I finally started using Grammarly!

Last Update: October 02, 2016

Dear friends,

I finally did it! I started using Grammarly and I absolutely love it.

It doesn't really matter, whether you are a native English speaker or not...English grammar can be very tricky!

So today, I gave it a try and it is fantastic!
When I am unsure how to spell a word, I just type it in and Grammarly will correct it for me! No need to google it anymore!

I usually am very bad with commas, so thankfully Grammarly does this for me now, too.

At the moment I am only using the free version, as it already does a fantastic job.
I have no idea about the premium version, but if anyone is using it:

What does it do exactly?
As far I can tell, it has additional and more advanced options and corrections.

Are you using Grammarly?
What do you think about it?

All the best

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MPollock Premium
Great product, I use it.
MoritzS Premium
Love it! :)
Simowatto Premium
haha yea I started to use it only a month ago but it was 22 months too late it is awesome eh!!!
MoritzS Premium
It's never too late. ;)
llj-tucson Premium
I'm a premium Grammarly user, and I love it. It will point out the use of passive voice rather than active. This is a problem for me. It's not grammatically incorrect, but it's not plain English. Grammarly also points out better word choices, particularly if you've overused a certain word. Finally, it has a plagiarism checker. I'm certainly not copying anything, but I do a lot of reading before writing a post. Some phrases resonate and stick with you. I like being absolutely sure that everything is original. The program has also pointed out that I've plagiarised myself by repeating text from a previous post :)
MoritzS Premium
That sounds really good!
I will use the free version for a while first. Then I might get premium, too.
JudeP Premium
It does seem to help a lot of people :)
MoritzS Premium
I heard a lot about it, so I finally wanted to give it a try. :)
paulgoodwin Premium
Hooray and it really is a great tool!
MoritzS Premium
It definitely is!