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Last Update: February 03, 2018

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!

I hope your weekend is going great, even though it almost time to start another work week!

The good news is - you got some time off from the normal grind!

Here are a few tips to help you on your online journey!

As you embark on your online business journey to success, I am pretty sure that you would love to have any tips and tricks to help you along the way!

Getting Ideas For Content


This is a great beginning for writers to test their writing skills or rather, in my opinion, to sharpen it!

As a member of Quora myself, I joined with the main thought of just answering people’s questions and hoping to be of help to their needs. As it turns out, I find that I am also using Quora as a source for ideas and content for my website.


Well, I use the questions that people are asking as a basis for my research and then create content to help answer them!

You should go check out – I am not an affiliate, just a free member trying to be of value to the community at large!


This is a great way to get the ‘scoop’ on what’s trending in the news. You have to pay for the subscription but you should take a peek. There is a 14-day trial to tease you in making a decision.

Doing An Analysis

Google Trends

Google has some great free tools for the budding entrepreneur. A totally useful free tool. You can input keywords or phrases and see what the trend is saying – using various time periods. You will be amazed at the output!

There is so much information to be harnessed from using this resource. You can even do comparisons to get useful information. I think this is a great tool though maybe a bit under-used by aspiring website owners – but you will change that!

Jaaxy Keyword

This is a paid resource but a very handy-dandy one to have! There is a trial feature and you can test it right here on our Wealthy Affiliate platform - so this should come as no surprise to you!

Another great perk of being a premium member!

You can input keywords that you are thinking of using in your content and see if your choice is a good one based on:

  • Avg – the average number of searches per month
  • Traffic – visits to the site based on ranking
  • QSR – quoted search results based on the websites being ranked
  • KQI – keyword quality indicator
  • Seo - search engine optimization based on traffic and competition score
  • Related keywords - ideas on other possibilities

I think (without bias) that this will definitely help in your content creation and analysis.


Now you know that NO content is worth reading unless it can be understood!

I recommend Grammarly as a tool for you. It has a basic free package as well as a paid package. Try it out first before any monetary commitment.

Maybe you are already familiar with some or all of these tools - great - if not, it does not hurt to see what it could do for your online presence!

Remember, creating your online presence will take time and it is not an ‘overnight sensation’, so don’t be disappointed when you are not ‘hauling truck-loads of money to the bank’ on the very next day, or even the next few months.

Like all good outcomes – we need:

  • the gift of time
  • consistency
  • action steps
  • community support
  • and great resources.

Much success on your journey to success.



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ContentBySue Premium
I love each one of these tools! They are all extremely helpful for everything that we do. Quora gives me great topics to write about. Grammarly helps me write and Jaaxy helps me stay on point with perfect long-tail keywords.

All the best,
mybiz4u Premium
Yes, indeed, S. You said it...we can be resourceful and successful using the simplest of tools and sometimes maybe free too!
frex6 Premium
Thanks for the tips, they will be of good help, if they are used.
mybiz4u Premium
Awesome. Glad that it be helpful.
seisbart Premium
Thank you Michelle. I appreciate all the goodies. And I hope all is going well for you.
mybiz4u Premium
Hey there, S.
Great to see you. Things are well as I also hope for you.
CraigO1 Premium
You've listed some nice tools here. I need to get into quora and should also check out Grammarly for sure. Thanks for the listings
mybiz4u Premium
You're welcome, C. Yes, Quora is good step.
MKearns Premium
You need tools Michelle Looks like that typewriter you worked on has worn out!
mybiz4u Premium are incorrigible!! Have a great week.