I Think I've Hit a Tipping Point!

Last Update: August 26, 2019

A quick break before I start #39.

This is a short little post, but I thought someone might find it encouraging. Besides, I'm feeling quite pleased about the process and wanted to share!

I just published the 38th post this morning for a fairly new site. For those of you who like to keep track of the timeline, I created it in April, but have only been working full-time writing articles since mid-June. I have also been following training, and responding to questions and other members posts.

For the most part, though, I've just been working on building the number of posts. One of my motivators is this article by Nathaniell. Thanks, Nathaniell!

I'm showing up in more searches.

I've seen some interesting increases in the number of viewers, but that's not what got me excited this morning.

As I wrote today's post, I realized how many of my own posts I now have that I can link back to. I spend a considerable amount of time researching each post I write so I can quote or link to experts.

An Eureka moment.

Today, it became strikingly clear that over these many weeks, I haven't just been writing articles. I've been building my own credibility in the process!

You read it every day in other posts, but it deserves repeating.

Follow the training.

It will get you were you want to go!


Shortly after publishing this post, I received notification that Google had indexed article #38! It took a little over 90 minutes. That's a first for me!

Tipping point indeed!

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Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Yeah! Well done. Keep going.

Lily 😊
Nancy29 Premium
Thanks, Lily.
Linda103 Premium
Congratulations, that's very inspiring. Hard work pays off.
Nancy29 Premium
Thank you. It seems to be!
FKelso Premium Plus
You are doing well. Keep up the good work!
Nancy29 Premium
Will do!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Well done!
Nancy29 Premium
DMahen1 Premium
I totally agree. I am in my second pass through bootcamp.
Nancy29 Premium
There's just so much to learn, several times through would probably yield new knowledge each time.