I did it! I cracked 50!

Last Update: October 23, 2014

LOL! I thought it would happen maybe next week, but here I am. I just checked my WA rank and it said 48! Wow, it feels like God wanted me to experience some happiness after the meeting I had earlier today. Well, I was very happy to see that I had seven comments waiting for my moderation when I checked my email this morning. To the ones of you who left a comment, thank you!

So, except for my WA rank progress, what else did I accomplish? Let's take a look

- I'm currently at the 4th lesson of the level 5 course

- More and more of my posts are getting on page 1 and 2 of Google in Jaaxy!

- I wrote a few more blog posts



http://howtofindthecheapestflight.com/camry-110-lbs-luggage-scale-with-temperature-sensor-review (follow up blog post)

- I have 363 followers at WA, right now

- I'm approaching my 2nd month of being a member here at WA

- I commented on the websites of some WA members

- I replied to some of the questions asked by WA members

- I made about $1.51 with Google Adsense

- My Google analytics numbers are as follows

- 495 sessions, 365 users, 1158 pageviews, 2.34 pages/session, average duration of each session 3 minutes and 37 seconds, bounce rate 60.20%, New sessions 73.74%

Well, that was my progress report for now. I'll write another blog post when I finished the 5th lesson of course 5.

Have a great day everybody and thank you very much for taking the time to read this blog post!

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Kathy331 Premium
Well done! :)
MurieB86 Premium
Thanks Kathy!
mrpeter Premium
Well done Murie!
MurieB86 Premium
Thank you Peter!
bikenhoofin Premium
MurieB86 Premium
Thank you very much!
CarlaIves Premium
MurieB86 Premium
Thanks Carla! My next goal is to become an ambassador here at WA.
georgetteG Premium
Wow! Great accomplishment Murie keep up the great work!
MurieB86 Premium
Thank you very much Georgette! Next goal is ambassadorship. Time will tell when I achieve this goal.