Thank You All

Last Update: October 24, 2016

I have been apart of this process for a couple of days. Everyone one that ha reached out to me I will like to say thank you. I have taken the time to read each and everyone's Bio and send a message. I know that I am in the right place for day one I have not been on my own.

As of today I am working on Lesson 7 and Lesson 2 @ the affiliate bootcamp. Just came off of working 3 shifts. I know that I have to give back what was so easily given to me.


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Niyigiree16 Premium
Welcome Friend MSid1 at our community WA, it is amazing to be here, you are in right place. Enjoy your training.
StepChook Premium
You're doing great!
JeffDolson Premium
Your welcome, don't work too hard - take care of your health.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Michelle, you are welcome. We all started at the same point in Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and I think what struck all of us is the warmth that was and is present. Keep up the good work.
onmyownterms Premium
Great progress, thanks for sharing.