Creating Expert Content, Without Being an Expert.

Last Update: December 20, 2018

I often get told by people that they are not good at writing, they are not an expert, and they certainly cannot keep up with the competition in their given niche. I am here to tell you that you are completely wrong. In fact, I know you are more than capable of creating QUALITY and expert feeling content within absolutely ANY niche.

But how?

Well there is a proven methodology that I have been using for many years to research and construct quality content. Also, it is not just about "blind" writing, it is about educating yourself on a given topic and learning about a particular audience.

All Great Content, Starts With Research

If you think about it, all great authors are great researchers. Yes, they are intelligent at what they do, but that came with practice and experience. Many authors that write books about a particular topic are NOT subject matter experts though prior to writing the book. That is completely normal.

There was a very famous book called "Freakonomics", one of the most popular business books over the past 10 Freakonomicsyears. Basically what it did is an analysis on what appeared to be freak incidents, many respecting business, and determined why they were not "freak" after all. This information was established through researching every topic they discussed, everything from suicide bombers to whether or not you should buy life insurance.

Interesting and intriguing topics, but surely Steven Levitt (the author) wasn't an expert on suicide bombers or an expert on life insurance prior to writing the book. Instead, he researched these topics, understood them, and now he could certainly be deemed as an expert on many of them (and is getting significant speaking fees now as a result of this expertise).

Where to Find Your Research?

No different from writing an essay, you can create an article that is thorough, insightful, accurate and full of useful information within any niche, on any topics with a little research. It is HOW you do your research though that will determine your overall content efficiency and quality.

Over the years I have written content across a wide breadth of niches, many of which I had NO knowledge of before entering. I was able to become an authority and expert in simply by immersing myself in that particular niche, and constantly research every single quirk about that subject matter.

I don't have a finite number of resources I use in a niche as I am researching and in some niches I will deviate from conventional research strategies, to more "niche specific ones. There are however SIX clear and concise methods of research that I have leveraged over the years to significant speed up my skill/knowledge base from complete newbie, towards being consider an expert in that give niche.

  1. Google (or other search engines). You can learn a lot for a simple search in Google (or the search engine of your choice). Whether you are looking for information in your niche, products/services people are searching for, or looking to expand your knowledge on relevant topics to your niche, Google is an excellent resource. Don't forget that.

  2. Fellow Blogs/Authority Websites. What are others doing in your industry? What are they talking about? How are their websites organized, are they focusing on particular topics you aren't currently? How do they create their content and what are some of the most active content on their websites? These are all things that you can quickly come to learn through researching relevant websites in the industry.

  3. Magazines and Books. One of my favourite spots when I am doing research or looking to expand my business in any niche is the local book store. I tend to go to the larger box stores like Chapters/Indigo (here in Canada) as their book and magazine selections are the largest, but if you don't have a large bookstore close by you can certainly leverage online magazine websites like to do your research. This is an excellent way to perform industry research, get ideas for hot products/services in your industry, and to see what is current.

    You can also get all sorts of content ideas, ideas for captivating headlines, and see what sort of ads people are putting into magazines. Magazines really are a wealth of information. Additionally, books and novels in your niche are an excellent way to speed up your expertise. Often times people spend several years acquiring the knowledge about a topic that they are willing to part with in a book for less than $20 for a soft cover or even less for a digital version. To me, that is incredible. Shave years off your path to expertise by learning from the best in your particular space.

  4. Forums/Online Discussion Boards. What are people chatting about? What questions are they asking? What problems are they having? What solutions are being recommended to them? What are their main concerns and worries? What are trending topics in your niche?

    The answers to all of these will surface relatively efficiently if you spend some of your time hanging out and reading within forums and online discussion boards relating to your niche. Some good ones are,, and, and

  5. Keyword Tools (Jaaxy Research Platform). Right in front of you is one of the elite keyword research platforms of the industry. Keyword tools allow you spur all sorts of new ideas (sometimes too many ideas lol) with great efficiency. I recommend that you leverage the "Research" platform here at Wealthy Affiliate with regularity, as it is going to reveal all sorts of ideas related to your niche.

    Start broad with your keyword research, then narrow things down and let yourself wander around your niche. There are no rules to keyword research, simply let your searches take you through your niche and start with broader concepts and dig your way down.

  6. Real Life Research. We are running an online business yes and you can keep all of your research techniques online, but I just wanted to mention that the offline world can be a powerful way to perform research and obtain all sorts of newfound expertise within your niche.

