My First $500 Commission!

Last Update: July 25, 2018

A little bit of good news to share with you guys. I just noticed this in my inbox. The start of a one week launch for a particular affiliate program I'm with and I landed a sale immediately, the commission on that is $500, so fingers crossed for the rest of the week lol!

I've not actually been consistently posting content to this site, been testing the waters a bit with it, it's a 6 month old site and no email list, free theme, nothing fancy, at this point just sticking to the rule of making sure it's all quality original content, like I've been saying here recently in my WA blogs, sourcing content is as important as communicating it and WA training thankfully tells people to research and be original.

  • No copying
  • No cheating, content curation and similar stuff is kidding yourselves guys.
  • Know your niche, or at least be prepared to learn it.

One thing I noticed though is my facebook business page somehow took off this week, really seems a good idea to have that in place, so much for all the hype about 'delete facebook', ;)

There were gremlins both with the affiliate link and my internet was down over the w/e too, I ended up posting links to my site and fb really well into the end of day 1, at the last minute with this, it would have been so easy to 'leave it till tomorrow' so I'm glad I did it before bed!

I had tipped my silent audience off that this was coming up. It's not about just slapping a link or a banner on there and expecting magic to happen, people had clearly been building trust in the site and were waiting on this.

I say 'silent' audience, because I don't have comments or engagement on my posts at the moment, have not been using that feature here, though I can see the traffic climb in analytics it's so easy to forget they are there, this is a great reminder that though they are silent they are still interested and engaging their minds, and waiting on our content :)


ps I'm getting PMs from people asking for the link to this program, they haven't even asked which niche - it's like they haven't actually read this blog at all where I've actually focused on knowing your niche, quality content, research and instead they just see the $$$ sign - and they haven't read any of my other blogs then by the sounds of it either. Let me put it this way:

  1. Nowhere in the WA training are you told to go chase the money...
  2. If you were in this niche you'd know the program and all similar programs
  3. If you are not in the niche and wanting to promote it, I shudder to think where you are going to 'source' your content!
  4. There are affiliate programs offering $500 commissions and more in every niche
  5. It's never about slapping a banner or link on your website
  6. Here's a blog I did earlier on not choosing niche merely by chasing the money

There's a niche for everyone, but not everyone is for every niche

That was my conclusion in the above blog and I showed you how fruitless it would have been for me to pursue Shamanism purely because it offered over $100 commission per sale - there's hundreds of programs offer that and more, and we've only got so much time and 'quality' output. Be yourselves folks, no need to copy either niche or content.

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whitewabbit Premium
wow. excellent news well done you
MozMary Premium Plus
lol love your profile pic! :)
TheBlessing3 Premium
Awesome! I don't have a business facebook page. I will look into creating one. Thanks for letting us know about your success.
MozMary Premium Plus
they are free, on your personal fb account explore the tabs over on the top right 'create page'
AlexMi Premium
Joel28 Premium
Congrats MozMary!! You've been made it! Hoping me also.....
StPaul Premium
Wow, Happy for you and keep rocking!
JoanCB Premium
Fantastic, Mary! Can we see your site?