How about one knowledgeable nutritionist on the board?

Last Update: Dec 17, 2017


My first thought after reading jvranjes's article to have a title for this blog was: How about one good psychiatrist on the board?

However, I change mind because it is too harsh and can be understood in opposite way.

I think that people react to various situations having been stressed. They expect to much and to fast. We all want perfect results but we have different resources of time and experience. It does not happen over night and sometimes one or two years take time to reach results.

From another side, think what is better to choose: to work harder and have patience for victory or be irritated and steamed up and do nothing.

I, at the beginning, was blown away by possibilities and enormous amount of information. I understood that what works for one, does not work for another person. Success stories from members can lift you up. Unfortunately, they can you make miserable because you are far away from them.

I cherish insights from members who tell in comments what the reality is. It provides perspective and understanding what everything is reachable and doable in this company. Of course, it is not enough expect that somebody will bring results on the plate. You and nobody else are responsible for your success. Once I heard that Jay told that he worked on his Birthday. Somehow it was planted in my subconscious mind that diligent work pays off.

Following experienced members, asking questions constantly, following training and adapting it in your website will bring results sooner or later. I know it because I experienced some of it.

You would ask what is about nutritionist? I know that over 80 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient. Europe can join this parade if fast and processed food will take over longtime traditions of diet. The lack of minerals throws the body from balance and paves the path for various health problems.

When we do not take care of ourselves sooner or later we can experience symptoms of anger, confusion, and fatigue. It can be turned onto people who do not have anything in common with their personal situations. It happens everywhere.

Patience, humility, perseverance and respect for everybody will pay of in all areas of our lives.

Happy Holidays for everybody here:)

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Hi Nemira
What a revelation?
Magnesium is a very important mineral for our health.
It regulates our blood pressure, keeps the heart steady, keeps bones strong, good for asthmatics and so much more.
Great article,

Thank you:) I changed S. Pellegrino with ReMag in water and do not look back. Best drink by taste and benefits:) all the best:)

That's a good one although I don't personally like carbonated water.

I had in mind that I drink water with magnesium and some of Celtic Sea salt. S. Pellegrino tastes good when all air bubbles disappear. Usually, I kept the open bottle or in glass for a while and later drank it. Cheers:)

Moderation but always healthy eating habits can only deliver positives in all directions

Moderation works everywhere starting from the table and ending in the public space. All the best:)

We are what we eat. So true! It's really shocking to me how many people choose comfort food over healthy day in and day out. Diet and vitamin deficiency really does impact us. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome. I am an addict too because dark chocolate hunts me everywhere.

Sorry, the bananas were still rock hard after 3 months and never discoloured. Unbelievable. I was told by someone in the game that they would have been picked too green and were not gassed. Gassed what!!! Absolute garbage

There more horror stories such as from the book Death By Modern Medicine. I did not know that patient who gets a full body CT scan is exposed to the radiation level equivalent to that from atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dr. Brenner was the author of that paper published 2004 in the journal Radiology.

It is very hard to buy decent vegetables in the city supermarkets in Sydney. You have to go to the country / province to find fresh produce which hopefully hasn't been sprayed.

Grow your own if you can.

I bought bananas from a big supermarket in Sydney about 12 months ago and they were hard. It was only 2 weeks ago I bought hard green broccoli from a company called Supabarn / Supa fresh.
Got home, put it in the fridge and it was yellow in just over 2 days.

We are being conned.

You know about it and you find the way how to protect yourself from the overdose of chemicals. All the best:)

Likewise Nemira all the best (-:

This is a very good point of view, obviously overlooked in general. I just came from Tenerife where you can see that the diet is based on very natural things like goat cheese, figs, almond, fish, papaya, bananas, olive oil, all local stuff or from the continental Spain.

Jealous:) in a white way:) Plenty of people cannot experience the real food:) Thanks for the comment:)

A great thinking post. Very nicely written too! It made me think when you started to think when you mentioned about Europe joining the regime of unhealthy and deficient diets of North America.

I recently watched a great movie by filmmaker Michael Moore called, "Where to invade next?" He travels the world looking for positive habitual practices to bring back to the United States in hopes of a positive reform or adaptation.

The two topics that absolutely blew my mind were education and local diet. I won't talk anymore about it so not to spoil it but where the US is in comparison to European cities and where it is heading and even how education plays a HUGE part of it is just astonishing. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend seeing it one day. It will make you think and possibly even change you for the better.

Thank you. I watched two documentaries Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko. The last one received standing ovations when the movie ended. Thanks for the recommendation. This guy is funny and smart. You are 100 percent right that education can make the impact. However how you can learn when your brain is starving and it can be shut down at any moment? How it would be great if people would understand what they do and where their actions lead.
Thanks for the comment, all the best:)

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