    IF you are in a niche related to electronics, go to your local electronics store. Touch, feel, use the products/services. Find out more information from a sales associate. Join clubs or groups related to your particular space, there are likely things like Meetups in your niche. Talk to friends and family members about the niche, get their feedback, their problems, their interests, etc.

Consistent immersion and research is important, but just as important is that you record your research. Take notes and lots of them. Often times you will never have to go back to your notes, but the act of writing it down will lead to better knowledge absorption.

Letting Others Do the Dirty Work.

So what do I mean by this? Well, there are people that dedicate their lives to establishing expertise in a given niche. They spend years research, testing, analyzing and producing bleeding edge content on various verticals. These are the people that I seek out when looking to obtain newfound "expertise". If you can learn directly from an expert, you can assume newfound expertise.

Let's say I know nothing about real estate investing. However, there are several books at my local book store that are dedicated to this exact topic. In fact, there are several books outlining exactly how to invest in real estate and they are written by billion dollar real estate moguls. Trustworthy content right? Yes.

But also, right beside these books are going to be other real estate investment books that are written by authors that analyze the traits, behaviour and practices of these "experts". They provide expert information (and become the expert) by understanding what the experts do to achieve success.

What I Learned About a Strange Niche in 10 Minutes

OK, let's put these techniques to use in an industry I know nothing about, and will put together 10 minutes of research about a particular and very specific topic within that niche. The outcome should be expert content, but we will find out.

First, the niche. To prove the effectiveness of this, I have chosen something that is so distant from me and the knowledge that I currently have. I have chosen "bead jewelry making". Outside of seeing my 5 year old daughter make little bead bracelets for her friends at school, I have no real knowledge in this space. I certainly wouldn't be able to make you anything "pretty" or carry on a useful conversation about this this point anyways.

That's why I cam going to implement my top 6 research strategies to acquire some expertise. I will show you what I can do in 10 minutes and then you can probably grasp how much expertise I could obtain through the course of an entire year. I am confident I could be an expert content creator within a year, in any niche.

My Google Research.

I usually just head off to Google and let my mind wander and Googles' results dictate the direction of my research. I start very broad, and then narrow down my research, and I will start to navigate the results within Google as well to expand my knowledge and expertise.

My first search was "bead making". This instantly open my eyes to all sorts of ideas, types of bead making, and things people are looking for in the bead making space. You can see my results below.

bead making search google

Bead making is much larger than I thought, but I can quickly understand many of the various "sub niches" within this broader niche. I recorded these ideas down, and then I went on to do a little more research. The next broad search I did was on "bead jewelry".

Bead Jewelry search Google

I took this search and then narrowed it down to bead jewelry ideas. This is going to be a way in which I can get all sorts of information and likely some websites that have a wealth of knowledge I can leverage.

Bead Jewelry IdeasYou can see my narrowed down search produced lots of shopping options and their corresponding brands in the industry. These could be some affiliate programs I could promote on my website, I know the likes of have excellent affiliate programs through Awin. I could even head off to Etsy to do some research on the "bead jewelry" that people are creating over there, and perhaps I could even reach out to some top sellers on their with queries I had about beading.

Within this search, there were many excellent resources that immediately came up.

Beading Pinterest

Lots of different ideas here. I would then dedicate some time to going through these websites and gathering ideas and knowledge in respect to beaded jewelry.

This was only three searches in Google, but you can see how powerful a bit of research is.

My Authority Website Research.

There are many authority websites out there in any niche, all of which you can leverage. This is not necessarily your competition as there is room for 1,000's of successful bloggers in any niche, rather these are people within your niche that you can learn from and potentially down the road as you establish a brand, network with.

I did a search in google for "Beading Websites" and I got LOTS. In fact, one of the results was a list of the top 100 beading blogs in the industry.

This website was a wealth of information, I then started an article with a list of the "top authority" websites in the industry in SiteContent. Here is an example of a list of websites in the industry I have started in a just a few minutes of research.

List of Beading Websites, SiteContent

As I find websites I like in the beading niche, I am going to start adding them to this article. These will serve as excellent resources for both keyword/opportunity research in my niche, but also will be a way for me to advance my subset of knowledge.

My Magazines and Books Research

For books, I used a quick search in Amazon to for beading books. I could have spent some more time looking for more specific types of beading books, but from my "beading book" search I got over 3,000 search results.

