead (yes I have seen you used it in some images correctly).

The text is pale, but this is personal.

I checked several keywords, badly ranked although QSR is reasonable. But some QSRs are far too high for me like this 'Organic Hair Color Products' with QSR =86.

But 'Baking Soda For Your Health' is with QSR=44, so reasonable, but USR is around 255. So you are ranked with quotes on page 3 and for USR nowhere. I checked twice. This just makes no sense because Google normally shows up to 400 USRs so I do not understand why your post does not show up.

'Best Natural Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin' is with QSR=12, but USR=300. You are on page 1 for QSR so the post is definitely indexed and ranked, but it is nowhere in USR. Again, this makes no sense.

Checked several other keywords, the same results. I do not have a feeling that this is all too competitive, just a normal niche.

Not sure really what to say, but It is bad.
Nenad Premium
Hi Jovo,

Thanks for the thorough insight.
I really don't know what to think and what to expect in the future.
I just think I will try to sell the website and try something else.
So confused and disappointed.

Again, thank you for all the help you're providing me!
jvranjes Premium
Pity really, obviously nothing is sure in online activity, it is also not easy to give up when you invest so much time and hard work. Problem is that I really do not see any single and crucial big thing you should do to make it ranked. Practically everything is in place.

Try again with Best Natural Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin or with some other with a low qsr:

- Add image caption.
- Move the video higher in the text.
- Add a few more images if possible.
- Add some link to Wikipedia, you have many good terms here, they are all in Wikipedia.
- Then Fetch and follow what is happening.This is a new post so it is early to expect much from it already.
Nenad Premium
Will do that Jovo! I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks a lot.
jvranjes Premium
I missed to ask, have you added tags? See what Google shows on the bottom of the page. So add a few if they are missing. I have ranking for tags.
Nenad Premium
I have started adding tags just recently. Can I add them now for older posts? Would it harm my site if I do that?
jvranjes Premium
Do it, no harm at all, it can only be beneficial. It is best to Fetch after that so that Google takes a note, it may affect ranking. I have an example (perhaps more) where a tag outranks my targeted keyword, I could not believe; I was searching for the keyword and two results appeared from the site, the tag was better ranked, and Google was showing two different URLs and two different titles, only meta description was the same. So definitely tags do work.
MozMary Premium
I'm in the health niche and I can say without looking that you are in a very competitive area right there, you'd have to be outstanding to direct the traffic away from some very big players in this area, I think these subjects are hugely important but [without having seen your website yet] I know you'd likely need a wide net content-wise to get an audience and enough people to and skin are part of health in general, and natural and organic again tie into something bigger...all of which funnel down to hair and skin...