I'm Thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and my First Amazon Sale!

Last Update: Nov 30, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I'm writing today to just say to all of you - Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I also wanted to share what happened today. ....drumroll....

I have realized my *first Amazon Sale!

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was focusing on the Bootcamp Courses and promoting the "make money" niche, but after reading many success stories, I realized that many members here begin with physical products. So, I returned to promoting physical products as well.

Technically, this recent sale is not my *first sale with Amazon. However, it does mark my "new beginning" and my recent efforts after joining Wealthy Affiliate. If you read my profile, I had online stores long ago, but dropped them when, especially, Yahoo Stores began charging all kinds of fees. I also had other issues with drop shippers who were, basically, stealing my customers out from under me because they now had their contact info and who to ship to when my orders came in. So, OK, I dropped all of that.

When I tripped over Wealthy Affiliate, and learned what they "were all about," obviously, I decided to give it all another go. So, while some of you may be hesitating and/or still contemplating whether to join Wealthy Affiliate, I'm here to "remind" you to make the commitment. You will not be sorry.

So, here's my brief summary on this new turn of events:

I posted an item available on Amazon on October 31st. My Amazon chart shows that from October 25th to November 23rd, I received 6 clicks and 1 ordered item as of yesterday, November 23rd. So, in a span of 23 days, I've made my first sale from my renewed efforts of physical products.

So, for those of you who want to know and keep asking "How Soon Can I Make Money?" Well, how's 23 days? It is possible - yes.

My site is not at all completely set up. I have lots of work to do on it, but yet, I made a sale. And, yes... this is only the beginning....

There are many members here who are solely Amazon Affiliates, and they earn a very nice annual income of over six figures a year. ...I know of one, especially, who I have been following since my "Yahoo Stores" days (must be over 10 years now), and I know she is still going strong. In fact, she has recently begun to offer her own products on JVZoo, and I wish her the absolute best of success to come.

So, yes, I am very Happy and Grateful for Wealthy Affiliate, I am Happy and Grateful for other member's success, I am Happy and Grateful for those members who have joined as my referrals, and I am Happy and Grateful for the constant reminder from Wealthy Affiliate members to keep "pressing onward." And, for all you "newbies," who need yet another reminder, here's my "reminder" post of "Success."

Make a commitment to yourself and MAKE it happen - period.



Ms. Money Honey (aka Toni)

P.S. - Here's an update: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/msmoneyhoney/blog/physical-product-vs-make-money-niche

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Thx. for the update & words of encouragement

You're Welcome!

Great story, and inspiring that you were able to push through the obstacle of the market changing or what have you.

Yes - Push You Must! Only You Can "Make" it Happen!

Yay! So excited for you! One down, more to come!

Thanks for letting us know about your success!


Of course - Had to Share! Thank You!

Congrats, nice going and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Thank You!


Thank You! ...more wine please... lol...

Impressive Ms. Money Honey (aka Toni). Keep up your good works and congrats.

Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving and a huge congrats to you on your sale. May many more come your way.

Thank You!

Congratulations Toni, things can only get better.

Exaaaactly! And, Thank You!

Happy for you. More grace!!!!

And, I'm Happy for you too!

Well done YOU! :)

Thank You... Thank you... (bowing... ) lol.. Thank you!

That's funny! :) lololol

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