Beading Books Amazon

If this was my niche, I would likely go through and order a few of these top rated books, but I would try to choose ones that are not on the same topic. There are likely a bunch of free books that I would also seek out within the beading niche and since I am a subscriber to an "all you can read" book company called Scribd, I did a search there.

What I found blew me away. There were 108,761 results within their search on "beading", all of which are free to me as a monthly subscriber. I have enough beading content there for a lifetime.

Beading Books on Scribd

My next task would be choosing some most interesting ones, and the highest rating ones and spending some time reading through these books and recording my findings/ideas.

My Forums/Online Discussion Boards Research

I typically head over to and to do some research on my niche. I tend to look for questions that people are asking and I look to find solutions. If you know lots of solutions to people's problems in your space, you can advance your expertise very efficiently.

I headed over to the following websites and spent a total of 3 minutes research. These are some "issues" and questions I found that people came up with.

  • What is the best beading software out there? (
  • What are the best beading stitches, and why? (
  • Is tambour beading difficult to master? (
  • What are the number of ways in which 10 beads can be arranged to form a necklace (
  • How many beads are on a rosary? What does each one mean? (
  • Can beading or beadwork be considered art? (
  • When beading jewelry, how should I pick up the beads? (
  • How do you do beaded-knitting? (
  • How can you get free beads? (
  • What are pi beads? (
  • How do you attach a bead cap to a bead? (
  • What beads does annabeth have? (
  • What do you do with a million beads? (

These questions all have corresponding answers to them as well. These are keywords that you could target with content/articles that you create on your website, but visiting sites like this can give you a lot of education on your industry and perspective of opinion (as several people will likely have different solutions to the same problem).

My Jaaxy Research

It is very easy to come up with LOTS of keywords and relevant ideas in Jaaxy and I use two platforms in particular, Keyword Research and Alphabet Soup. These research platforms are going to be an incredible asset to your business.

There are many strategies that you can implement with Jaaxy, but if you look within the side menu (as a Premium member), you will have full access to the subset of Jaaxy keyword/niche research functions. Here is the menu and a few of them I recommend:

Wealthy Affiliate Research Tools

Make Jaaxy your friend, it is the one of the most powerful platforms in the world for research keywords and uncovering opportunities within your respective niche.

My Real Life Research

In 10 minutes, I am obviously not able to perform any real life research, but if this was my industry I would be dedicating time and energy to communicating with others, going to a local bead store or crafting store and getting as much information as I can.

I would also seek out fellow beaders and ask those that are beading regularly for insight into how they bead, what they like about it, what products/services they use, and what issue they have. I didn't have time to do this within my 10 minutes, but I did get a lot of other research and information in this short period of time.

Now it's your turn.

I have given you just a few of the potential research ideas and platforms you can use to advance your knowledge and work towards expertise in ANY industry. You are more than capable of accomplishing expertise at anything that you set your mind to, but it will take some dedication and immersion in your niche. It's fun though, and treat every day like a learning experience within your niche.

If you have any questions about authority or expertise within the online world and how to achieve it, please leave your comments/questions below and I will be happy to help you out.

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William555 Premium
Slowed down a little so that I could absorb some knowledge from some people that were actually knee deep in the game give me a little perspective on what's going on instead of just blazing through the tutorials and the class. One of my thoughts was to do my niche in electric skateboards and the knowledge that I have from riding them for the last 6 years rather than driving a car and what's decent out there for the money and what's crap but I've never been a blogger type kind of slow cuz I don't have much of a social media presence nor do I really desire much of one just wondering if you had any thoughts on whether or not that sounds like something that's doable or if I need to find something more narrow down Within the niche. Thanks for the information man appreciate it
rexyroza Premium
,great information kyle. I remember as a young child in school, my teacher would show us a picture of different people, or animals, and we would have to write a short story about them, and I could go on and on about a story, I absolutely loved it. I also have been writing a memoir book about certain parts of my life,, hope to someday have it published. I hope i can become an excellent wealthy affiliate in the near future.-------hopefully--------
JoeNortrup Premium

This is an excellent training on how to create expert content on a subject or niche that you're not an expert in. Very thorough and effective!
The research part of developing content is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this business, particularly if you like to learn.
Thanks again for this valuable guidance!!

i'm just a starter a i need help. id love to know more about this website and how to gain money from it.
if anyone is willing to help please Emil me at: isra.alzain14141414 gmailcom

ps. i noticed that we have to create exciting contients and blogs in here and my writing skills is not very pleased.
thank you..
Ruby168 Premium
Practice makes perfect. Just start with it. It would be better and better though I am not good at writing either.


thank you for the motivation. i really need it!
Ruby168 Premium
You're welcome. We both need to keep learning and improving. Enjoy your journey here at WA.

