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Hello everybody. I wonder if somebody has this type of situation. I wrote a blog today, published it. It was in a Lithuanian language. After couple hours I decided to read it again despite checking it six times at least before publishing it.On the end of the blog, I got a surprise: few sentences at the end of the blog were translated into English without my knowledge or permission. I do not believe into ghosts or hackers because of the simplicity of my website.However, how it can happen? Than
June 03, 2019
Hello everybody. I have a question about password managers. I read a few blogs here about them. Unfortunately, the information is slightly outdated.Why? For example, LastPass is free and works well. Nope. It does not have fill form option from 2019 March update. You need to copy and paste password from the vault in to the site.Besides it, LastPass likes to make jokes such as overwrite passwords if you have a couple accouts for emails such as Yahoo. I lost an excess to my main email.Support tic
Hi, I wonder maybe somebody uses Amazon's Publisher Studio Extension Beta? I used it successfully but just now it is blocked. I do not have any ad blockers around.
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January 05, 2019
Hi, I wonder if it is worth to put domain on the sale? I have couple of domains bought from the They estimate 1000 dollars each if I would sell them. I wonder if they want just keep me renewing them. I am not going to use these domains. However, one is 8 years old domain.
October 10, 2018
Hello, everybody. Yesterday I heard on the news that Google will close Google Plus. It was set up to compete with Facebook. Unfortunately, It was a failure. Some analysts reported about data leaks. The amount was not big, about half of million accounts get hacked. Google was silent about this accident. Are you sorry to let go of Google Plus?
April 24, 2018
Hi everybody. I wonder if I need to pay attention to the service terms as you see above. I guess that you know that Yahoo was bought by Verizon. It means that email accounts go under wing of Verizon too. They gave the name Oath for previous Yahoo service and sent information how they would treat you regarding your email accounts. It seems that they will have authority over all information which is in yours correspondence. I guess that not everybody has Google accounts. If you have, how you
My first thought after reading jvranjes's article to have a title for this blog was: How about one good psychiatrist on the board?, I change mind because it is too harsh and can be understood in opposite way. I think that people react to various situations having been stressed. They expect to much and to fast. We all want perfect results but we have different resources of time and experience. It does not happen over night and sometimes one or two years t
August 03, 2017
Hello Everybody. I would like to ask if somebody has an experience checking rankings incognito in different engines. The story is:DuckDuckGo search engine:My website's WordPress page:Google's incognito window with the different results:I thought that the description must be the same for all engines, especially when keywords go in the first or second sentence. As you see, in Google the description is different from original in WordPress, when I wrote this blog. My questions are: Did I something
Amazon launched on Amazon's iPhone app so called social network Spark. For now it is reachable for Prime users, who pay $99 per year for free shipping, streaming videos. It is a mixture something like as the Pinterest and Instagram, offering items to customers. You can share pictures about your interests. Later on, you will see how many related shopping-bags icons, will show up to you as the ability to buy products. When you tap on the desired item, it will bring you to the Amazon's shopping
June 07, 2017
I hope that famous Seth Godin will not be mad at me because I want to share a letter from his daily emails. Sometimes when I write and write and no profit around, I think that the heck, maybe I need to go after some simple things. However, I like what I write and after reading his email I wanted to share about simple but powerful truths from his writing.From Seth Godin:Off the hook with Milton FriedmanNearly fifty years ago, Milton Friedman published a polemic, an article that altered the way