The 3 Biggest Mindset Hurdles For New Bloggers

Last Update: February 03, 2021

Becoming a successful blogger isn't easy. However, the biggest enemy of the new blogger is not that this is some kind of impossible task like sending a rocket to mars. The biggest enemy of a new blogger is themselves and their mindest. Here are the top 3 mindset hurdles that new bloggers face, and my advice for how to overcome them and reach your goals.

1. An Unrealistic Timeline

The biggest crusher of new businesses is too high of expectations for the speed of results. ALL bloggers in the MMO niche highlight amazing blog success stories... because they are amazing. They spark interest and motivation.

It's way more interesting to click a video titled "$4,000 per month website in six months!" than it is to click $4500 in 3 years. At least in my experience with my own blogs, those stories are exception, not the rule.

Unfortunately, that means a lot of people start the first affliate blog with the expectation that they are going to be financially free before the end of the year. Usually, that's not the case.

My advice is to extend your timeline. Think in years, not months. How many years are you willing to dedicate to your business in order to see the results you want?

With the exception of fidget spinners, there's literally nothing in the world you can become an exepert at in less than a year, so why would running a successful online business be any different?

2. Unrealistic Income Expectations (Too Low)

A pretty common goal for newbies in affiliate blogging (including myself in 2010), is to simply replace your income. That's going to be about $30k - $80k per year for most people in the USA.

This is way too low of expectations in my opinion, and I think the low income expectations is what sets people up for that short term mindset I talked about in item #1 above. Think bigger.

There's literally no income cap to how much a webiste can earn. Your website - the one you are working on right now - has the potential to earn $100,000+ per month.

When you start realizing that, you start to think bigger. It's obvious you can't just turn a site from $0 to $100k in a month. Or even a year. A decade? Maybe! And that's how you can start thinking long term.

I like to think about what my website will look like in 10 years. What would I be proud to own? What might $100k/month look like? That little bit of adrenaline boost is often enough to get me to sit down in my computer chair and start writing and article.

When it's late at night and I want to go to bed, will I push through and get to work for an extra $30k/year? Maybe not. I'm pretty happy where I am. But would I dedicate a few extra hours each evening to be earning 7 figures online? Hell yeah.

That's how setting high income expectations can be a great motivator to keep your foot on the gas.

3. Understanding Your Unique Value

I honestly think that some people quit because they feel like they aren't "good enough" to make it in this industry. For me, as new blogger, everything was confusing and I felt like my website sucked compared to everyone else. I felt like there was no way that I could ever build something good enough to make money when everyone else knew more about my niche and had a better website.

I didn't realize two things at the time.

1) You can improve your website incrementally over time. Using the Way Back Machine, you can see what my blog One More Cup of Coffee used to look like in 2013 and how it changed over the years. It's been 9 years (started in 2012), and many things have improved over time.

I've added stuff, changed stuff, deleted stuff, rewritten stuff.

2) A lot of what you read on the internet is just people's opinions, written as if they were facts. Your opinion matters. You just have to find an audience who thinks like you do.

There are millions of people online and they all think differently. As many people as there are who think one thing, there are just as many people who think the opposite. This is very easily seen in the arena of health and fitness, specifically in eating habits. I like to look at vegans vs carnivores.

Both camps have strong opinions. Both have academic resources to back up their claims. Both have anecdotal evidence. Both have celebrity endorsements. Both cannot be convinced they are wrong, no matter how strong of evidence you provide to the contrary.

This same thing plays out in virtually every other niche out there. The solution? You don't have to pretend that you are infallible and your way is the right way, you just have get comfortable talking confidently about your opinion openly.

This confidence will also come with time, and that ties into the #1 item from this list. For example, 80% of MMO brands out there will tell you that you have to build links to have a successful business. Many people in the comment are of my YouTube videos will laugh at me, or even get angry (claiming I'm giving bad advice) when I tell people that they should not waste time building links.

However, I know from my own experience that my own websites earn good money without any link building, so I can confidently state my opinion and back it up with anecdotes. You'll be able to do the same in your own niche as you become an expert.

Your opinion is not any better or worse than anyone elses. It's just another unique voice online, and there are people who will resonate with your point of view. Using keyword research and SEO, you can connect with those people and build your online brand!