Have a wonderful day,

Eliz65 Premium
thank you for this wealth of information! I am so excited about continuing to move forward .... My biggest issue is going to be building traffic that actually purchases items on my site. I think my biggest challenge is figuring out how to promote WA within my blog / website. i know that the answers will come!
Thanks, Eliza
ambercurtis Premium
Awesome! Thank you for this. I have been a member for almost 2 months and have finished the training and thought well now I have written everything I can imagine and have no idea what to write about next and you gave me more of a continuing point. Thanks again
emarketingguy Premium
Absolutely, agree with you! And, if you use Jaaxy you can run Alphabet Soup on any two-word phrase and it will give you every possible keyword phrase that is searched under that and that alone could have you writing new content for the next 10 years.
ambercurtis Premium
Yes! I have just done this and was quite amazed and have my next 3 to 4 articles in the construction process now! Once I get started I feel it just flows but every now and again you get stuck on what to do next so this is a really powerful tool! Thank you!
emarketingguy Premium
That's awesome. Yeah I use it all the time because I often feel stuck too but every time I run that software I come up with a new phrase and a new concept to write about and it's what keeps me going in my online ventures. One thing to do that will really help you in the quest for getting your content indexed quickly and ranked highly on Google, is once you find a great keyword phrase on Jaaxy, head over to Google and put the keyword phrase in "". If the total volume for that exact phrase brings back less than 1000 results, you've found a great phrase that will get indexed quickly!
Esia2 Premium
Thank you so much. You have really opened my eyes. I am a starter in this business. I now have a way to go I am no longer stuck. I thought I was not going to have content for my niche now I know where to go and what to do.
Kyle Premium
You are never going to be "short" of content ideas once you understand the research process. These are just a few of the techniques, but you can see how quickly I am able to really dig down in a niche.

Imagine if I had a month to dedicate to research!
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!
Very helpful article. One resource that I like a lot is Scribd. I am a Scribd member for a long time already. I have found great books on it and I can also recommend anyone to check it out.

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards and wish you and yours, and the WA whole family, the very Happy New Year 2019.

Kyle Premium
Yeah, I have been a Scribd member for about a year. Although I don't use it every day, I use it regularly and it is a great way to access a plethora of content, knowledge, and to advanced your skill set in any niche.

Happy New Year to you as well Igor and wishing you an amazing 2019 ahead!
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!
Sorry for not answering to your reply before. I was a bit busy with some duties!
Thanks a lot for the wishes!

Best regards,
JerryMcCoy Premium
You have given us all something to think about as we research our particular niche but one thing I did not see was listening or teaching as a way to research our niche. When you actively listen to an authority you will learn more. Also, when you teach in a niche you will learn more with the Q & A in the classroom(online) setting.
MLorenz1 Premium
Kyle, this was an interesting article.

If we want to make our post more meaningful and get as much traffic as possible we need to spend the time it takes to do the research. Without that our articles will be flat. Without traffic we will be stale and get nowhere.

Kyle Premium
Yes, the more you understand and the better you convey an idea to your audience, the better it will be received.

This "expertise" can be established with efficiency as you build out your content and as you do research. These strategies for researching your audience should truly put you in a great position moving forward.

Make learning and researching about your niche a "daily" task, and you will be setting yourself up for a long term and very successful business (and becoming the expert) within your given niche.
Pastordna Premium
Hi Kyle,
With the quality of training and education you and your team provides pn this platform am sure that it wasn't be too long before I too join the club of EXPERTS you have produced in this community. Thanks for keeping faith to the assymment given to you from the CREATOR educate many on HOW to PRACTICALLY free themselves from the grip of pooverty. Thanks once again for blooging! Shalom.
Kyle Premium
You absolutely can and will. Expert is a relative term, if you can help someone accomplish something, anything, you are an relative "expert" their knowledge level.

