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After:Four months of working on my site full-timeFollowing and implementing Kyle’s trainingFollowing and implementing Jay’s (Magistudios) training51 PostsI received this precious piece of information from WA this morning:I had to reread it twice!My first thought was to file this away and get back to work on tomorrow’s post. On second thought, maybe someone will find this encouraging.Life is good. The training at WA works!Go write something wonderful for your site, and let me
Today marks month four of working full-time on my site. No more outside job to go to. Just get up and get busy. I should warn you that I’m not following the format you’re accustomed to seeing when WA members do this sort of post. My purpose today is to discuss the unexpected revelations I’ve discovered since my retirement in June. You see, even though I’ve only been able to devote full-time attention to my site for the last four months, I’ve been working on i
September 16, 2019
Like many of you, I've been following the information about the Google Core Update. Just this morning I had decided it was time to "batten down the hatches" and just ride this thing out.After all, it's taken longer to get my two most recent articles indexed than any of my others. I'm still waiting for the one I posted on Friday to be indexed.Plenty of reason to settle in for the long haul.But, Wait!Shortly after submitting a new post to Google and Bing this morning, I clicked into Site Conten
Can You Relate?I have an affliction that I suspect many folks from my generation can relate to. It’s not painful, contagious or dangerous to my health. I have to admit, though, that It does slow me down a bit. I never realized what a problem I was harboring, or the potential for hurt feelings and worse.My problem? I absolutely, positively cannot email, text, or Snapchat without including the proper punctuation! That includes periods, commas, and appropriate capitalization. Goodness
A quick break before I start #39.This is a short little post, but I thought someone might find it encouraging. Besides, I'm feeling quite pleased about the process and wanted to share!I just published the 38th post this morning for a fairly new site. For those of you who like to keep track of the timeline, I created it in April, but have only been working full-time writing articles since mid-June. I have also been following training, and responding to questions and other members posts. For
An Inside JokeMy late husband used to say that to people when they were having an amazing day. Turns out, I am!So Why Buy A Ticket?Each morning I read member posts while I wait for the dogs to eat their breakfast and then eat mine. Before the blog could load this morning, a pop-up appeared on the screen announcing that my rank has dropped to 199. That's really thrilling, even though I hadn't been working for it! I've just been writing and publishing as many blogs as possible for a new site
June 04, 2019
My daughter had her Yellow Lab put down today. He was, give or take a few days, twelve years old. Always a strong, healthy fellow, he survived cancer surgery five or six years ago. But, in the past year or so, his heart grew weaker, and that caused a weakening of the legs.Thanks to a very caring vet with some excellent ideas on how make Dirk more comfortable, his quality of life was improved. He was able to squeeze in six more months of joyful living. A ChangeOver the weekend, however, he
May 20, 2019
I've hit a milestone marker! As of today, I've written 50,103 words. Now, granted, many of you have already written considerably more words than my current count of 50,000. But, that's about the number of words in a novel written for teens, and half way to the number in the average adult novel. If this were miles on my car, I might be thinking about trading it in for a 2020 model. Instead, I'm basking in the glow of typing such an notable number of words. More important than the number,
In just about three weeks, I will bring to an end twenty years of teaching in public schools. It’s been an interesting process, and I have acquired many opinions regarding public education. Each of these opinions has been hard-earned through experience in classrooms with students and changing education policies. From a teacher’s perspective, most of these policies were enacted by well-meaning, but completely misguided officials. I could write a super-sized volume, and may in t
April 27, 2019
I love books. I also love getting great ideas from good books. I don’t discriminate. I’ll read paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebooks. However, once I find a book I really like and started reading it in ebook form, I spend the extra money and purchase it in print. There’s just something soul satisfying about being able to mark the passages I want to reread with pen or pencil, and adding my own comments in the margin. I also love being able to flip back into a previous chapt