Woke up to my first sale - Today is a good day!

Last Update: September 12, 2018

Well what a nice way to wake up this morning!

I have my first sale off of my site.

It really is possible!

I have to admit, I started out feeling really confident while I was going through the training, and building my site up & then the past couple days I was really starting to doubt myself.

I honestly started looking at other business ventures yesterday - why? I do not know. I know this is the right place to be, and the place that I want to be. I guess it is one of those self sabotage things I seem to know so well!

Anyways, I feel like this was just the encouragement I needed - and it feels SO GOOD!

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MatthewLS Premium
Congrats just remember there are other programs out there. One thing though if you know WA is the best place for you stick with it. Jumping from one program to another won’t get any of us anywhere.

Keep a positive mindset put out awesome content consistency and knowing this work are all keys to your success amongst a lot of ot Hong’s keys

Working online will take time to get traction just remember keep your eye on the prize believe eventually you will succeed
Calvinator63 Premium
My first sale was only for 1.28 commission that was one of the biggest motivational commissions that I have every received in my 15 years of being online.
I built the site from the domain up, myself and drew in the traffic organically. So it cost me 15.00 and my time to produce this, but it was the the beginning of something great!

So what are your thoughts now on doubting yourself?
Trujunco Premium
Live by the signs of your intuition,

This is perhaps so hard for most
to grasp and wait with patience for

I've made a bit of a game of it while traveling about
the United States. Setting a destination but no particular
route to get there save that by intuition and being aware of the four directions.

Without being too spiritual about the journey,I can state quite honestly to have encountered some truly amazing views and souls along the way which have accumulated to a truth for me
that :

"My brain is the GPS to wherever I might fancy and in time
there are always signs to assure me being on point of that desire".

Stay Calm and Shine Brilliant, Montana!

Warm regards

David R.
Travis7 Premium
Awesome good job
DianneH Premium
Good work! that's great news..
Now more sales will follow :0)
Fleeky Premium
JackCao Premium
Amazing! See, you joined just last month, and you made your first sale! It took me 4 months. Clap clap clap!
JackCao Premium
Congrats! So happy for you!
MontanaTeal Premium
Thank you!!! :D
StPaul Premium
Congrats on your first sale...
LCEndahl Premium
WTG!! You're making this work, good for you!!

I'm familiar with the whole "self-sabotaging" oneself. When I find myself doing that I scroll the boards, for stories like this. It usually puts me in a better frame of mind!!

MontanaTeal Premium
Thats a great idea to get some positive inspiration! Thank you Laure!
jofa Premium
Congratulations. Happy for you. Keep working and expect more. . . .


MontanaTeal Premium
TommyVTE Premium
Congrats with this milestone you have your first sale pretty fast
MontanaTeal Premium
Thank you :)
Spaced Premium
Well done, I am glad for you!
MontanaTeal Premium
littlemama Premium
Congratulations!!! First sale is always exciting!!
MontanaTeal Premium
Thanks very much!
It is so exciting!