The reality is, you could be transferring knowledge that you just learned. For example, if today I learned how to fix my iPhone screen and tomorrow I teach you how to do the same thing, that person is going to view me as the subject matter expert.
gmozes Premium
Great post! Typical Kyle:well written, well-thought-out, and extremely informative and instructive. A word of caution to my fellow members. There was nothing left out of this article when it comes to doing good and thorough research. So doing the research will be challenging - mostly in terms of spending a lot of time. Not complicated, but very time consuming. In Kyle's words ..."it will take some dedication and immersion in your niche." In my case, I will have to substitute the word "some" with "extensive." But I know that in doing so, I will considerably increase my chances for success. Thank you Kyle.
TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there gmozrs,

The wealth of knowledge that Kyle has accumulated over his journey; is nothing short of unexplainable.

Not only that; he has shared this post with all community members, something most, "NO ALL", other affiliate marketing hosts keep to themselves.

We, as premium members are most fortunate to have founders who are always looking at ways to help us, to continue to improve.

Adding extra tools goes way beyond anything else available in cyberland. And the good part is; they do it for us with the sole purpose of trying to better the WA community as a whole.

Each and every member who can see, and realise the benefit in his post need to be humble as being members of such a great platform


gmozes Premium
Right on Tom. This is a "ripper" article by a "fair dinkum" Guru. (I picked up a few words from my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand). Have a healthy and happy New Year.
TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there George,

You are so right; just goes to show how lucky we are to be part of; such a great - well oiled - information sharing, platform

You too, and your family; have a great fun-filled Christmas and New Year.


ThaboN Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for a very useful post. I have found sites like Reddit very useful in learning issues that are important to people in my niche because they are taking the time to ask for solutions. Yet many don't use Reddit because it's not known to produce a lot of traffic to a site. However, when it comes to research, especially about trending topics, it's an amazing source of ideas.

Kyle Premium
Yes, you can certainly use reddit to get all sorts of information. I had a section in here on that, but I was opening Pandora's box as it can require a bit more research to extract ideas, whereas the and are a little lower hanging.

There are many other research techniques that I have used over the years that are just as useful, I could write a book. The thing is any ONE of these techniques can lead to a life time of ideas and opportunity within any niche!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Kyle, this blog is over the top. Lots of great recommendations for where and how to research ideas for our online business. Some of which I already take advantage, Jaaxy, Google Alerts, Google searches. Have not gone the book or Quora routes yet but will definitely check those out in the new year.
To you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and prosperous New Year.
Kyle Premium
Quora is great for ideas, as well as perspective, answers and opinion. You can learn a lot about solutions to problems and the many different ways that people solve the SAME problem.

It is becoming a good place for product reviews, although you have to be a bit careful as some of the people posting on there do have a financial motive (in particular if they are link dropping).
RuthlynB Premium
HI Kyle thanks for all the information and the different sites where additional info can be found, I am a classic case of one who thought I would never be able to write a blog but with the training here at WA I am doing better than I ever thought I could. Thanks.
FKelso Premium
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have used most of them, but not necessarily as thoroughly as I could. However, with your list, I can easily see where I need to spend more research time. Your list is very useful, and addresses a common problem to us all -- what do we do when we run out of ideas?

You reminded me of something I've been meaning to do, and that is hook up with other bloggers in my niche. I will be using that idea in the immediate future.

Thanks, Kyle! Merry Christmas to you and Carson and your families.
Spartacus2 Premium
Thanks for the awesome read. I really want to read this a couple more times. Wish I could print it lol. I know there is a lot of content I can create within my niche, just writing it and sounding like I know what I am talking about is the challenge lol. Thanks for all of your great insight!
davehayes Premium
Nicely written blog with some great ideas in it and whats good about it, is the fact that most of these ideas I use, hence my Content book is forever having new ideas added to it for blogging.

Another good idea is to blog about whats good in your local town, then share that around.

Just some food for thought.
newmarketpro Premium
Great stuff Kyle.
I wish a video tutorial would be even great so that we could see over your shoulder every part of process from researching - data collection - building ideas - content structure - and writing content.

May I suggest this is to be included in the OEC incorporating all those I mentioned above?
Anyway, let's don't wait for it. Let's do it now.

kpercival55 Premium
This is great Kyle!
Thanks for sharing your step by step process for becoming an authority in a chosen niche in the minimum amount of time.
Although I’ve used most of these methods (but not all) to see them laid out in an organized and effective plan is immensely helpful.
Your wisdom is always appreciated, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities created by you and the WA community.
Blessings to you and your family this Holiday Season!
BarbaraN Premium
Excellent Blog, Kyle. I love to do research. In fact, I sometimes get so wrapped up in the research that I forget why I was researching in the first place. Research is everywhere, you just have to be attuned to it. You decide on a subject, and fairly soon, you will start hearing about it, reading about it, talking about it.

