Amazon's Social Network Spark

Last Update: Jul 29, 2017


Amazon launched on Amazon's iPhone app so called social network Spark. For now it is reachable for Prime users, who pay $99 per year for free shipping, streaming videos. It is a mixture something like as the Pinterest and Instagram, offering items to customers. You can share pictures about your interests. Later on, you will see how many related shopping-bags icons, will show up to you as the ability to buy products. When you tap on the desired item, it will bring you to the Amazon's shopping page.

According to Amazon, the Spark is the place to discover things from people who share your interests.

This app is relatively new because it is launched on Tuesday. However, it is another way to reach audience.

Have a great rest of weekend!

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Thanks for the information. :)

My pleasure:)

Thank you Nemira. And the internet keeps changing day in and day out, doesn't it?


Yes, just sometimes I can not catch everything what is going on. WA fills this gap. All the best:)

Thank you for bringing to our attention - it is bound to be helpful.

Hi Nemira, useful information, will keep an eye on this! Thanks, Sue :)

You are welcome:)

Interesting, as Henry Gibson would say! (was that Henry Gibson on Laugh-in?)

Hm, who was Henry Gibson?

I'm sorry; in the 1970's, a TV show called 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in' was a comedy show including Judy Hawn, President Nixon made one appearance and was a very funny, edgy show.

One character was Henry Gibson and he played a hippie, a German soldier, and an old, horny guy.

One of his catch phrases was, indeed: 'Very Interesting'

Thanks for sharing. I have the prime membership. I will keep that in mind when I complete my niche....

Thanks for the info.

You are welcome:)

Interesting! Thanks for the info on this Nemira. Definitely worth looking in to.

You are welcome. It is a pity that now it is just for Prime members.

I knew Amazon would work at replacing Facebook Nemira!

I wonder but when Jeff Bezos is the richest person after Bill Gates, he will not stay in one place.

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