Is Golf A Saturated Niche?

Last Update: July 27, 2020

Golf is one of the most popular and well known niches. Maybe not as popular as pet niches, but it's up there. It's a common hobby across the globe, and seems to be a go-to example for anyone creating tutorial for affiliate marketing online.

Plus, people who golf tend to have money, so it makes it a very lucrative niche to get into as well.

There are a LOT of golf websites out there. So is the golf niche saturated? No. The way I see it, there are two main resons for this.

1. The Industry Is Always Changing, Making Room For New Webmasters All The Time

Golf has been around for many centuries. Imagine what it would look like if we were still playing the same game invented in Scotland back in the 1200's? The game of golf has changed a lot even within the last 100 years, and will continue to change.

Techniques are different. Materials are different. Courses are different.

That information has to change. Blogs written about golf in 1990 are probably no longer relevant. At the very least, they are not optimized for the internet of today.

All these changes means opportunity for new content creators. When a new golf club is released by a company, that's an opportunity to rank #1 for the product review. When a new material is introduced for a golf club, or a new style, that's an opportunity to share your opinion.

No single website or business can do everything, especially in an industry this huge. You can't review ALL the clubs and ALL the courses, and ALL the clothing, and do ALL the tutorials. That just means there's opportunity for new golf bloggers to hone in on a focus area and do that one small bit 100%.

2. The Bigger An Industry Is, The More Focused You Can Get With Your Website

With something like homebrewing beer, in my opinion, it's hard to get super focused. There's only so much you can say about silicone tubing and grain crush to the homebrewer audience. You can get highly technicaly, but there's only so big of an audience that type of content will resonate with.

Homebrewing is small, so further subdividing it into smaller niches makes your audience microscopic. Golf is not the same IMO.

Because golf is such a large sport, it's a lot easier to subdivide into micro-niches and still have a large enough audience.

Golf Cart Customization

Just randomly the other day, I ran into an interesting keyword: light bars for golf carts

It has a decent amount of search volume, and aboslutely zero competition. This would be great for a Top 10 list IMO. I wouldn't make a website just for light bars for golf carts, but I would absolutely consider making an affiliate site for golf cart customization.

Check out these other awesome keywords.

There are probably going to be thousands more "golf cart customization" terms you could target.

  1. four wheel drive golf carts
  2. electric golf carts
  3. best golf cart wheels for sand
  4. off roading golf carts
  5. golf carts for everyday transportation
  6. golf carts with portable air conditioning
  7. luxury golf carts
  8. golf carts with beds

Then, of course, you have all the tutorials and product reviews that come with that. You absolutely could blog for years and years on the topic.

Then, if this topic becomes successful for you, it could be your foot in the door for other golf related topics to expand your website and continue growth. Or, maybe you want to take your site in another direction and talk about scooter & vespa customization. Or maybe you want to talk more about retirement hobbies. You could progress in any direction you think is interesting!

Of course, selling is always an option if you hit a road block and want to move on to another topic.

The golf cart thing caught my eye, but there are many more opportunities to explore. If you live in Scotland, you could do a review of all the top golf courses there, which are world famous. If you have kids, you could do something about teaching kids to transition from put put golf to real golf. You could do golf fashion for women. Lots of opportunities.

Should You Worry About The Competition?

There will be competition in ANY niche, and that's a good thing. It means people are making money! There's a famous analogy about whether you want a large piece of a small pie, or a small piece of a large pie. Of course, it depends on the size of the pie, and what your goals are.

I've been in tiny niches, and in big niches. Tiny niches with low competition tend to rank faster, but have less room to grow long term. Big niches with higher competition take longer to make headway, but have many more options for growth long term.

Both strategies work, so I'm saying one is better, I'm just saying that I wouldn't worry too much about competition at this point. Imagine if there was never any room for new businesses. People would have stopped opening coffee shops long ago!

If you focus on creating good content and developing your brand, you WILL succeed.

The non-committed newbies will drop off, and you race past them within a year. Even the experts get lazy and complacent with time, and you'll be nipping at their heels in no time.

Even if you aren't #1 right away, you can pretty easily establish yourself in the top 10 sites in the world on any niche if you stick around long enough and focus on growing your business.

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BG1024 Premium
I just was watching your youtube video on the golf niche and was directed here. This is a great article as my first niche I am entering is golf. I am going into this treating it as a business and brand opportunity and I have my niche focused on those who the site will serve.. which like you say isn't just any golfer in general but a specific type of golfer.

Even though you are not fond of the sport via your video haha this article really helps. Thanks again!

DCarpenter1 Premium
Excellent Nathaniel.

An important point is to get started!
The powerful tools we have hear at WA & the great community can assist in the niche selection.

My niche is in travel & photography.
Unfortunately, COVID means no travel for some time. This gives me plenty of time to get stuck into my site.

TDenise Premium
I love the way you look at "saturation" because I see it very similarly.

I hear people say whole product sourcing options are "saturated". They say things like "dropshipping is saturated", or "affiliate marketing is saturated", and it's like, how could that be possible considering that it's just an option to find products and services to sell?

Just because other people are doing it doesn't mean it's "saturated", it means it's money to be made in many instances. The only way for a niche to truly be saturated is if the supply is significantly more than the demand, and you've illustrated how it's gold mines (and opportunities to distinguish yourself) even in industries that appear to have a large supply.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Absolutely. If you're creative, and especially if you know an industry, nothing will be saturated. I think people use saturation as an easy excuse when they are looking for easy money!
TDenise Premium
Yes. Creativity is the real problem. Many don’t have it.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Nice post on how to drill into a topic that seems to be saturated already and find a spot that is available to pursue. You could definitely build a niche site out of this topic.

Thanks for highlighting that everything and anything is possible. We just have to look for it.

nathaniell Premium Plus
Many "saturated" topics like making money, coffee, weight loss, video games, etc are like this as well. Niche down, and you can find low competition areas.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great information, Nathaniel!

nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks Jeff!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very welcome!