Interesting that you picked up on "beaded jewelry" and ETSY. I have been making and selling beaded jewelry for about four years and have been on Etsy for two years. I also could have told you that it seems like every other person in the world makes and sells jewelry and if you don't develop an unusual "brand" you will never sell anything. Also, on Etsy, the competition is unbelievable, and if you 're in a hurry to make money, don't even try it. I have sold three items in two years. I do much better on craft shows, mainly because people can pick the item up, try it on, feel the texture, see the quality. Selling online, I have to "sell" all that with a picture and words.

Making it online takes time and effort--You can't make your fortune in a month or two- it takes effort and work. Research, and that includes checking out your competition. No matter what your niche is, you have competition.

Thanks again, Kyle.
sfortson Premium
This is a fabulous training article! You really put everything into easy to understand terms. But You always do!

And you are so right too! All it takes is research, in my own nieche, I thought I new a lot until I started researching lol. I found so many things I did not know about hemp that it amazed me.

Thanks for a super great read!

phollett Premium
Thanks Kyle,

That is so helpful,and you I can have plenty of content with all those resources. It is like in music to when musicians are interviewed and asked who their influence was and they say, certain artist. They often get their ideas from music already out there.Have a great day
JackieSmith Premium
Great post Kyle!

When you think you have it sussed, there is still so much to learn and better strategies to adopt in this online business world.

Your posts are golden nuggets; I glean a lot from them not only for my online business but other areas of life.

This time, you touched on the subject of 'writing a book' which is something I'm working on - I had some ideas about how I will go about doing this and you have just confirmed it

AlexEvans Premium
Compliments of the season to you and your family Kyle have a wonderful and relaxing time this Christmas and new year's.

My take home is immersion, there is so much information out there drilling down can unearth some real gems.

The more we dig into things the easier it becomes to create that point of difference, not exactly disagreeing but coming up with our own take and opinions.

Searching out folks that have the same interests niche wise can become a real treasure trove, one of the areas I need to put in some serious work on.

Thanks for the food for thought Kyle.
terrycarroll Premium
A wonderful post Kyle and thanks as always for sharing.
I now intend to apply these principles to one of my own " below the radar" niches and see what I can tease out.
With all of the larger and more popular niches bcoming a challenge to compete successfully (although by no means impossible) the shift towards minority nches will, I am sure, become more profitable.
I have some ideas for these lesser used niches and hope to report success in the next few months
best wishes
Kyle Premium
You are going to reveal lots. The reality is, you should always be in a "surplus" situation in terms of opportunity within any niche.

Beading was something I knew nothing about, but I could have literally worked within that niche for 100 lifetimes with a few days of research.
Floria Premium
Hello Kyle,


Thank you so much! You perfectly hit where I am stuck at the Moment. I have been doing my reseach but it looks like that my style is chaotic. You have made a nice pattern. Like "beading".

Where I struggle is " how to organise" and "sort out" the Information I collected and create my own story or analogy.

Great Input here and I will need to read your Info again and again, more than 3 times to extract the Right "meat"

Hoping that I before December ends, I have a great Content posted..

Kyle Premium
Chaos is good sometimes, if it is what you are familiar with! lol I certainly am not perfect when it comes to organized research, I am always doing it even when I realize that I should be doing others.

You find the greatest influences from the most bizarre places, but when you immerse yourself within your industry, you are going to really capture all sorts of "pockets of opportunity" in your niche.
Floria Premium
Thanks Kyle!

That's a very inspiring response. I will keep that particular last statement in mind :)
SimeonDixon1 Premium
Ha,ha,ha,ha! Kyle, you have ripped the door off,demolished the walls,and brought the sunlight in. I guess we can conduct the funeral for excuses. No more self pity.

The Drone of knowledge is surfing the web. The sky is truly the limit , if there is such a thing. The bridge is being demolished. there is no turning back. This post took me back about 60 years ago when my father told me a life long story.

This is a life lesson that I will never forget. He said, one hot summer day, lie and truth went to the beech to have a contest to prove which of them could stay under water longer. They got to the beach and the contest began.

while they were far out and deep under the water, lie sneeked out and stole truth's clothes then left the beach. Not knowing what went on, truth also got out of the water. He realized that lie had played a trick on him.

