Get Paid To Eat Paint

Last Update: January 21, 2020

I always tell people that you can make money online in any niche, and pretty much nobody believes me. The general concensus of newbies is that the only way to make good money is by promote get-rich, weight loss, or dating products.

It's just not true. At all.

I recently posted what a realistic $1,000 day looks like. Today, I found a really funny affiliate program that just shows to show you the huge range of products you can promote:

It's a cake decorating website. They sell frosting that looks like paint. Or paint that you can eat. I'm not sure if there's a difference.

Here's some other cool stuff they sell:

  • edible images
  • edible printers*
  • edible butterflies
  • edible markers
  • edible gold
  • edible ink

*Note: The printer is not edible. You can use the printer to make edible prints. LOL.

OK, so some hater is going to comment...uhhh, you can't make money off of a 10% commission on a $7 edible butterfly. Yeah. OK.

What about a $500 edible printer? HUH? Yeah, that sounds like a good commission to me.

In fact, that $50, which exactly matches the highest paying commissions from my $1,000 day I mentioned above. Sell a couple of those things per day and you're doing pretty good.

How Many People Have Birthdays?

Everyone has a birthday, plus, they happen every year. Plus anniversaries. Quinceneras. Graduation. Office parties. Baby showers. The list goes on.

There are so many potential wasy to promote edible cake paint.

On top of all those ideas just off the top of my head, you'll discover more through keyword research. Alphabet soup is a great tool with Jaaxy as well. Another good resource for finding questions related to your niche is a site called Answer The Public.

Plus, the more you dig into your niche, the more you'll discover. There are probably affiliate programs and topics right now that you can't even think of because you're not an "expert" yet in your niche.

For example, with my homebrewing website, I found that there's such a thing as non-alcoholic craft beer. I bought some recently and will do some reviews. Someone who's just starting homebrewing might not think of that idea, since it took me about 4 years to think of it!

Sometimes, you can even promote seemingly unrelated products if you're clever enough!

There will always be tons of opportunities in any niche you get into if you dig deep enough. While eating paint might not be your thing, there's always a way to monetize a site with traffic, and the #1 way to get traffic to your website is to continually publish high quality content.

I hope your January has been, and continues to be productive!

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so let me see if i got it right... is better find first your keywords to put in your website name or is better to find a common keyword or a group of keywords to name your website and after find all the rest related keywords possible to put in your website?
Labman Premium
Choose a clever name for your site related to the niche. No keyword research is needed here. Keywords are added to posts and pages to rank the individual content on the site,
So basically i have to find my niche in order to create my website page? Website have nothing to do with keywords which can target?
SAWalden Premium
I always learn something new from you!

Considering the number of people on this planet ( 7+ billion!) there has to be SOMEONE - actually, many "someones" out there interested in the information, products and/or services you have to offer.

The more content you create and publish the greater your chances of reaching your audience!
danielaknaan Premium
Great article, Nathaniell! It happened that I have a pastry chef certificate, and although I never really made a business out of it, i know that cakes sell well. Very well, in fact. There are so many occasions and as you say they never end. i like your post because of its original and funny way of teaching the potential of small niches! thank you
nathaniell Premium
It's always interesting to think of what skills you may have that can be useful for affiliate marketing. You have your pastry chef certificate - I'll bet you could develop a pretty niche brand online and make some really good money with it, without ever selling a physical cake or pastry!

I'm sure a lot of members here who say they aren't good at anything, or don't know what niche to do, actually have some useful skills and ideas they could leverage to make money online.
Karax Premium
Great point! A question - do you target long tail KWs that Jaaxy shows having <10 searches per month, even though Google is suggesting them (as part of the Alphabet Soup Technique) or you find them in Answer The Public?
I made an experiment and it turns out those kind of long tail KWs attract traffic like crazy regardless of the fact that Jaaxy shows they have <10 searches per month.
Based on my observation (and tests) that works only for long tail KWs - phrases of the type " how to measure backpack dimensions" for example...
nathaniell Premium
To be honest, I really don't care about traffic stats that much long term. I'll do research and really focus on some GOOD keywords I find, but I publish so much, that it doesn't matter if if the phrase has 10 searches or 100 searches. Overall, my goal is to create a comprehensive website that answers all questions and reviews everything.

So I won't spend six hours on post with 10 searches, but I will outsource is for $50 or whatever and publish it.
FluffyDuck Premium
Another legendary post Nathaniel. You are such a torch-bearer for 'thinking outside the box." Thank you for sharing.

I know some science-type people who are working on 3D priniting with biomaterials (which is actually harder than you think). One day soon you will be able to eat the paint and the printer too!