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Hi Everyone! Long time, no see... um.. or Been busy with personal issues, but hey, we've all "been there" - right? Anyway, in my recent travels, I have come across a new Affiliate Program for Social Media that links to your social media accounts, and they are willing to pay the first one million people who join and refer out. Depending on the level you join, they are also willing to pay up to 5 degrees of separation out... So, your friend tells their friend, tells their friend, tells t
Hello Everyone,I've been reading and dis-secting Dylan's post about How To Create A 6 Figure Website, fantastic read, by the way... because I like 6 figures. If you do too, you can find his post here:, the reason for this post is for people who may not be reading all the comments and responses below that fantastic post. One person mentioned the use of Amazon's images, and that you should not use them without the code, etc. And, I just wanted to reiterate
If you haven't heard the news about Google AdSense - here's an article of interest:
Hiya,Just another reminder to warn Bloggers about may happen should they irresponsibly slam products, services, or people without clearly stating that this is their original "opinion," and that they are basing this opinion on certain facts and/or research. Libel: I have written about this before... and no, I'm not an attorney. But, I have come across many blog posts that just slam products without providing the reasoning, facts, or any justified support for their conclusion and certainly witho
Hi Everyone,I recently wrote about my renewed efforts to promote physical products while I promote Wealthy Affiliate, and this little post is an update about my recent efforts ...which really have been pretty much "effortless."Here is my last post: I currently work (in real estate) to sell the family home and move from MA to the Sunshine state of Florida, I haven't been totally focused on my blog sites or WA efforts. In between appointme
Hi Everyone!I'm writing today to just say to all of you - Happy Thanksgiving!!!I also wanted to share what happened today. ....drumroll.... I have realized my *first Amazon Sale!Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was focusing on the Bootcamp Courses and promoting the "make money" niche, but after reading many success stories, I realized that many members here begin with physical products. So, I returned to promoting physical products as well. Technically, this recent sale is not my *first sale
Hi there,Are you ready for the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal? I know I am! I just updated my credit card info (Go to Account Settings on your lower left), and I'm "ready-freddie!" I know I haven't been consistent with my blogs and have been distracted with lots of side issues and such, but I am looking forward to 2017! It's going to be a GREAT YEAR! Sooooo, I will be renewing at the Black Friday Deal price for sure ...because I like saving money... You know, my name IS Ms. Money Honey...
October 05, 2016
Short, AND super sweet! Here's an article that I'm sharing about the Affiliate Marketing Outlook. The Affiliate Marketing industry is expected to grow to 6.8 Billion... with a "B," over the next five years! Think you're late to the paaaahty? ...You're not! Paaaaahty on!
I snagged this old file before it disappeared - probably for good! For those who wanted "something" to use as a sort of outline to maybe write your own, or provide info, I'm sharing the elusive Internet Wealth Guide. I'm not sure if Kyle or Carson will be writing another, but it will serve the purpose for now anyway. Just be sure to go through all the links, rewrite, customize and "make it your own!" Internet Wealth Guide 2.0 KyleKarson .pdfTo Your Wealth!~MMH
"Oops, it happened again!" Well, it did... So, I thought I'd write a little blog to address the "oops" moment some newer members are experiencing.Scenario 1) I've seen questions posed here on the WA forum asking why their blog site is not earning money. Ok, that's a valid question. And, here is how I have personally responded to this occasional question: "Please provide your URL so that we may look it over and share our thoughts." Okay, yes, I'm poking some fun with the newbies... forgive me.