He looked around to find his clothes but he only saw lie's clothes laying where they were placed before the contest began. Truth pondered on the matter of him being misstaken for lie, so he decided that he would never wear lie's clothes.

On his way home, being naked, he tried to avoid embarresment by desguiseing himself behind the trees and shrubs, grass and rocks. Some dogs saw him and started barking. Up came a group of boys who started laughing at him.

One of the boys became sympatethetic. He ran to the beech and fetched lie's clothes to cover truth's nakedness. Truth refused, with emphasis, that he would under no cercomstance wear lie's clothes. And thus the saying: 'The naked truth" came into being.

I think this post needs to be pattened. This is food for thought on a continual bases. Excuse is DEAD! This lends credence to one of my favourite verse in the bible which says: " I can do all things through Christ which strengeth me" Phillipeans 4;13
Kyle Premium
Wow, never have heard the origin of the "naked truth" but I really appreciate you sharing the story. As you said, the sky is the limit...whatever that means. There is only limit, those that you create.

Sure there is a limit somewhere, but none of us will ever reach that because we will simply run out of time. There is too much of it within the online world, and sometimes this creates overwhelm, sometimes it makes us feel strangely like there is no opportunity.

The reality is though when you get the formula for success down, you can create a vastly successful business in ANY niche.
GauravGaur Premium
The limit is a line set by an individual to his potential which may be the starting point of another individual. It's we who need to decide which individual we are.
Thanks for the great discussion, Kyle and Simeon.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur
SimeonDixon1 Premium
True word Kyle, as always. Thanks for your comment.
Ruzel Premium
Thank you Kyle. I just got through writing my first ever keyword content today. Took me a few hours but I got through it. I think this will become easier as I progress in the training and write future posts as well as doing the research by your recommendations. Going at my pace so I understand each step. I’m grateful for the training you provide here and the support that everyone has shown since I started with WA about a week ago. Many thanks.

LouisMunro Premium
Geez Kyle
I am blown away by this post, this is so valuable, okay these principles come across through all your training, but right here summarised is the blueprint to success my friend. This should probably be Lesson 1, level 1. Get this and you get the secret to online success.

I mean you literally give us the key to our business success in such a way that a 5-year-old can understand it. If I don't make a success of my online business after reading this, I only have myself to blame. I will be keeping this article as a reference point in future.

Now I need to go and apply... Wish me good luck, my friend.

All the best
Louis Munro
TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there Louis,

You have summed it up beautifully.

Fully agree; insightful information as this should be in the very early stages of the training.

None the less we now have it; therefore, it's up to us to apply to our learning as we all move forward.

All the best
Kyle Premium
Haha, I am really glad this resonated in you. That was the goal of this post and as I sat down to showcase some of the process you can follow and that I have followed for years, I ran into the issue of trying to "limit" the number of ways you can accomplish expertise. I could literally write a book on it! lol

These are the only strategies you need though and if you implement these in any niche, you are never going to be left short of ideas. Really glad everyone enjoyed this post and it provided some true insight and motivation.
Hi Kyle,

Thank you for this post that is loaded with reminders from training on how to create quality content.

The goals I have set for myself at Wealthy Affiliate are slowly coming to pass.

I find the WA road to success to be exciting and challenging to say the least.

More important than everything else is the learning experiences I have gained in many areas..

I thank you kindly.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Peace and love
TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there Maxine,

I fully agree 100%. This piece of information provide by, Kyle, is in my opinion groundbreaking.

All the more reason to be a premium member.

TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there Kyle,

That is the most insightful piece of information around.

Within my niche; I conducted a quick search in both: and I was staggered at the wealth of information available.

It has really opened my eyes, considering I was scratching around when I was doing research with most of that research coming from Google. (still very valuable just the same)

Now; with two extra avenues to gather real to life experiences; will I'm sure; allow me that extra leverage in gaining valuable knowledge over my competitors.

Thank you ever so much.

Aria-Len Premium
This came just in time, Kyle! I've recently been feeling like I needed to step up my game due to feeling like I can't do this because so many others have amazing sites that are in the same or similar niche.

While I always like to do my best, sometimes I do feel my best isn't or won't be good enough. I have also gotten some great post ideas from social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter and by reading comments left on my posts.

It's always a good idea to make improvements, but it's not good to kill your drive before you even crank the car. Thanks for giving me the kick I needed!
apache1 Premium
There are certainly many tools available to us as you mentioned above.
Also with Google so much to choose from just on that alone typing a keyword in then you see other keywords come below as you have shown.

