Google Did What?

Last Update: September 16, 2019

Like many of you, I've been following the information about the Google Core Update. Just this morning I had decided it was time to "batten down the hatches" and just ride this thing out.

After all, it's taken longer to get my two most recent articles indexed than any of my others.

I'm still waiting for the one I posted on Friday to be indexed.

Plenty of reason to settle in for the long haul.

But, Wait!

Shortly after submitting a new post to Google and Bing this morning, I clicked into Site Content to set up a new article.


The little Google G on the newly posted article was Google-colored, not gray.

Well, that can't be right! Better let Site Support know there's a problem.

Not so fast!

Better check Site Rank on Jaaxy first.


Less than an hour after submitting it to Google, my post had been indexed number one, page one for my keyword. Ya gotta love it!

The Moral of my Story

Keep your head down and keep writing helpful content.

I could also say something about monkeys and their uncles, but that's just silly.

As a side note: If you'd like to read my "magical" post, you can find my url on my Profile page. The article is the most current post in the Recent Posts list.

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SAWalden Premium
Those Google programmers...such busy little bees. Always reconfiguring an algorithm.

I try to keep up by reading articles posted by the Search Engine Roundtable as well as others here at WA but it seems word is still slow to get out when Google does something that affects or page ranking or indexing.

However, no matter what the Google bots are up to, you make a very good point - keep writing quality and "helpful" content. In the long run that is what get noticed!

Nancy29 Premium
Thanks for the confirmation.
hannahlauren Premium
That's so awesome for you! Congrats!
Nancy29 Premium
Thank you!
JKulk1 Premium
Well done Nancy. Love the image you used. Jim
Nancy29 Premium
He's great, isn't he?
ChristineDu1 Premium
Awesome! I always forget to check how fast my articles get indexed by Google. I need to check that more often :-)
Nancy29 Premium
I generally check once, on Saturdays, to see where I'm ranking. Today was purely a fluke. :-)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
This is exciting!! Awesome news!
Nancy29 Premium
I agree!