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roysinOnline Premium Plus
Interesting experiences you share with us in this article, Nathaniell. I have been thinking quite a bit about the linking building topic, but haven´t got started with it yet, I have some, but it has never been prioritized on my behalf.

My oldest website was "quiet for several months, not much traffic, and then suddenly something happened in November/December and I started getting a lot of traffic form seemingly Facebook and the traffic is still there. It feels great 😊.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Just think, Roy, about a production timeline.

Websites for the short, medium and long-term.
You keep working on the medium to long term ones, little by little and over time, you will build an endless cycle of income.

There is value in aged websites.

Well done!
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you, Cassi. Very good description of the process :-)

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are very welcome, Roy!

Have a GREAT week!
APersinger Premium
Wonderful post Nathaniel and a great reminder to me to continue to work on my own mindset. The last paragraph was the kicker for me. I have many battles with myself about this. One side of my brain says, why bother when everyone else is doing it and the other side says keep on keepin on, you will get it.
nathaniell Premium Plus
In my experience, the longer I stick around a place, the more I start to see the value of my own opinion. As a beginner, it seems like everyone is smarter than you, but as you keep learning and interacting, and new people join your niche, you'll start to realize you know more than one group of people, then a lot of people, then most people.

This is true of any hobby or niche or whatever you practice over time. Consistency adds up, and you'll start to see your own ability grow over time.
Zarina Premium Plus
Just yesterday I was reading some of your old posts and I was craving to read a new one from you, and here it is! Thanks for including my post, by the way :)

I agree with what you said here, I still sometimes struggle with the mindset aspect when building an online business (and like Dale I used to hate hearing things about "mindset" lol). But it's definitely important to work on it, set realistic expectations and actually do the work for however long it takes.

I've actually reread my own post and man it was a good reminder for me personally. To keep pushing to achieve newer, higher milestones. It's time to work on that $10K+/mo mindset 😄 (Took the first step though... implemented email marketing at last!)

Look forward to reading your next piece of content, Nathaniell.
nathaniell Premium Plus
The way I like to think about it is $4500 in 3 years turns into $9000 in 6 years and $13500 in 9 years. After 10 years, you have a six figure business, making as much as doctors and you don't even have to go into the office or go to school.

That's still an amazing story to me.

One of my favorite questions to ask people who want to join WA is the "10 year question". When they ask me how long it takes to see results, or how many people actually succeed, I pose this question to them:

If you made $0 online for the next 10 years, but then at the end of the decade finally started making enough money to run a business from your computer would it be worth it?

Most people say yes. Of course! Then you can enjoy another 10, 20, 30, 40+ years of working from home . Even though that initial 10 years was tough, you get to enjoy the results of it long after.
Zarina Premium Plus
That's exactly what keeps me going. If I get/got frustrated, I'd stop and ask myself - what if the next month there's a breakthrough. What if I make X amount of money and I never get to experience that because I gave up?

But also worth pointing out: I listen to myself, I understand that it's MY cup of tea and that I just need to stay patient and persistent, but if writing was something I hated passionately, I'd just choose another sphere, like YouTube video marketing or Amazon FBA or any other business model. Sometimes it's OK to pivot, it doesn't mean you 'gave up'.

Thanks for your response :)
Isaiah14 Premium
Excellent tips, Nathaniel. I've always been person to shoot for the stars - so I am definitely working surpass my current income.

Tip #3 is the one that hits home with me - I'm constantly working on my self confidence, and reminding myself of my value along the way. It helps to keep me from getting discouraged.

Isaiah 😊
nathaniell Premium Plus
As long as you're constantly working on yourself, you will continue to find things to be happy about in business and in life. Self improvement and business growth really tie hand in hand to make a rich and happy life.
BarbaraN Premium
Excellent post, Nathaniel. The last paragraph really resonated with me .
Sometimes I think I need a new niche because so many others are writing about some of the things I write about. Then I think that there
are so many people online-there's room for all of us-and I'm sticking with what I started.
nathaniell Premium Plus
There's room for all of us. You don't need 100% of a market to be successful online. You just need your little niche group of people who like YOUR work, and you'll do just fine.