Plus using the Alphabet soup technique also gives you further ideas as well. Which I might add Jaaxy has that incorporated as well.

Guess having Jaaxy doing some brainstorming can certainly give you more ideas which you can break down further with a particular niche.

There are so many places you have mention I haven't try yet so will look into that one as well

Even YouTube, pinterest, twitter and FB can also be a great resource to get some further ideas that may relate to your niche

This is also a great way if you are stuck with ideas on what to write and can gain some valuable knowledge from what others in your niche are focusing about.

Thanks for all that Kyle

Guess one of the many benefits we gain from being here is the support and wonderful ideas that can benefit us all.

LCEndahl Premium
Thank you, Kyle, I'm always learning something new. Usually with the audio of your voice, but I'll take the print as well!

I need to start checking out my forums again. Kind of joined them, and that's pretty much it!

A new source I found this weekend for info in my niche, as well as so many other niches.

It's still fairly new for me, but I have gotten a couple of ideas for content, in just a week of joining.

Again, thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Cynthia1423 Premium
Hello Kyle,
Great blog post, I know for my self being a nurse, my niche has nothing to do with medical, but it does have something to do with what I am exposed to and that's Jogging Strollers, I am a runner as well, I was fascinated when I begin to work for individuals who run with their babies, for I never seen Jogging Strollers or used them, when my children where babies.

I had to do a lot of research reading articles on the topic and researching other competitors regarding my niche, ask questions about different Jogging Strollers that other parents use and I can say I am becoming an authority of the Jogging Stroller industry, with the help of your training and others here at WA.

I am going to take advantage of going out to the stores and asking sale people about different Jogging Strollers, and going on and for more up-to-date information on Jogging Strollers.

I would of never of thought to be a writer, but I am a blogger and I do get quite a bit of traffic to my website according to Google Analytics in only 3 months of being here, so I appreciate all that you do to give quality teaching here at WA.
Debs66 Premium
Hiya, Kyle,

I always love to read your posts and even if it's a "part" of recapping on what we have in the training already which is awesome and jam packed full of info.

It's always great to be reminded of what we can do. So many of sit there thinking of " What can I do as a niche." To be quite honest it's always there right in front of us.

With all the ways we can do the research to be a success in any niche we choose. This is just amazing. This isnt something we learn anywhere else out on the internet.

Well I haven't found anything at all out there on the internet this good. Look at your post as an example. There is enough info in here to keep anyone going for goodness knows how long.

Especially for those thinking of a good niche to work on. All of us infact

With Jaaxy Lite included for free for premium members what more could any of us ask for. It gives you the relevant Affiliate programmes too and more.

How awesome is that.

~Debs :)
keishalina9 Premium
Wonderful blog post! .... gives practical, applied research in writing to success ... thanks so much for sharing & posting today, all the best, cheerio ... 😊
DaleMaz Premium
Sometimes we just need to think outside the box but in the same breath that box cant be too big. This was a great article. I always look forward to reading what you write.

Thank you

Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Kyle for this reminder in creating expert content.

Every day is a learning experience and an exciting one.

Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year

SondraM Premium
Kyle, thanks for sharing this valuable message. I suppose you have noticed that a lot of us face writers block when we start worrying that we are not enough of an expert in our niche.

I need to add visiting forums to my research process.

p.s. Thanks for the quick mini-education on the beading niche. I never realized that beading was so popular.
Lilia2 Premium
I get too much in my head when it comes to writing. With english being my second language I'm always overthinking every word I use. Thank you Kyle for this post and for simplifying everything (for me).
NickL88 Premium
Great post and very inspiring. One of the keys that I took away from this is that you just need to start taking action and gathering. I think sometimes I get in my own head and try to think of the perfect materials to search for and the best websites to use for research that I miss out on some great options. Immerse yourself in your niche and great things will come.
chender684 Premium
Awesome information as always Kyle. I use all of these and more to do my research.

Don't forget social media forums and niche forums as well.
MichellewS Premium
Wow, I feel this post was written for me.

Everything I am feeling is in this post, I have so many ideas but can't seem to get them down.

It's like my wheels turn and turn stuck in the mud and never get anywhere.

I have bookmarked and saved this.

Thank you, Kyle, for taking the time to write to us giving us encouragement.
smartketeer Premium
Quite a few ideas :)

And a super-valuable closing line: treat every day like a learning experience!

Thanks Kyle!