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November 30, 2017
Hello to all of my friends here at WA. As I cannot afford to pay for the WA services (and they are great), I just wanted to say big thank you to all of you.To all friends who followed me here, to all who did not follow me here, to Kyle and Carson and to the whole team of people who are running this great platform.Maybe I will make a new free account just to keep in touch and to see what's going on!Hopefully, once I can afford to be a premium again, we'll speak again!Once again, all the best to
August 21, 2017
I just want to share something.I was at 800+ ranked. At the one moment the pop up displayed and it said something "Congratulation, you are the ambassador and you are the in the top 200. But my rank is 2489, dropped from 800+!Some bug in the system most likely!
Hello, my friends. I came to the phase in which I think to give up on my site.I'm doing everything by the book. Following Jay's training, implementing everything that needs to be implemented. Have a premium theme, doing posts almost daily.Targeting low competition keywords, having good images with the right alt texts.After 45 posts and a few pages, there no ranking for one single keyword!I am definitely doing something wrong! But I cannot figure out what it is!The niche is natural and organic s
Hi all,Currently, I'm ranked at number 666!Intersting number, what do you think?
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Has anyone experienced any issues accessing their sites?I have been disconnected so many times, it's impossible to work!I have to logout and login all the times just to upload some images!And it's not the internet connection in case, as any other websites other from WA working very fast and well!
January 24, 2017
I just noticed the new template from the WA community.It is a very nice change, having Kyle and Carson at the bottom of the email.Nice change!
January 11, 2017
Here is the thing:I lost my job few days ago. So no monthly income any more, but still there are bills, rent, food, etc...I have to provide to my family, like all of us have!I collected some funds to invest in online business (not much $1.000).What would you do?I have one website with almost no traffic (my bad, i did not have time for content writing due to my responsibilities at work which I have lost).So, what are my best options?Should I invest in content writing, or in some paid themes (as
To all friends at WA who celebrate Orthodox Christmas I wish all the best, good health, happiness and success in business!Hristos se rodi!Vaistinu se rodi!
Hi friends,I have installed Clicky code on my site. It wasn't sucesful with their plugin, so I put the code instead in the footer.So my priblem is, when I access my site on my mobile phone, the Clicky sees the visitor, I can see the Clicky banner at the bottom of my site.But when I go to my site on my computer, clicky doesn't see the visitor, and I cannot see the litle baner of Clicky.I have tried in incgnito mode as well, but no elp.Any sugestions please?Thanks
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I just want to let all my WA friends know that today, my wife and I celebrating 18 years of wonderful marriage.Thank God for sending me my soulmate!All the best!